Online business blueprint: Shopify store

A Shopify store based business

How to build your business with Shopify

Look at amazon. It’s an online store which sells for millions of dollars worth of products each months.

You can replicate the same at a smaller scale to sell your own product. That’s called dropshipping.

Basically, you set up an online store, attract customers and sell them things.

Things include everything you can find that sells. Literally!

But… How do you manage the logistic?

You don’t.

Your website is automated to send the basket of your customer to a retailer. The retailer takes note, you pay him for the items and he sends them to your customer.

You do not see nor handle any of the product you sell. Your sole job is to build a good looking website which converts viewers to buyers while running ads to get more people on your website.

Because that’s what it is: a website. Your Shopify store is a website which has for sole utility to sell products. That’s the only goal of your website. You do not write long articles nor do you take cool pictures.

Your job is to drive people to your website and then make them buy something.

That’s all.

You don’t handle the logistic at all which means that you have a lot of time to manage the shop and the advertisements.

Take your time, build a meaningful shop, use controversial ads.

How you make money with your Shopify store

By dropshipping products to your customers.

As I said earlier, you buy advertisements which link right to your website. A percentage of those who see these ads will click. A percentage of these clicks will translate into sales. It is that easy!

Hopefully you make a positive on the advertising part. If you don’t? You lose money.

That’s why Shopify stores look like gambling.

You bet on an advertisement to link viewers to your website where you hope that they buy the things you are selling.

It’s not gambling, it’s a bet.

With amazing ads and a website which sells based on your talent, it’s absolutely not hazardous.

As every experience, running it a few time is risky.

However, run it long enough and you’ll see results which sticks. It’s predictable in the long term!

So you have first to make some tries. You have to bet on your ads, you have to bet on your website. Then collect data and improve your current system based on those.

You’ll lose money in your first tries. It’s very unlikely that your first bet will be successful as it requires you to be good at marketing and advertising.

You can’t be great at those if you are a complete beginner.

Odds are against you on your first tries.

But… The longer you stick to it, the higher your chances to make money.

As soon as an advertisement bring a positive return, you increase your spending on it and grow bigger and bigger.

Note: Optimisation is real with this business. You cannot set up a website and let it live for years without changing anything on it.

After a while everyone would have seen your advertisement, meaning that those who bought, bought and those who decided not to bought didn’t. Showing them the same ad again and again isn’t going to change their mind.

If they didn’t buy, they didn’t. Period.

Find another segment. Build another shop. Try something else.

Do not stagnate.

Shopify dropshiping business isn’t easy. It requires you to take care of your shop, to manage it as a real business.

Change something and it brings real consequences. Maybe you make money, maybe you lose money.

Don’t be afraid to bet. The firsts times you will lose money. It’s very unlikely that you set everything up perfectly right from the start.

Persevere and you’ll do very well.

This business is for you if

  • You enjoy experimenting
  • You are not afraid to lose money
  • You are confident in yourself
  • You already have a bit of money
  • You want to optimize things
  • You are polyvalent
  • You have no problem with unpredictable results
  • You are good at copywriting
  • You are unphased by results
  • You have a lot of spare time
  • You have some basic advertising skills
  • You know how to sell
  • You are great at marketing

Applicable steps

  1. Define your shop
  2. Find a theme idea
  3. Search if there is a demand for your idea
  4. Get a Shopify
  5. Build your first shop
  6. Put your first product in sales
  7. Find someone to handle the logistic
  8. Drive viewers to your shop
  9. Set up advertisements on Facebook
  10. Do you lose money?
  11. Improve the website, tweak the advertisements until you make money
  12. Do you make money?
  13. Congratulation. Poor more money in the advertisements until it doesn’t make it isn’t profitable anymore
  14. Rinse, repeat with as many shop/advertisements as you please

How to drive people to your shop

You will hate what I have to say.

To make views, and sales by extension on your shopify shop, you need to use advertisements.

Don’t believe me?

Try to get sales using social medias or any other weird idea you can get.

You won’t.

If you don’t advertise, you are not going to to make money with an online.

You need to go to Facebook and run ads.

It’s risky.

As everything else is.

You may lose a thousand dollars  at testing products, ads and design.

But that’s nothing compared to what you can make by succeeding in this niche.

Don’t be lazy.

Don’t be afraid.

The money you’ll bet there, you’ll get it to the centuple. Unlike what you bet on sports, lottery or what you spend on crap.

Don’t be afraid.

Pour your money in, see if it gets you results.

After all, it’s only an affair of numbers.

P.S. If you want to get some extra views, try Quora