Online business blueprint: Twitter

How to turn Twitter into an asset for your business

Make money using Twitter

You read it right. You’ll learn how to turn your Twitter into a part of your business.

Each and every social media has this feature, however, some are easier to master.

Twitter is one of those.


How do you reinforce your business using Twitter?

First, you must have a solid account with real followers. It must be a real audience. Not some followers who don’t care about you.

It means that you have an audience, people who are interested in what you are doing and who want to go further by following you on Twitter to get your thoughts directly on their smartphone. That’s what Twitter is all about.

That said, if you haven’t an audience, you must build it.

Twitter makes it relatively easy once you have a strategy.

You have to define your theme. You are now a business owner so think like one. Your readers have an interest in what you say about a particular theme. If you aren’t in this theme or if you post too much crap, they’ll move away. Find someone who’s more driven than you and read his insights.

You must define a theme and stick to it.

It’s much better if your website/mailing list/other social medias have the same theme as it create a sense of congruence.

So you have to build your audience on this particular theme based on your thoughts.

Using Twitter means that you are going to be active.

Whenever you get an interesting thought, you share it.

Whenever you are winning/losing, you share it.

Twitter is an active platform, if you aren’t, you aren’t going to generate anything.

You have to be resilient and to sustain your post rate. If you don’t, then no one will ever be interested in following someone who isn’t consistent.

Speaking of this, your goal will be to establish yourself as an expert, much like an extension of your website.

How you make money

By selling your products right on Twitter.

Past a certain audience you will get a lot of interactions. On this point you will capitalize on them to sell your products.

Another great strategy is to make your 100 first editions free for your readers, this way they will tweet at you telling how great your product is. This will lead to many potential readers being aware of you and your product.

Twitter is great as you have no restrictions. You tweet as often as you want with as much content as you want.

The greater your audience, the more you’ll sell and the more you’ll make.

It’s a number games as each and every social media. Once you are in, you don’t stop.

Twitter is meant to be real time interaction so you follow the trends, talk about them in interesting terms related to your theme.

Sales will come.

You can also use Twitter to grow your website or mailing list. The strategy is always the same. You come up with an interesting tweet, then at the end of it post a link directing to wherever you want on the internet.

As soon as you are getting results on Twitter, you’ll notice more and more traction on your other social networks and websites.

Have fun building your audience on Twitter. In the end, it’s a micro blog.

Strategies to develop your audience

Get a catch phrase. At the end of each tweet you include it. Your catch phrase must be unique and original. It must personally related to your brand so that it is easily recognized by each and everyone. The goal is to make sure that even other people start to use it at the end of their tweets, thus making you more popular by the same occasion.

Retweet and add a comment. You must do this in order to grow. Retweet and comment on what others builder in your industry are doing. Add more information, give your opinion or simply retweet but interact with other actors. You aren’t playing alone on Twitter. Building a strong brand isn’t done alone.

Make thread lists. People love lists. Even when they are useless, people will like them. I cannot tell you why, but I can tell you that this strategy works perfectly. Make lists based on your theme, link them through threads on Twitter and you’ll reap more views and likes than usual. Everyone enjoys lists, no wonder that most articles online are lists.

This business is for you if:

  • You have a lot of time
  • You enjoy writing
  • You are active
  • You know à lot about your theme
  • You are self reliant
  • You have a clearly defined personality
  • You are an extrovert
  • You have no problem clashing others
  • You are extremely confident in yourself
  • You are a thinker
  • You are ready to post on Twitter at any time

Applicable steps

  1. Define your theme
  2. Build your profile
  3. Tweet
  4. Follow people on your theme
  5. Answer their tweet, interact
  6. Craft threads
  7. Make “ask me anything “
  8. Post  50+ tweets per day
  9. Answer questions
  10. Only follow interesting people
  11. Build relationships
  12. Grow as a result of consistency