Online business blueprint: Website

How to build an online website business

How does it works?

Did you ever wonder how websites owner’s generate money?

Ads? Sales? Product? Affiliate marketing? Magical spell?

One of these is right.

Website’s owners make money by selling products. Ads are dead. You make a misery by spoiling the design of your website with ads that no one wants to see.

Selling products is easily the most lucrative part of a website.

Not hard sales. Soft sales.

Websites owners have an audience. This audience regularly reads the content published on the website. A website is like a temple at which readers come to educate themselves. On some articles, the writer make sure to tell it’s readers that a solution (his product) is available without much details.

After reading many, many articles the readers will want to get the product because they got accustomed to seeing it.

Your readers get curious. Because they see this in many of your articles. They want to know what’s behind your product, they want to get your solution because they got exposed to it.

It sounds weird.

Yet, when you read about a solution many times, you want to know more about it.

It’s called soft marketing for a reason, you do not try to sell something at all cost.

You subtly give links in your numerous articles and hope that after some reads, a reader click, get to your aggressive sale page and buy your product.

Usually it’s an e-book.

But it can be anything. Really.

From video-guides to real life products, you can sell whatever you want on your website.

That’s what the smart blogger does on his free time.

He writes load of articles to grow his authority, making sure that people stumble onto his blog while they search on our dear friend Google.

In a few words, with this strategy you build a website which contains hundreds and hundreds of high quality articles. You make sure that you rank them on specific keywords so that readers will come from Google and other search engines. You get bonus point if you can attract your readers from social medias. Once you have a cool audience, you create an outstanding product, usually a digital one so you can sell it super easily because it requires easy logistic. You make sure to soft sell it through your articles. Up to a point, your readers will stumble onto many of your articles, they will get intrigued. Some will click, other will wait. That is 100% okay. On those who click, they will get directed to your sell page where you sell your solution. Some will buy it, others won’t.

This strategy is strong because it enables your articles to rank on Google, making sure that whatever you write, it will stay there for a while.

Rank a cool article on Google and you will get views for decades! Those views may translate to readers and ultimately to sales.

Basically, the more readers you get, the higher your chances to grow. Don’t waste an opportunity, keep growing, keep writing!

How do you make money with a website business?

You build a product and soft sale it through numerous articles on your websites.

Your product will usually be an informational one because it is super easy to craft and it cost you nothing to distribute it to your readers.

Bonus point, you can sell whatever you want. Simply change the link on your articles to Amazon affiliates links and you will make money via affiliate marketing.

Building an authority website is an all in one opportunity as you can do whatever you please once your website is established. As soon as readers come to your website, you have a chance to sell an item.

How to craft your informational product

As simple as it is, you open word or docs and write a solution for your readers. If your readers are interested in this solution, they will exchange it for money. You just write an e-book, it doesn’t have to be 150+ pages as make money writing. A cool e-book is about 50 pages in police 11.  You can easily craft it within 2 months. Just write 500 words per day and you are set.

Bonus tips : Use Google docs so you can work offline and progress toward your goal. You also get access to your files right on your smartphone so you can write whenever and wherever you want.

Chances are that it is your first product, don’t worry as it is super simple to publish it. You won’t search anyone nor anything as you will be your own publisher. How does it work? Once you finished your e-book, you print it as a pdf file and give it to your readers once they purchase it on PayPal. It’s not rocket science, anyone can do it.

Make sure that you updated your PayPal account to business so you can have the PayPal solution, making it super easy to sell your product on PayPal. Make sure that when your clients pay on PayPal, they get your product so it’s automated.

Once that’s done, integrate your PayPal strategy on your website. You just have to copy paste the code in the html part of your page.

Congratulation, you did it. You now have a 100% functional sale page. Once it’s done, your next job is to write superb articles to please Google and attract views.

P.S. An in depth guide on how to build your own e-book is available through “Make money writing”

Writing an article which ranks on Google

This is what a website authority is all about. Once you acquire this skill, you can make big moves. You can conquer keywords after keywords, grow your brand battle after battle until you have completely risen to your complete form.

Take it this way. You are fighting a war, a war against everyone.

At the end? The biggest outcome you ever imagined: a self sustainable business.

The more work you provide on your business early, the easier it will be to gain readers.

Once one of your article is ranked on google, it rests there forever. Maybe someone else will outrank it, but no matter what, your article will stay there forever.

It’s very different compared to mailing lists where your mails only exist for about an hour or so.

You must write timeless content. Not “news” content as you read in the newspaper.

Why? You are writing articles which stay on the internet forever, they must be relevant to someone at least in the near future, let’s say 10 years maxi.

Imagine that someone from the future stumble onto your website, would he stays to read all your articles? Would he click away?

If you cannot answer this questions, it means that you are doing something wrong. You are not targeting a timeless article!

Build timeless article and they will provide you views for years or decades.

The latest trends don’t last in time, they stay for a time and then go away.

Your articles will be strong. They will sustain the damages of the time.

How so?

Write on timeless ideas. Timeless principles that will never be broken by time.

  • Ideas
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Body strength
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Life axioms
  • Self improvement
  • Motivation

Those are subjects that will keep high interests over years. Make sure to investigate these!

Okay. Now you want to rank your pages on google.

How to do so?

First, you must be ready to write a lot. Are you? Will you?

If the answer isn’t a clear yes, then you are far away your competition.

Writing for Google is about repetition.

Let me give you some pillars which makes the base of an amazing website that ranks well on google:

  1. Unique content
  2. Keyword repetition
  3. Articles separated in parts
  4. Clear pictures – Title, description…
  5. Links to your website/other websites
  6. Style: Bold and italic
  7. 1,000+ words per article
  8. One keyword per article

This is all there is to know about SEO.

If you respect these pillars, it’s unlikely that you won’t rank an article for keywords.

Screen these pillars. Write them somewhere. Keep them in mind when you write.

Now you must practice.

You must write dozens and dozens of articles, rank them on google and profit from this strategy by soft-selling directly in your pieces of art.

This business is for you if…

  • You enjoy writing a lot
  • You have a lot of inspiration
  • You are already someone
  • You have a story to share
  • You are passioante about something
  • You know how to create a website
  • You are willing to commit for hours per week
  • You have ideas
  • You can lead yourself
  • You are a lone wolf
  • You are not easily discouraged

Applicable steps

  1. Get an idea
  2. Get a theme
  3. Make an artwork
  4. Identify potential readers. Are they numerous?
  5. If yes, go on
  6. Buy a domain name + a server which runs WordPress
  7. Set it up
  8. Configure a theme
  9. Write your first articles
  10. Once you get a bit of traffic, build your first product
  11. Upgrade your design
  12. Write more articles
  13. Make partnership with other writers
  14. Build contacts
  15. Build your own brand – Be recognisable