How to get more followers on Quora

The goal of this article is simple. I want to teach you how to get more followers on Quora. First, let me tell you that the fact that you are on this page is the #1 reason you will get more followers on Quora. You already want to get more followers, that’s the beginning of… Read More »

Make a lot of views on Quora

This is the holy grail. How do you make more views on Quora? While being popular thank's to your followers is great, making many views on Quora is better. We are on the internet. The more views you make, the richer you are. If you don't make any views? Well, you are poor on the… Read More »

How to become popular on Quora

Why do you want to be popular on Quora? Because that’s your desire. You want to become popular on Quora, don’t you? Of course, you do! Being popular on Quora won’t change your life but is a great way to get noticed. Of course, random people may not tell you “Hi” in the street because… Read More »

Top gamers have it easy

Most top gamers have it easy in life. Why?  Didn’t I tell you that gaming isn’t great for you, that you should do something with a higher return of investment and that you should stay away from a TV, a PS4 and every other kind of gaming apparels? Chances are that I told you this.… Read More »

How to write a great answer on Quora

Just to brag a bit, I have over 5 million views on Quora, 4000+ followers and the numbers keep growing while more and more readers come to my website. I’m happy with this. It brings me the feeling that I am helping people by answering their questions. Plus, more and more people are reading these… Read More »

How to become Chad Thundercock in 5 steps

[caption id="attachment_713" align="alignnone" width="860"] The real Chad ThunderCock[/caption] Chad. The original Thundercock. The guy that everyone wants to emulate. Who is Chad? Chad Thundercock is a fictional character. He is the representation of the alpha male. Chad is Strong Athletic Massive Good looking Muscular Social Attractive A woman magnet Not your average guy An Alpha… Read More »

How to create your character

Who are you? No. Seriously, who are you? It's getting weird. Who are you? What makes you? I already stated many times. I believe that we are in a game. Call it life if you want. In every game there are characters. In ours there are more than 7 billions characters online at the same… Read More »

Moderation sucks. Be obsessive!

All in moderation, except moderation Is one of the worst quote you can find. Moderation is the enemy. Moderation is what dictates people's life, that's why their life is average. Living in moderation mean staying in your comfort zone, the exact place that you want to leave as soon as possible. It doesn't make sense… Read More »

Third person character lifestyle

Life is a game. The most complete of them all. Life is an open world. You can do whatever you want. There are thousands of quests everywhere. Some never done before. You can move, jump and run everywhere in this world, you can do whatever you want. Life is amazing in its possibilities. One day… Read More »