Perks of the top percentile

My goal is to be in the top percentile in the following:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness

To crush this goal, I will have to overcome a lot of challenges related to these three categories.

I’m still young – 18 – so I have some rooms for errors. I will make many of them, for sure. That’s why I’m building a list of what I will need to make sure that I don’t miss any point. Getting at the top level is hard, even harder in specific areas. Unfortunately there is absolutely no plan. There is absolutely no blueprint and I must do everything by myself, so must you. It’s all about ownership. We all stand for ourselves only. Then, if we have some time left, we start to care about others.

Unfortunately, you are the only one who can take care of yourself. Reading Nerdow won’t solve this problem. I can only show you a way. I can’t do anything for you, because it’s your job to apply what you read. If you are only here reading for entertainment, it’s okay. But you won’t achieve anything. My goal isn’t to entertain yourself, it’s to tell you my story up to the top percentile.

Here we go with what you need to achieve in order to be in the top percentile:

  • Health

    • Low resting time
    • Being able to squat twice your bodyweight
    • A clean diet
    • Being able to eat healthy around people eating unhealthy
    • High energy through the day
    • Ability to run a marathon
    • Not relying on alcohol/caffeine/any drug
    • Not relying on sugar anymore
    • Mind free of stress
    • Enough sleep every night
    • Able to sprint repetitively – Very High intensity workout
    • Not willing to eat unhealthy food
    • Enough time to train
    • Muscular body
    • A six pack
    • Clear skin
  • Wealth

    • Perk of not looking at the price
    • At least 4 income stream
    • Knowledge on marketing
    • Enough money to not care about your finances
    • What makes people buy?
    • Knowing how to sell
    • Enough to dispose of a lot of free time
    • How to market several niches
    • Make trades with cool people
    • Leverage psychology
    • A great network
    • Ability to start over with nothing and make fortune
    • Enough to not work anymore
  • Happiness

    • Proud of your body
    • Confident
    • Healthy pressure
    • Stoicism
    • Get rid of boredom
    • Some great friends
    • Having fun with business
    • Stay simple
    • Proud of your achievements
    • Minimalism
    • Clear relationship?
    • No more procrastination
    • Freedom to experience whatever you want
    • Don’t need something/someone to feel happy

Keep this in mind. That’s my blueprint of what being in the top percentile means.

It can be a bit different for you. Depends on what you desire the most.

Anyway, this is what I aspire to. I still have a lot of hard job to go there. Maybe I will never reach these heights. Maybe not.

That’s all about myself. Will I invest enough to grab what I truly want? Or will I give up in the process. Right now I’m motivated. Maybe this won’t be the case tomorrow. I don’t know. I can’t know the future. But what is sure is that at this moment, my “dream”, my end goal is to reach a top level in these three areas.

Why in health, wealth and happiness may you ask

The top percentile triangle. Health, Wealth, Happiness. A side for each.

Health: Time is the most valuable asset that one can possess. However, even with an infinity of time, if you don’t feel good about your body, if you aren’t healthy and if you don’t have some muscles you are just a blob. Something like most people. They complain about their weight, yet they don’t do anything to improve the situation. Maybe do they spend more time on the sofa than outside their home. Maybe that’s a reason of their laziness. I don’t know.

I’m not here to make a rant. That would be shame on my website. What I want to highlight is that even with an eternity of time, if your body isn’t at his full capacity the deal isn’t worth it. Can you imagine living an eternity on a moving seat? Does it sounds attractive? It doesn’t. Being healthy is the best counter to everything that can happen to your body. In other word, eat clean and workout. Simple, yet efficient!

Wealth: Because each thing has it’s own price. With enough money, you can practically buy anything and everything.

Do you want to live longer? Offer a lot of money to a lot of people to make searches to find the secret of longevity. Within a decade they will find a solution.

Money brings a lot of solution. It’s an amazing currency because you can exchange it for whatever you want. Let’s say that you are making up your business but you don’t know how to set up a website. You simply pay someone to do it. You lose a bit of your money against a service. Fortunately, the service is worth more than what you paid, for you. Else you wouldn’t have bought it. That’s the wizardry of money. With enough of this magic gold, everything becomes easier. If not simple.

Happiness: Is it worth it to live old and unhappy? The answer is clear. it isn’t. No one wants to have a boring life full of grogginess. That’s not fun. That’s not attractive. If there is something that everyone around you seek – excluding money – it’s happiness. From the girl buying the last Iphone to “impress” everyone around her to the traveler in Thailand. Both have the same goals. Same for everyone in the middle. They want to be happy. They want to enjoy the game of life.

There is no shame to say it out loud. Being unhappy sucks. Being happy is great. Not only because you feel great. More. When you are happy, you make everyone around you feel great. It’s extraordinary!