The dumbest thing you aren’t doing at the gym which stops you from progressing

You can read thousands – even billions – of articles on the subjects. Most articles come with a picture: before, after of the guy/girl who trained for X months and got spectacular results.

Most people are “lying” to you with such articles.

What I know that you don’t is that you need to have 5+ years in the gym to be at 80% of your optimal physique.

Let alone 3 months changes. They are nothing. Sure, the first months bring great results but they are miserable compared to what you can reap in the long term.

The pictures, before and after usually show exceptional results. Not the kind of result an average person would get by going to the gym. If you hit the gym for the same amount of time, you won’t get these results, here’s why.

  • Pictures are photoshopped
  • People are models with insane genetics
  • They lied about how much time elapsed
  • The dude on the picture took steroids
  • It’s not the same person

And many more reasons can explain why I don’t trust these pictures. Most of the before-after you can find on product sale pages or websites are based on this logic. Let me be honest. What matters is how you look now. At a time T. Not how bad you had it, not how bad you looked X months from now.

What matters now is your appearance at the moment. No one gives a damn how you looked in the past. The before-after pictures are just some marketing strategies used to train you to believe that some products work because other people actually got result. The difference? You have no clue how trustful the source is… So why bother checking it?

Sure, that puts a bit of confidence in you when you see that Joe lost 100 pounds during the last 3 months by following XYZ program.

But… Does it mean that you’ll lose 100 pounds too because your name is Joe? Not exactly.

Another fact that you must know is that those before-after pictures are based on the very best result the program brings. I don’t call every before-after picture fraud. I tell you the truth. Those pictures are based on people who went further than the original program. They surely already had a lot of knowledge on the fitness industry and that’s why they could perform this transformation so fast – maybe some just got fat in order to make some before-after pictures.

It’s not based on the average result the program brings. That would be boring. It’s not based on the worst result the program brings, that would break sales. It’s based on the best of the best, the cream of the cream. Read the top 0,01%.

Are you part of the top 0,01%. Odds are that you don’t. You don’t have insane genetics, you don’t photoshop your results and you may be a beginner.

Plus you see your body in the mirror every single day.

Thus the way your body transforms is much different from what you can see on the internet.

So if you don’t get the result shown in an advertisement, don’t freak out because you are totally normal while the people shown aren’t.

These 500 words are just the introduction…

How you can actually progress in the gym

As you read it above, to be optimized at 80% you need to spend 5 years lifting. When I say 5 years lifting, it’s 5 years of 5/7 days at the gym, high-quality meals and good rest – 8+ hours of sleep per night. It could require you much more time if you aren’t doing those.

Now that it’s said, the most important element in your progress is time.

You aren’t going to become a gorilla overnight. It requires time – and most people don’t have this time anymore. So, don’t read what follows and leave my website if you are sure that working out for 5 years is too hard for you.

I’m being honest with you here. Lifting 5 years is great. If you stop? You lose it all within a year. Once you are into weightlifting, you are committed for life. You can’t say today yes. Tomorrow no. You are in or you are out. Stopping for 3+ weeks will cut your gains. The longer the break, the harder it will be to come back.

Don’t leave.

Even after your 80% optimization, you’ll still need to hit the gym to preserve your previous gains. Otherwise? They are gone.

Note: You still have 20% more to grind for!

Even if you don’t see any improvement anymore, you may be on a plateau. It happens. Push stronger and you’ll break it. Push stronger? Push for longer. It’s impossible not to progress if you lift – correctly – 5 or 6 days a week for some years.

At first you may not see any progress – and that’s normal. Small changes aren’t noticeable when you look at your body every day in the glass. You need more time to see the difference.

It makes 10 months that I lift. 7 months that I lift religiously. I see the difference between my old myself and my new myself. I’m much more mobile. I move with a fluency that I didn’t have. I walk more fluently. A much straighter posture. And people can tell that I lift by looking at my body.

You know what? I’m not satisfied yet. That’s not enough. It will never be enough… As long as I can make progress or maintain my body strength, I will. Not because of others. Because of how I feel. Believe me, you feel very different with 10+ kg of muscles on your back.

The real secret is time. To get the body of your dream, you must spend a lot of time working out consistently. Anyone can move to the gym. Few lift 5-6 days a week. Fewer repeat for 5+ years.

This easily explains why you can’t find many people with an insane looking physique. It only starts to develop at 3+ years in the process. Do you know someone who lifts 5-6 days per week and did so for several years? And is still “young”? Congratulation because they aren’t many of them! Worse. Most of them even do mistakes leading to no progress at all.

Now that you know this, you understand that to make progress it requires you the following:

  • A steady program
  • Many years – depending on the physique you want to achieve
  • A great food – it’s the easiest one to miss
  • Consistency – lifting 5-6 days a week

That’s all. You don’t “need” to take some products displayed by the fitness industry – even if some helps, most are garbage. You don’t need to run before you eat every morning. You don’t need to be a crack, have super genetics or do anything special. Follow what’s above and your physique will skyrocket.

The main factor being time. Slowly, but steady!