How to read a book every month – without getting bored nor spending too much time

Seems impossible right? You have too many tasks to do, you are too tired at the end of the day BUT you would like to read more. Let me tell you that it’s actually possible.

With this strategy, you won’t:

  • Get stressed about how much pages are left
  • Feel tired of reading
  • Have trouble finishing your books

You will finish all the books you started to read but didn’t have enough time to finish.

What’s this awesome strategy?

Read before sleeping. That looks simple, yet you’ll discover some cool strategies to optimize it.


It takes time to sleep. This time is better spent reading, right? After reading for 10-30 minutes, you’ll fall asleep automatically. This strategy improves your sleep and enables you to read more books in a year.

Note: It doesn’t matter how much books you read per year. What matters is how you change due to these books

Let’s say that it requires 8 hours to read a book – depending on your reading speed, this data may vary. You can read a book every 16 days by spending 30 minutes a day reading.

I used to stop my days in order to read. I took a book out of my bag to read it. Usually, it happened because I was bored – now I write tweets instead. I only read at night. It’s more effective, brings more benefits and gives me a lot of opportunities to learn about new things – depending on the books I read, of course!

Now that you have an extra 30 minutes of reading time every day, what’s your excuse to not read a lot more?

It is simple to add 30 minutes to your days by cutting the time you take to fall sleep by replacing it with reading time. The biggest benefit is that you can read every day or so. Meaning that you’ll learn a lot if you choose great books/blogs to read.

Yes, you can read blogs at night. Most of the blogs offer more insights and better opinions than what you can find on TV or in a magazine. Don’t judge by the appearance. A million dollars magazine will sell you something, an ideal. It’s different from a blog. It’s centered on the content. If you read it, great if you move away? Great. Others will find the blog and read articles from it.

Note: Check out the 5 blogs I recommend reading to all men

How to read articles before sleeping – not what you think this part is about

I make this section because it’s important for you NOT to be exposed to blue light before you go to sleep.

Blue light emulates a sunny environment. A sunny environment is a day-time environment. If it’s daytime for your body, why would he go to sleep?

When exposed to blue-light before sleeping, you will take longer to sleep. That’s science.

Unfortunately, computers, smartphones and other devices with a screen produce a load of blue-light. You want to avoid blue light before sleeping.

Does it mean that you can’t read on a device?

No. It means that you must find a way to reduce – or eliminate – blue light from your screens. As hard as it appears, it’s hopefully easy to set up. What you need is a filter to prevent the blue rays to leave your screen.

Damn these screens.

From there you have two different solution:

Software: An application that will apply a filter on your screen. This one is digital and can be turned on/off whenever you want. Plus you get some customization settings that you can manage however you want. Your screen can be protected only after the sunset or at different hours. It’s 100% customizable. Here’s a cool software that I use every night when I read: f.lux – not an affiliate link. You can download it for free and it will run on the background of your computer. Just turn it on when you need it!

That was me years ago. No filter protection. Hard to sleep.

Hardware: Some stickers can prevent the blue rays from leaving your screen. Unfortunately, they aren’t customizable and are hard to find. I advise you to get the first solution because it’s much easier to set up and better suits your computer utilization.

Once f.lux is installed on your computer, you can freely turn it on/off by right-clicking on the small icon at the bottom-right of your computer screen.

Note: You can find a similar application for your smartphone/tablet – if that’s not already covered by your device. I checked and I found Twilight which does a great job.

Use it when you read. It completely blocks the blue light from your screen and makes sure that you’ll spend a good time sleeping.

Bonus point: The contrast also becomes darker to help you relax before sleeping.

Open the application, run it and you should be ready to read on your smartphone/computer before sleeping.

Now that the setup is ready, it’s time to choose where you want to read your articles/books. Having the coolest light is great. Having a software to read your books is better.

Read on your smartphone

Personally, I’m a fan of Google Books. You can upload your books on their server and get access to them wherever you are by a simple click – that sounds like an advertisement. Better. The application is automatically loaded on most android devices so you may already have it without knowing it!

You must have some specific files loading on the application: only epub and pdf are compatibles. If you don’t have those? Don’t worry because you can directly buy ebooks on the google store.

Another solution?

Search for ebooks in pdf/epub. They are easy to find on the web. Preferably search for these files on books you own physically because getting the pdf of a book you don’t own is considered as stealing.

If you have a physical book and search for a pdf, simply try to Google “BookName filetype: pdf” you should find what you are looking for.

You can also check on the internet for books free of right, there you can find hundreds and hundreds of files for free.

Note: most of the “free of right” books are super old or unknown. They are free of right because the right license expired. You can find most fairy tales and old classical in this category. Even if that’s not what I encourage you to read.

Once you have a pdf/epub, you upload it to your Google books library using this link. Once the upload is finished, you should be able to read it anywhere.

Why epub files are better than pdf files

Epubs are more complexes files that gives you more power over them. When you read an ebook in epub, you can change the font, the alignment of the paragraph and more. Also, the text adapts to the screen you are reading on. You will see the difference if you always used pdf.

If you are reading pdf on your smartphone, rotate horizontally your smartphone. It’s easier to read books this way.

Pdf files aren’t thoughts for mobile utilization. Most pdf files are crafted for computer-like screens which are way bigger than the devices you can fit in your pocket. At the very least you will need to zoom in to grasp all the words. This isn’t a problem when you have an epub file because it’s adaptive to your current screen.

Being an avid reader, I can tell you that epub files are appreciated. They offer a better reading experience by giving you the hand in most settings.

How to find epub files?

When you buy a book, generally it’s in epub/pdf. If you want an epub file, just ask it to the seller, they should give you one without a problem. If you don’t have such information, consider asking google. Use the following query:

““book name” filetype: epub”, as simple as the pdf request shown above.

Note: You must only download epub files of physical books you own

If you are going to read on a smartphone, you should consider epub files. They are handier to use and enable you to tweak some settings. It’s adaptable. Pdf books are crafted on a computer, so it’s better suited for this usage. Consider using epub books as much as possible.

Small conclusion

By reading this article, you learned how to get 30 more minutes in your days – read this if that’s not enough time for you.

You learned that by reading before sleeping you can actually spend 30 productive minutes learning whatever you want.

  1. Find the type of books you want to read
  2. Search for pdf/epub files of these books – Don’t forget free of rights book!
  3. Upload them on Google library
  4. Download f.lux – computer – or twilight – smartphone –
  5. Run the application
  6. Have fun reading!