8 reasons you aren’t losing body-fat

You decided to dive into the get good-looking part of the game. Your next goal is to shred as much fat as possible, so you’ll get the mean and lean look – or build muscle if you are skinny. You are taking actions to make it possible, to bring it under your radar. And while those actions are hard to sustain – hunger feels bad young man! Because getting better looking is one of the best investments you can get in.

Unfortunately, your initial plan didn’t work out the way you expect… Right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article – maybe to grab more knowledge? Anyway, below you’ll find the top 8 reasons you aren’t shredding fat from your bubbly body. And sometimes, all it takes is a quick fix you find on the internet to get the results you expected to flow long time ago.

#1 You are eating sugar – and you don’t even know it

Young man, sugar is your worst enemy when you want to get rid of your body fat. This simple carbohydrate tells your human body to store excess energy as fat – which is exactly what we want to avoid. Getting rid off sugar is the easiest way to not stock extra fat.

Now, it may seem completely overkill to skip completely sugar – believe me, it’s tough to quit all-in… And it’s necessary. This strategy, while being tough is one of the most interesting you can deploy to get quick results. Unfortunately, maintaining next-to-zero sugar level isn’t easy:

  • You’ll crave sugar. It’s more addicting than a drug. Quitting will require your full mental power to fight the “need”
  • Sugar’s everywhere. You must scan all labels and have a wide knowledge of food nutrition to avoid all sugar. Hidden sugar is found in: sodas, fruits, processed food…

With no sugar in your diet your body fat will drop faster than mercury in winter.

Hint: Need to lower your glucose level? Eat some ginger or throw cinnamon in your coffee

#2 You prefer cardio to lifting heavy weights

I’ve observed young men doing their cardio 2-4 times a week instead of lifting heavy weight. They did not lose any gram of fat. While cardio is efficient if you are fat – not the case if you’re an avid reader of Nerdow. Running, biking… aren’t going to get you any leaner past a certain point – think below ~15% body-fat. Yes, you can break the plateau. Again, weight lifting will make it easier for you to lose weight below these levels!

When training with weights, your body builds muscle – it’s harder to build muscle doing cardio day in, day out. The more muscle you’ve got, the easier it is to shred fat. In fact, a pound of muscle burns more energy than a pound of fat. Even when your muscle is busy writing articles.

Bonus point: Cardio burns energy when you do it. Weight lifting burns energy when you practice AND when your body is busy recovering – 1 to 3 days after your gym session. Thus, shredding more fat in the long term.

#3 You are eating too much calories – you aren’t in a hypocalorique state

Even if you aren’t eating any sugar, eating more calories than what you need will stop you from shredding fat. So… eating 500 less calories than your maintenance level will do the trick.

Maybe you have no clue about your maintenance calories, and what’s the hypocaloric state. No worry. Long paragraphs explication in this article. Short one just below.

It means you are counting how many calories go into your belly every day. Tracking your macro – the 3 main nutrients. And understanding which percentage of them you eat in your daily life. Sounds like a lot of work.

Hypocalorique state means eating less than your maintenance calorie level, which is the amount of calorie you need to maintain your weight.

Having trouble knowing how much you eat? Keep track of everything in a spreadsheet, it’ll make your life 10 times easier.

#4 Your sleeping schedule is messed up

You aren’t sleeping 8 hours a day and you know it. But hey! It has nothing to do with fat loss, right? Wrong. The quality of your sleep, and the time you spend in twilight sleep matter when it comes to getting rid of your body fat.

These actions will help improve your sleep:

  • Sleep/wake up at the same time everyday
  • Avoid drinking 3+ coffee per day
  • No blue light before sleep time
  • Darkest room possible
  • No noise – or white noise
  • Write down your thoughts before sleeping
  • Exercise – it helps to fall asleep faster
  • No heavy-carbs meal right before sleeping time

#5 You don’t *really* want to get lean – are you taking action?

Ouch. This one hurts more than it should. Everyone *needs* to be lean to achieve maximal physical performance, high attractiveness… Do you *want* to get these? Of course, you do, you wouldn’t read Nerdow otherwise.

For the tough part, you must not only read what’s written here. To be fair with you, reading and doing are two different deals. One gets you knowledge. The other one shows results.

If you aren’t applying what you read, it’s stupid to keep reading for more information. Write down the top 10 actions you *need* to take. Apply them. Get back to borrow more information. Repeat.

Tough part is in taking action. Not reading. Knowledge’s great when you are running out of ideas. Not when you are lacking results.

Take action.

#6 You aren’t walking – critical point

Taking a walk is just your “light” cardio. It burns more energy than you think. Walking 10,000+ steps everyday ensures you are burning deep fat you need to get rid of.

With this extra physical activity, you shred even more energy brought by food. In fact, there are only two ways to get leaner.

  1. Burn more energy – training, walking…
  2. Eat less energy – eating, drinking…

The less energy’s left in your body, the more fat you’ll burn. Every night there’s a calculator in your body that do some math. It takes everything you eat and subtract all the energy you spent during the day. If the sum is negative, you are losing fat. If it’s positive? You’re building fat.

#7 You aren’t drinking enough water – water’s life

There’s nothing helping you fight hunger and strive for gains – read loss – like water. The transparent fluid helps your body do everything better – faster.

It makes for fluid – pun intended – connection between all your body and makes sure your blood is moving as fast as possible.

Bonus: water brings useful micro nutrients – I should write an article on this!

#8 You aren’t eating whole food – at least not high-quality food

All food isn’t created equal. A steak isn’t the exact same steak as another one. We could argue for hours. What did the cow eat? Grass or corn? Grass win this fight easy. Cows love their green grassy vegetable more than anything in the world. They are “designed” to eat grass and will build bigger muscle eating grass.

Same idea can be applied to all kind of food. Here’s my take. If your food can’t be found in the nature or can’t be made by a single man with basic tools – knife, fire… it’s no real-food.

These days most people rely on processed food to build their body. Hear me out. It’s the dumbest thing you can do. Processed food is no food. It’s full of sugar and trans-fat – yes, even their “steaks”.

Factories build stuff. Factories don’t craft food.


If you’d like to taste the highest quality food you can eat, go nearby and find a farmer. Buy him your meat, pastas and vegetable. You get the best bang for your bucks

In fine

If you aren’t losing fat, you are doing something wrong. Or worse, you aren’t taking action.

That’s you? Struggling to get as lean as possible? The easiest way to drip fat from your body is nowhere to be found on this website. It’s based on something I can’t control and can only give direction to.

Losing fat is based on you taking action.

If you aren’t busing getting shit done… I can only do so much.

Based on this list, figure out what you are doing wrong and find a tweak to do it right.

That’s still not enough? Drop a comment, I’ll help you.

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