Sending business owners coldmails to make a quick buck

Money gets exchanged a lot.

Business. Buyers. Customers. More people and more.

It’s like water. $$$ move in and out.

And well, just like water there’s a quick hack to catch it.

Be the middleman.

Money flows from A to B.

Be between A and B.

By that I mean. Contact the business owner, share with him some “exclusive info” on his business.

Eventually some problems he struggle with.

But find a solution t his struggle.

*So… if the business owner wants a solution, he now has to pass by you*

Being a smart ass, you know it’s going nowhere if you have zero offer.

Your offer?

Exactly what they *need*.

*Turning their old mailing list into golden trees

*Recruiting evading website viewers to their newsletter

*Converting old-boring mails into fruitiful paper printing machines

*Creating an ass-grabbing landing page

Zero sexyness package

And they being businesses…

Well they’ve got to pay you for this solution.

Or they can spend more $$$ trying to figuring out what’s up in the domain and several dozen hours to implement everything.

While you could do it faster than a hunter shoot his wombat – that’s super fast

I have zero doubt *you* could pull this magical tricks all by yourself.

But there’s something scary in the package…

Coldmailing – by extension cold-calling, but let’s not make you too busy

Coldmailing = zero sexyness.

Startups are sexy.

Young owner building businesses are sexy.

What no one is willing to share?

*The thousands mails they HAD to send to get attention*

The gazillion times they improved their sale pitch.

And the infuriating amount of time they got rejected.

Heck, sounds much less funny to do now.

Well, this has everything to do with cold-something.

Meaning you present yourself to people you don’t know and sell them something.

*Hard cold cash for startup owners

*Turning their mailing list into golden nuggets – copywriter’s pitch

Could be anything – as long as it benefits you.

Otherwise, why would you be cold-calling these persons?

Here comes the hard part of the game.

Cold-something is super uncomfortable.

Only high level titans get to do it.

You want the business owners to read your mails.

But you are a complete stranger to them…

And they receive 2134 emails a day – by people just like you trying to make a quick buck out of their smartness

*So basically you are competing against all these coldmailers*

Sure, some are kindergarten level . And others? They already slayed several dragons…

How do you stand up ? and be legit!

Harsh time.

While sending a coldmail WITHOUT asking for anything is super simple and will – sometimes – land an answer, when you do the same and are actually selling, the game becomes much harder.

Like you are fighting a big troll with 3 heavy swords.

No worry, once you understand the trick, you can pull it *consistently*

Maybe after hundreds – more likely thousands – of tries? But you can do it.

Taking the risk to repeat myself.

What’s inside the mail you send to business owners?

*Tell them what’s wacky-crazy in their offer

*Highlight the weakness of their strategy

*Show what you would improve *if* you had access to their system

In fact you don’t talk about you.

Business owners don’t care about you.

Business owners don’t care about you.

Business owners don’t care about you.

Only thing in their world? Their business – and the profits behind it.

If you can improve their world. Let’s do it. They are hooked.

Everyting else? They can’t care less.

Annoying, I know.

That’s why your pitch is 127% about… What you can do for them.

And at the end of the mail you make the killing.

*I’m not giving the dopamine rush right now*

Let’s be honest about it.

No one closed the deal using mails.

Because everyone could be behind the mailer.

That’s why you tell them to call you.

You close the deal on the phone.

The goal of your mails is to get them on the phone.

And that’s exactly why it’s uncomfortable – and what’s stopping most young men from being successful copywriters.

Being scared of the cold-something.

When you send mails nothing can happen to you.

Sure, you can screw up badly and… no one will answer.

That’s it.

The big deal you were afraid of.

Gaz clouds. Inexistant.

Well, when you get a business owner you know nothing about on the phone it’s the same deal.

If they don’t buy your deal, nothing happens.

Sure you’ll feel for 3 minutes because you had the opportunity to close your first client and failed.

And you are light years forward the shy guy who did nothing – he didn’t even send a mail.

But if you can’t send mails because you are too emotionally weak, I totally understand you. You should read this if it applies.

So… what do you risk when you send mails and risk to get the decision maker of the company on the phone?


They aren’t going to forward the mail you send them to all their friends. And even if they do?

It will not change anything – OK, maybe they’ll laugh.

And what?

Nothing happens.

Peanuts, again.

Except you got your shot.

You sent a mail to a successful business owner.

They answered your mail *positively*

You get them on a call.

And unfortunately you didn’t convert them to your side…

Well, that would be much faster than where I am today.

I’m writing this superb roller-coaster of emotions article because it’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m sending 1-3 mails a day to people I don’t know.

Figuring out flaws in their business.

Finding solutions by the way.

And even if no more than 1% of them respond, I still improve my problem solving skill.

I see flaws I didn’t see before.

*Mailing lists not being used at their 100%

*Old newsletter strategies

*Blank landing pages

*Zero mailing list – social media…

*Untrustworthy looking websites

I’m seeing it all.

And for my best.

Thank’s to this gig, I can now find problems most businesses are having just by looking at their website.

And on there, I can find solutions.

Solution I’ll gladly apply to Nerdow in the future.

Because seeing growing businesses on the real time is actually what you need to improve your *business* skill, if there’s any.

So, yeah. I’m sending mails to not-so-random people I don’t know in my spare time – and you should do the same.

P.S. If you wondered, yes I’ve already got answers from business owners. No, none of them was *positive*. Except all these answers helped me craft better mails. And soon enough I’ll land my first client. Soon enough…

Of course, here’s how I’m tackling this big project.

  • Find decision makers who aren’t running their business at 100% – Big YouTube channels, websites, eCommerce, huge social media accounts…
  • Check if there’s a way to mail the founder directly – use to find their email address
  • Figure out how *you* can improve what they are doing – Actually find opportunities they are missing that could net them $$$
  • Write a first mail telling them what you could do for them – do not explain HOW, because this is what you’ll do in the future, if they decide to get you on their team
  • Eventually get them on the phone
  • Close the business owner on a simple gig – stuff you can do easily so you can prove how talented you are at writing copies/articles or doing whatever you are good at
  • Actually deliver what you promised with bigger results than expected – not that hard if you know what you are doing
  • Close them on a monthly retainer