How to build *more* muscle while sleeping

You’ve followed this blog to the T. First, you decided to hit the weight. You trained several hours each week. Then you got a glimpse of calisthenics and decided to throw in some of these exercises in your training. Recently, you read about nutrition and *how* what you eat transforms your body – hint: high protein, high fat, low carbs is the best way to go if your goal is to become better looking.

Finally, you are feeling tired of all these tips & tricks. You are having trouble staying consistent with your gym agenda, and your eyes can’t stay open after 6 pm. Have no worries, Yannick’s here.

Building the body of your dream is very taxing on your organism. Basically, every single day you destroy your muscle, wait for them to grow back and repeat with the hope of your muscle getting stronger. It’s like burning your house every single day. You don’t have enough time to build back and defend yourself against the fire.

Your body needs time to recover. It’s normal. Some of you may have a faster organism that enables you to recover super-fast; You feel it in the gym – can do many exercises in a row without feeling dizzy – and when recovering during the next. You rarely feel sore. Not everyone – myself included – is as lucky as these people. And that’s exactly why adding to your sleep time will get you better results without molesting your energy levels.

For you who searched a magical potion to solve your soreness trouble, your lack of energy and sleepy attitude, you may be on the right page to find your quick fix.

Now, it’s a sum of simple actions you can implement in your life starting from today – dare I say this night? Those will improve your sleep quality, which is how fast your body recovers when sleeping – so you’ll build more muscle long term and feel a lot better!

Quick warning: You will not build ANY muscle if you aren’t exercicing! Sleeping doesn’t make up for your lack of exercice or bad diet. It’s how you recover. Not how you train so that recovering becomes important! Don’t skip the gym or calisthenics anyway!

  1. Write down a sleeping schedule. And ultimately follow it. Every single day. Your body got his own clock. He knows when it’s time to sleep and to eat based on what you told him – basically what you did – some days before. And yes, that’s why you always feel hungry when times comes close to have lunch. Define an hour you sleep at, and one you wake up at. Repeat every day of the week and even during the week end. You won’t lose any second of your valuable time and gain in alertness. I promise.
  2. Avoid over-drinking before sleeping. This goes for water and any kind of beverage. Avoid alcohol, this one goes without saying. Now, when you drink a lot of water before sleeping you increase the chance of you waking up at 2AM because you need to pee. You don’t want to wake up three times a night, do you?
  3. Read a book before sleeping. And avoid all screen time 20-30 minutes before sleeping. It’s the biggest one. Ever noticed how hard it is to sleep when you just log off from your computer? Right. Your computer and all screens produce blue light, it signals your brain it’s day time. You don’t sleep during the day. Your brain tries to make sense of your eyes being sleepy and “artificial day time”… Takes time. You end up having trouble falling asleep.
  4. Light. Too much light makes it harder for you to fall asleep. As long as I remember, I always dreaded these days when it took me hours and hours to fall asleep. Probably the same by your side. Sleep in complete darkness. Avoid light as much as possible when it comes close to bed time
  5. No more big evening meals before sleeping time. These make your belly & brain death threaten your logic. When eating a bunch of food your belly uses lots of energy to digest it and turn it into more energy. Basically, it’s like trying to sleep while doing push ups sets every 10 minutes. If that’s your thing, go ahead. Otherwise, stay with me and eat light meals before sleeping. Or just don’t eat right before bed time – 2/3 hours should be enough!
  6. Clear the thoughts in your mind. Always have a notepad near your bed. When times to sleep come, write down important notes you “may” forget during the night… Big ideas, articles, thoughts, big moves… So you won’t forget anything at all and you’ll find it easier to sleep because your brain won’t try to remember everything. He knows everything is written down, why remember?
  7. Gym session before sleep time. Depends on you. Either you have no problem at all exercising all-in twenty minutes before bed time – I’m here. Or you have big troubles falling asleep after exercising. Try it for yourself and you’ll know.
  8. Coffee & tea. While I absolutely love both, I know for a T both are making it harder to sleep when you drink huge quantity of them – malus point, too much coffee can mess up with your circadian circle! When it comes to 1/2 cups a day especially in the morning it’s no big deal. When you drink 4-6 cups including some in late afternoon, you may have trouble falling asleep. Again, do what works for you. You may have zero problem sleeping with 3 coffees right before sleeping – and if you still want to drink coffee late in the evening, try decaffeinated coffee/tea
  9. Have big reasons to be tomorrow. When you have big goals, you want to be tomorrow as soon as possible. And these goals can be anything! From losing fat to building your biz… When you are so willing to break the goal, you just want to skip the night and wake up to tackle some more challenges. If that’s you, you’ll have no trouble sleeping & waking up fighting a new day.

Quick important point reminder

That’s when you open your note-taking app and copy/paste these points so you never forget them. That’s how you actually improve your character while reading articles. But if you are just here to read interesting articles and never apply anything you read, all the better to you anyway!

  • Have a sleep schedule. Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday
  • Don’t drink too much before sleeping. You don’t want to pee three times a night
  • Read a book before sleeping. Increasing your knowledge and avoiding blue light
  • Sleep in total darkness
  • Don’t overeat before sleeping – especially carbs! Your body don’t work well with carbs when sleeping
  • Write down your thoughts
  • Avoid gym sessions right before sleeping – depends on you!
  • No coffee/tea in late afternoon or evening
  • Have big challenges to tackle so your excited to be tomorrow as fast as possible