Some principles which never failed me

I’m only 19 years old, yet I have a lot of words to tell.

What I experienced, my stories, what crafted me…

Many stories, many ideas that I want to develop with you.

Here I will tell you my very best principles that I follow since the beginning of this blog.

You may disagree with some of them, most are even controversial.

But those never failed me.


Do not trust weird people


If you have a strange head, I don’t trust you.

Nop, I don’t mean this.

Who do I call weird people?

  • Colored hairs
  • Piercing
  • Weird hair cuts
  • Long hairs for men, short hairs for women

And pretty much anyone that you would instantly describe as weird.

Those people, I don’t trust them.


They are strange by nature. What made them strange?

They didn’t get what they want in the first place, that’s a guess.

That’s the truth.

You don’t become a weirdo out of choice.

This never happened and will never happen.

Weirdos are weird because they didn’t get what they want in first place. Otherwise they would be normal people.

But who am I to judge?

I also failed, many times. I didn’t turn into a weirdo.

I take care of my image.

I want to stand out, in agreat way.

A muscular dude isn’t a weirdo.

A strange looking man is a weirdo.

The limit is unclear; however, you can easily identify who is weird and who isn’t.

I don’t trust weird people, neither should you.

If they failed their objectives and didn’t pursue any further, what do they have in common with you?

“If you want to stand out, you build a body worth looking at. You do not dye your hairs in yellow to be looked at”

Solve your problems yourself

I don’t ask anyone to solve my problems for me.

Sure, I may do some partnership here and there, but that’s business.

In general, when I have a problem to solve, a question or anything else that require intelligence, I don’t ask google, I use my brain.

It is becoming easier and easier to feel a rush for tools that help you, but they don’t.

All they do is that they break patterns.

Instead of using your brain, you ask a data base to find solution for you.

It’s a great idea, the data base will always have more knowledge than you do, but this is the lazy way.

You don’t use your brain, you don’t train your mind.

When everyone will rely solely on smartphones and google to keep them up to date, if you developed the habit to be independent of tools, then you’ll see a big difference.

You aren’t the searcher anymore, you become the actor.

When you search, you search in your brain, you don’t ask something to perform a query for you.

That’s how you improve your brain power.

Don’t get dependent on things, nor on people.

The one who needs the other the least is in control

Similar to the previous point.

Being independent is a skill.

By developing this one, you become more than who you are.

You learn how to use tools and how to manage your knowledge.

That’s being a lone wolf.

Being able to survive alone in the environment.

That’s the basics.

A long time ago, if you couldn’t survive by yourself, you would die.

You needed to be strong and independent, a skill which is now lost in the maze of the modern world.

You don’t need to chase anymore to feed yourself. You don’t need to kill to survive and you don’t need to resist much.

In fact, you could live your life passively.

If you don’t choose something, you have nothing to choose from.

I say it again. If you don’t choose a path, then the worst path possible will open to you.

That’s what passivity attracts.

Being the passive item is bad.

It sucks.

You don’t apply your will on anything.

You are just there, no more than a tree waiting to be cut down.

Does it feel great?

Heck no!

You have much funnier options.

You have the right to act on things, on people a don event to make your will come true.

This come from your direct strength and from your mind.

Your mind commands your body which applies your will to the world.

How is that related with this principle?

You don’t need anyone to apply your will.

Most people believe that you need an army to do amazing things.

It’s not the case anymore.

You can create alone.

This website was created alone.

Zuckerberg created Facebook alone.

You can make money writing alone.

Do not take advice from anyone that didn’t made it

Not following this principle is the easiest way to fail.

Never: Take advice from everyone on everything.

If you do this, no wonders that your life is messed up.

Would you ask a fat guy advice on fat-loss? You wouldn’t.

So why are you asking some poor guys advice on how to get rich and some non-muscular guys how to get jacked.

If the people that you contact don’t emanate what you seek in them, then you shouldn’t take their advice seriously.

It’s like asking someone who never sold anything how to make money with a business. He has no clue. Absolutely no clue on how to sell anything – a basic skill that everyone should possess -, so how can he give you a clear blueprint?

That’s impossible!

If you want advice or guidance, then ask the right person.

Someone who already did what you are willing to do.

Health first. Anything else later

Being healthy is the greatest investment ever. It’s also the first one which ever existed. Without health, you are nothing. You feel like shit, you don’t find any activity interesting, you overeat, you become lazy. Being out of shape or having a poor health is the greatest way to become a crappy individual.

What do you need to build you business? You need energy. Where does this energy come from? Your body. Crappy body = low energy. Insane body = insane energy. Simple.

Same goes on for practically anything. If you have low energy, you cannot do anything efficiently.

Sure, your health depends on many factors.

  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Sport
  • Muscles
  • Thoughts

And so on. When I speak about an iron health, I speak about an iron sleep, diet, body… Those are the main compounds of your health. If they are broken, you are broken.

Stay away bad health or you’ll regret it to the centuple.

On procrastination

Even if you are encouraged to procrastinate during high school and college – How many times did you learn the whole course the night before the test to get a good grade? – years, you shouldn’t do it.

Try to postpone tasks while running a business. Your business will crash.

Same goes on if you train. Did you try to postpone your training? Generally, it doesn’t end well. You don’t even go at the gym if you start procrastinating.

Procrastination may be “okay” in high school. But it doesn’t last after this stage of your life. Procrastinating is a sin, a disease that you must eradicate before it takes over who you are.

Do you remember the last time that you told:” Oh, I’ll do it later because XYZ”

Did you do it?

NO! You forgot it. Whatever “it” is, you forgot it. You didn’t do it because you postponed it.


Don’t get stuck there. Don’t procrastinate.

When you procrastinate you send a task from the present to the future. Remember that the future doesn’t exist yet and that’s a preconception of what we “believe” will happen next.

Sending a task there is the surest way to lose it forever.

Do it right now!

Nothing in moderation

“Everything in moderation son”

I figured out that this is completely bullshit.

“Everything in moderation” is the mantra of each and every average person out there on earth.

They believe that to get something they must follow the path with moderation. One step after another.

They move slowly. They are slower than a snail.

Everything in moderation is a mantra that brings more problems than those it solves.

  • If I hit the gym more than 3 times a week, will I injure myself?
  • If I write more than an hour a day, will I get cramps?
  • If I drink a bit of beer, vodka, whisky and absinthe, will I get into trouble?

Those are shitty questions.

They raised due to the “Everything in moderation” principle.

Stay away from it.

Obsession is key.

What is obsession? The contrary of moderation, right.

Despising average

Being a winner is a lifestyle as is being a loser.

Being average = being a loser. Sorry.

The average man sucks right now in our modern era.

You want to know who he is?

  • Fat
  • Skinny
  • Low testosterone
  • No stamina
  • No ideas
  • Laying on the couch
  • Complaining
  • Feels bad
  • Hate life

Yes, that’s the average man.

He doesn’t hit the gym. He doesn’t lift. He doesn’t practice sports. He doesn’t build a business. He doesn’t feel good. He doesn’t carry himself. He isn’t aggressive as a man should be.

This is your competition: The average man.

Guess what? This competition is so low that you don’t even realize that it is the same as having absolutely no competition.


I despise average. I despise this lifestyle.

I hate it of all my being. I was there. I’m now gone. I used to be average. I chose to do something about it.

I’m now doing the opposite.

The exact opposite.

The average guy lays on his couch watching TV. I hit the gym

The average guy plays video games when he is bored. I don’t get bored

The average guy eats garbage I eat healthy

The average guy is socially awkward. I’m socially confident

The average guy see life as a chore. I see life as a game

The average guy doesn’t give a damn about his look. I give a damn about it

It’s simple.

Notice the trend. What does most people do?

Define, do the opposite.

Most people are consuming, I am here producing.

Most people…

Do the opposite.

Being a chameleon only works for chameleons

We adapt ourselves to the situations we throw ourselves in.


Except that for some people – let’s call them average – “being adaptative “means to completely ignore who they are in the first place to better complete the situation.

They disappear, they vanish. They aren’t themselves anymore. Someone else come up, stealing their non-existing identity to replace it with something “politically correct”.

I call them social chameleons. These people are everyone at the same time.

Their #1 goal?

Pleasing people.

Yes. They live to please people.

It’s hard to describe because it is so awful.

While your system may lead you to build a startup or a business, their system will lead them to tell random compliments at random people they hate. That’s what hell feels like.

They aren’t being nice with everyone because they are genuine. Nop. They are being nice with everyone because they believe that by being nice they will force people to like them in return.

How biased is this vision?

Friendship/relationships can’t be negotiated.

Do not be a social chameleon.

Building the edifice

Very few of you were born with a status.

Most of us comes from normal families.

We hadn’t million when we were born.


Our value is built, not given.

No one will decide to give you a million because you are nice to them.

To get that million, you must build it, dollars after dollars.

It’s better than it sounds.

Some people are born with a lot of money, but because they didn’t earn it, their value decrease over time as they lose more and more of their fortune.

Most people are born without much, because they must grind and hustle to earn what they want, their value increase over time as they crush their goals.

Two different paradigms.

I’m into the second one, building my value.

Day after day, I write, I lift, I walk, I swim, I beat records and goals… I live.

This shouldn’t be extraordinary, yet it is.

Most people believe that their value decrease over time. While their value increase over time.

Don’t be this guy.

The more you build, the stronger you’ll be tomorrow.

Don’t get stuck, improve your status and everything will flow.

The greatest edge you can benefit from is to be good-looking

You may not agree with me on this one if you aren’t good-looking or great looking.

Both are extremely difficult thresholds to crush if you weren’t born with “the” look.

It’s totally unfair.

Being good looking brings you lots of great favors.

Simply wear a suit and you’ll notice the difference.

People will address to you with a “sir”. No one would if you wore a t-shirt.

The same happens when you are good looking.

Everything moves toward your side.

People are nicer with you, assuming that because you are good looking, you are a great person.

It has absolutely no correlation.

Being good-looking doesn’t bring anything than being pleasing to the eyes. Except that it does.

If you are good looking, you’ll be treated differently.

Most of the time you’ll have it easier in negotiations.

Most people will be very nice to you for no reason.

You’ll get complimented on anything.

You’ll get exclusive offers.

You can become a model.

Life is unfair for those who aren’t good looking.

Fortunately, you can improve your appearance by lifting weights and managing your food.

Your look isn’t stuck in stone. It moves.

Life is unfair

Last but not least.

Life is unfair.

And you already know it.

Some ways are much faster than others.

Maybe they aren’t ethical, but who care about the ethic at the end of the road?

You already grasped this early.

In high school, you have two choices to have good grades.

You learn and get good grades

Or you cheat and have good grades.

One requires substantially less work than the other for more results.

It is the easiest one to leverage, you guessed it: cheating.

While cheating is unethical, it brings better results on the table.

I don’t advise you to cheat on your tests.

I advise you to do what works.

In this exact case, cheating works.

Some solutions are better than others.

Identifying them is key.

You can get good grades studying for 4 hours.

Or you can get even better grades by writing the lesson on a paper for 20 minutes.

You have the choice.

One is about hard work.

One is about smart work.

While cheating is unethical, it brings the highest return of investment.

Choose what you want.

Ethical and long?

Unethical and fast?

It works for each and every industry.

You’ll find some shortcuts. Most are unethical.

Find what fits you.

Oh, remember. Rules aren’t laws. Rules can be broken without much consequences.

Be smart!