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Have you ever wished to become top tier?

I’m not wishing it. I’m doing everything for it. This is what this website is all about: improvement and optimisation to become top tier.

What’s the goal?

I want you to become the very best.

If you are here right now, reading Nerdow that’s not by chance. You stumbled upon this website because you are ready to learn, you are willing to take life by the horns and you are sure to reach a top tier rank.

Fear no more, I showcase my growth, my troubles and every solution possible and imaginable that I can think of here on Nerdow.

99% of the content is free. You click, you read, you progress. No advertisements, no bullshit.

I also wrote premium content which are more in depth guide, you’ll find them somewhere below.

Nerdow is a sign of excellence. I only want the very best to read this website. If you aren’t going to implement what you read there, you should leave. This website will not bring anything to you if you don’t apply what you read there.

Be smart, apply.

Who am I?

I’m Yannick. I’m a 19 years old man who’s out there conquering. My primary goal is to become a millionaire by 30. Actually I’m studying mechanical engineering while practicing a lot of hobbies – Writing, swimming, hitting the gym, climbing, mountain biking, marketing, SEO…

I’m also an ex-gamer. It means that a part of my knowledge come from playing online games. I learned how to sell by playing games, I learned how to compete by playing games…

Right now you are on my main project, Nerdow. It’s a website on which you’ll find a lot of different ressource to help you become a winner. Whether your definition of a winner is a guy who’s successful with women, who is a millionaire or who has an outstanding six pack, it’s all covered on this website.

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