Make a lot of views on Quora

This is the holy grail. How do you make more views on Quora? While being popular thank’s to your followers is great, making many views on Quora is better. We are on the internet. The more views you make, the richer you are. If you Read more

Third person character lifestyle

Life is a game. The most complete of them all. Life is an open world. You can do whatever you want. There are thousands of quests everywhere. Some never done before. You can move, jump and run everywhere in this world, you can do whatever Read more

Attack, attack and attack. The only word to keep in mind

Offense is the best defense. Attack is also the best offense. It is well known, attackers always win. They are always more credited than defenders. Because attack is crucial. You can’t win with a defensive strategy. At the very least you can resist for years against Read more

Perks of the top percentile

My goal is to be in the top percentile in the following: Health Wealth Happiness To crush this goal, I will have to overcome a lot of challenges related to these three categories. I’m still young – 18 – so I have some rooms for Read more

How to apply extreme ownership

Someone asked me to go further on ownership. Here we are with the third article on taking extreme ownership. Let me think a bit about it, because well I don’t have much more ideas in the back. We already know that ownership is what separate Read more

A comprehensible plan if you lose everything

Let’s assume that I lose everything I possess My family, all my friends, the money on my account. Everything *pouf* isn’t there anymore. I don’t know why it goes away nor where. But that’s not the problem. Knowing this I’ll have two choices. If I Read more