How to contact other writers and everyone you are interested in on Twitter

How to build your network as a blogger on twitter Step 1: Identify First, what’s your area of power? What is the subject of your blog? Identify it. You must have a subject in which you have a lot of knowledge or a certain interest Read more

How to write a great answer on Quora

Just to brag a bit, I have over 5 million views on Quora, 4000+ followers and the numbers keep growing while more and more readers come to my website. I’m happy with this. It brings me the feeling that I am helping people by answering Read more

Third person character lifestyle

Life is a game. The most complete of them all. Life is an open world. You can do whatever you want. There are thousands of quests everywhere. Some never done before. You can move, jump and run everywhere in this world, you can do whatever Read more

On systems: Goals, objectives, strategy and tactics

Do you even understand all the terms above? I’m sure that you don’t. If it was the case, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Let’s start. I won’t waste your time! The biggest entity is the system. The system of composed of goals, tactics, strategies Read more

Blockchain, the new gold rush

Selling shovels and pickaxes will make you more money than gold digging This story takes place in a not-so-distant past, in a not-so-far away country. The inhabitants of this country discovered a rare-yellowish metal. It shined brighter than the sun, it was perfect to use as a currency. Read more

What I learned from playing multiple games

Games are part of my life. I love them. Games make me live different adventures every time. While most self-improvement writers would say: “Damn, you play video games. What an average guy”, I strongly disagree with this advice. Games are huge. They come with various Read more

How and why you must be confident

Sounds very cliché. Like every article with a similar title: How to get confident, How to become confident, How to make other see you as extremely confident. There are many, many methods out there that you can simply find with a search on our good Read more

A comprehensible plan if you lose everything

Let’s assume that I lose everything I possess My family, all my friends, the money on my account. Everything *pouf* isn’t there anymore. I don’t know why it goes away nor where. But that’s not the problem. Knowing this I’ll have two choices. If I Read more

I believe in you – a plan to level up

Yet I don’t know you. How can this sentence sound true? I know nothing about you. You are just a viewer between many on a random site made by a random guy living in a random country on a random planet in a random universe. Read more

Taking ownership. One more step to get what you want

I already wrote an article on the subject, you can get it there. Why am I taking it to another level? Because it’s so important for me that you get the point. Ownership is taking the responsibility for everything that is happening to you. The Read more