Make a lot of views on Quora

This is the holy grail. How do you make more views on Quora? While being popular thank’s to your followers is great, making many views on Quora is better. We are on the internet. The more views you make, the richer you are. If you Read more

How to contact other writers and everyone you are interested in on Twitter

How to build your network as a blogger on twitter Step 1: Identify First, what’s your area of power? What is the subject of your blog? Identify it. You must have a subject in which you have a lot of knowledge or a certain interest Read more

How to get chunks of bitcoin in 5 minutes WITHOUT BUYING

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Perks of the top percentile

My goal is to be in the top percentile in the following: Health Wealth Happiness To crush this goal, I will have to overcome a lot of challenges related to these three categories. I’m still young – 18 – so I have some rooms for Read more

How to develop critical thinking | a powerful filter for everything you read

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Sell or be sold, Grant Cardone : Book summary

I read it all, the whole “Sell or be sold” book Kidding. You know it I’m for efficiency. I’m a blogger so I write. Being at both side of the same coin ( Reader and Writer ) give me new edges. Heck ! 80% of Read more

Business teachers hate him : He learned how to sell using a game

Selling is a tough art To learn it, most people do what we call a MBA (Master of Business and Administration), during the formation you learn how to manage a team, how to do taxes, how money works… In another word, you learn how to Read more