Moderation sucks. Be obsessive!

All in moderation, except moderation Is one of the worst quote you can find. Moderation is the enemy. Moderation is what dictates people’s life, that’s why their life is average. Living in moderation mean staying in your comfort zone, the exact place that you want Read more

99 Mantras to live by

Don’t show your true power unless necessary. No one should know what you are capable of Always walk out. Don’t run. Never. Show that it’s trivial Don’t look at your investments more than once per year You are obligated to no one. Trace your path Read more

What I learned from playing multiple games

Games are part of my life. I love them. Games make me live different adventures every time. While most self-improvement writers would say: “Damn, you play video games. What an average guy”, I strongly disagree with this advice. Games are huge. They come with various Read more

Perks of the top percentile

My goal is to be in the top percentile in the following: Health Wealth Happiness To crush this goal, I will have to overcome a lot of challenges related to these three categories. I’m still young – 18 – so I have some rooms for Read more

How to apply extreme ownership

Someone asked me to go further on ownership. Here we are with the third article on taking extreme ownership. Let me think a bit about it, because well I don’t have much more ideas in the back. We already know that ownership is what separate Read more

I believe in you – a plan to level up

Yet I don’t know you. How can this sentence sound true? I know nothing about you. You are just a viewer between many on a random site made by a random guy living in a random country on a random planet in a random universe. Read more

Taking ownership. One more step to get what you want

I already wrote an article on the subject, you can get it there. Why am I taking it to another level? Because it’s so important for me that you get the point. Ownership is taking the responsibility for everything that is happening to you. The Read more

One single habit to improve your life

The only habit you need to develop in order to become successful It sounds too simple to be true. But maybe it is this which separate you from the top tier individual you’ll become in several years. I don’t know. But what I’m sure is Read more

What to do when you get bored

This week I hadn’t WIFI. I was all alone in my flat without internet. The only occupation that I got came from my studies. I have ~30 hours of courses per week. That’s not much. I only have two hours of courses Thursday and not Read more

How to stop wasting your time on your phone with this 3 step formula

No later than yesterday I caught myself playing some games on my phone after midnight. The time where I normally sleep. I often go to the bed at 10pm so I can wake up earlier and do whatever I want with my free time – Read more