One belief stopping you from “making” money online

Let’s be clear right from the start. It’s light years away from the too classique and useless “Believe there’s money in this world”. While I can’t disagree with this one – that’s probably why you’d like to make money online in the first place. There’s still a bigger belief you are getting all wrong which stops you from chasing golden nuggets. Let’s drop the bomb.

There’s no such thing as “making” money online.

You aren’t the bank. You can’t “make” money. And even if you were the bank, you would “craft” money which is a different subject.

To be fair with you, it took me a whole month to understand this concept I’m about to share with you. I thought about it for way too long. Now? It’s obvious and you’ll understand why within seconds.

When I’m telling you there’s no such thing as “making” money, it’s true. There are no golden fountains nor raining gold in this world – at least I’m unaware of it.

The closest you can get from this? You aren’t making money on the internet. You are taking money from someone’s pocket and pouring it into yours. But you aren’t a scammer, are you?

You can’t just go and steal money from their pocket. It makes no sense. People would come by dozens asking you for their money. You aren’t a scammer.

Now comes the real deal. When taking money from someone else’s pocket, they must hand it to you. And the very best would be them to be happy about. You call this witchcraft?

Think about it. Last time you bought a video game, spent money on stuff… You were happy to do it. No constraint, you wanted to give them money. Someone took money from your pocket, and you happily handed them your hard-earned green bills.

Well, making money on the internet doesn’t exist. There’s someone behind a monitor who designed websites making you *feel* so you are happy giving him your money – and of course, he gives you something of value in exchange.

You want to make your potential customer feels great about himself, so he hands you money. End of the story.

Understand there’s only one way to “make” money on the internet: have someone give you their hard-earned money.

How you do it? You need a two-step plan well executed.

  1. The product you are selling – could be anything from a physical good to an e-book
  2. The page hard-selling your product – or at least the perceived value of your product

Good news being, both are hard to master. Most people are only great at one. Let alone being extraordinary (elite) at doing both. You could very well learn these craft and sell your talent doing it better than most people – and selling your salesman talent is worth more than what you think!

Now, if your goal is to build a business consistently showing up in the mind of your potential clients, you need to be at least decent at doing both – above average is all it takes. No need to be Tai Lopez.

Before moving further, you must have a product. If there’s no product, you can hardly sell anything. Try to sell nothing. Simply write down a sale page with no end after the pay page. I bet the FBI will knock at your door faster than humans melt their oil reserves.

Even if you have the best product in the world, it still requires someone who’s got social and persuasion skills to sell it – and that’s something you can learn, I’ll write more articles on the subject! You don’t want to hire someone writing sale pages for you. Do you?

If there’s anything you must get right, it’s knowing your biz better than anyone else so you can market it.

Your goal is to build a brand and sell your own products? And I’m betting you want to do everything online – let’s be fair, it requires next to no financial investments compared to the traditional brick & mortar.

First move you need to pull? Learning.

  1. How to build a product potential client WANT to pay for
  2. How to write words selling like no tomorrow – want to shoot videos? That’s someone who’s reading words out loud

That’s where you start when you want to build an Internet business. Next thing you know you are making money selling someone else’s product. Or building your own brand on social media.

To be fair with you, building is simple. You can easily write dozens and dozens of 1000+ words article every day. But that’s not where the magic happens. Are these articles doing the job of salesman for you? Not sure. They are showing your knowledge.

By reading Nerdow you already what I’m good at. Sales. Gym. Get better looking. That’s exactly where I’m playing the game. That’s why I’m writing on Nerdow. I’m building a community of like-minded young men who want to become better looking and make money on the internet.

This website? My social media? Everything is built to get you on this website, so you can learn a lot. And ultimately progress in your life as you read.

Don’t get me wrong. My goal ain’t to write words for words. It would be stupid. My goal is to leave a print behind me. A path you, the reader could follow. A plan you can apply by taking actionable advice.

Get paid is just another page on this website. I’m sharing with you my knowledge, and exactly how I got where I am today. Hopefully you’ll understand and try to see if that works for you too – hint: if you work hard, you’ll be able to stand where I’m standing in less than a month.

There’s nothing complex behind product building nor selling. The only deal? It requires hard work – and time investment. If you aren’t ready to work a lot on this lonely road of manly self-improvement… You’ll get eaten alive. I’m no self-improvement guru. I’m no salesman. I’m a young man making money on the internet writing words.  If that’s who you’d like to become, now’s your opportunity to learn tricks and magics to get there.

Learn how to play the game. Build products. Write sale letters. And ultimately, drive people right to your website so they can learn from you.