Taking ownership. One more step to get what you want

I already wrote an article on the subject, you can get it there. Why am I taking it to another level? Because it’s so important for me that you get the point.

Ownership is taking the responsibility for everything that is happening to you. The good or the bad. It’s getting the propriety of all these events that are around us. How can you do so? Do you steal them?

No. You start by accepting them as they are. Simple events.

When you have the power to change something, you can do it. It’s fairly easy. Just write a note, take action and done. That’s critical thinking. You won’t have this problem anymore. Of course, it’s overly simplified. You’ll stumble onto problems that will require more time to get ideas. Nonetheless, that’s still the standardized process.

  1. Find a problem
  2. Ponder to a solution
  3. Apply
  4. If it doesn’t work, come back to step #2

You got it, the algorithm of success.

Ownership of what?

It depends on what you want. I chose to not watch the news ever again. I’m not taking any event that doesn’t touch me into account. Sure news are great if you are an historian, a politician or a philosopher to get an eye over the actuality. But I don’t need to do so. Neither for my studies in engineering nor for my business online. I don’t need to watch the news nor to read them.

You may think that I live in a cave, disconnected from the world and that’s completely true.

But go further.

Till I don’t have all I want, does it makes sense to let my time go away?

Till it doesn’t help me grow, I don’t waste time on it. Simple yet practical

It can be useful to watch the news. But it’s not for me. I would just waste another 30 minutes per day. Which look meaningless. But what can you do in 30 minutes?

  • That’s half a gym session
  • That’s the time to write a 500 words article
  • That’s enough to write an answer on quora
  • That’s enough to update my website
  • That’s enough to answer some mails
  • That’s enough to go out for a run
  • That’s enough to cook a great meal

You get it. I can do much more of this time because I’m taking ownership.

It’s not that I don’t care about the rest of the world because I’m too absorbed by myself. It’s just that I value my time over anything else.

After all, what can you do about the news?

You hear them. And then? Can you help the victims of a tsunami? Sure, you can donate. Are you sure that the money will actually go there? Nop.

Till you don’t do something by yourself, you aren’t sure that it’s done well. You have no guarantees.

Of course it’s extremely pessimistic because with this in mind you don’t even consider the power of others.

But think about it. Who do you want to be in control of your life?

The other that you don’t even know or you?

In all cases you are your best friend because no one else than you can have a better understatement of yourself. That’s not rocket science. You have this power to understand yourself like no one else does. This why you should make sure that every action that you require are under your control.

How can you do it?

Remove middlemen

I own my website. But I don’t own the server. The next step is to buy a server and use it at home. That’s extreme. That’s how I remove the middlemen

In every transaction you can remove them. Go directly to what you want! No need to search for a shortcut. There is not shortcut. The straight line is always the shorter path. Don’t search around it. There is no better option than the straight line.

Don’t try to ad more complexity. The world is already hard enough. Make sure the mored direct path to your goal.

Don’t learn x because someone told you that x is how you get to y. No. Just learn y and then x if you want to learn it. There is no use for what you don’t need.

Again, it’s extreme because taking ownership of your situation is the most interesting part of your development.

How many times did you blame another one, but you knew that it was your bad?

Many. Many.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I did it too. Maybe more than you.

I always tried to find a scapegoat to share the weight. Trust me, it’s a bad idea.

Always assume your responsibility when it’s yours. Because doing something else will cause you trouble in all your social relationships. And you don’t want this to happen.

It’s rather simple to say: Hey, just don’t do it.

But it’s harder apply to your life. I know it.

There is a period of transition: you are in the between the old you and the new one. It’s a tough time to be in.

Keep cool.

Many people will tell you:

  • You aren’t the same
  • You are changing
  • What is happening?
  • Why are you like that?
  • You used to be more friendly

They are right. You are changing, for the better. While they will stay the same for many years.

But what do you want?

Stay the same loser:

  • Experience the same days, over and over
  • be able to sleep more than 10 hours
  • Get a job and settle for nothing more
  • Keep cool, have no stress
  • Grab a soda while complaining
  • Never try new activities
  • Lay to watch the TV

Most are happy with this kind of life.

I’m not. You are not. We are not! This isn’t satisfying enough. We want more.

We want what they left behind. We want our freedom. We want our time. We want things that they can’t think of!

You have to realize that some of them will become a weight for your future. That’s tough. That’s life.

You are changing, you can make new friends according to your changes.

People with same activities and goal attract similar people. That’s how it always was.

If you start to become superior, you will need to match higher standard. You will need to have different friends to help you conquer higher. That’s having a cold heart. That’s being logical. It’s up to you to stay with the same people for life. You can do it if you want. But don’t come back to complain that I didn’t tell you. You have the proof right there!

Taking ownership of your life is also making sure that you will face the least possible obstacle. Why bother? The shorter path is always the straight line.