Tempo: hidden tricks for entrepreneurs

On this article I give you my favorite musics to enter in the flow.

You should listen to some of these pieces of art while reading this article.

It will Inspire you

Right now I’m telling you why you should listen to music when you work on your project/hit the gym/relax.

If you don’t enjoy music, if you hate working with some noise, then read this article because you will learn a lot.

Funnier than nothing

When there are no sounds, it’s boring.

Did ever hear someone said: I need a background noise to do XYZ.

While the need is completely false – You need NOTHING except dedication to achieve something

Background music is a link to what is outside.

What can be perceived during work, but is partially ignored by your brain.

When you are working you don’t need to hear the birds singing, nor do you need to hear the voice of the detestable characters on TV.

Knowing that something is happening while you are working is clean.

It means that the world keeps rotation while you are building your business.

It means that everything around you exist.

Kind of a reality check like in “Inception”.

The difference is that you don’t want to be disturbed while you work.

Your brain automatically ignore useless crap:

  • Sound
  • Pain
  • Visual
  • Taste

Every sense is broken while you work. This is a consequence of being in the flow.

While this sounds bad, it’s just perfectly fine.

If you can’t be disturbed, then you are working harder, better and stronger on your project. Which is a good thing!

By listening to music, you train your brain to recognize it and eliminate it.

Because it’s “useless” to what is happening right now.

Music vanishes as you enter in the flow.

Your brain tag everything you do with something else

By saying tag, I mean associate.

If you drink a coffee only when you study history, it will become easier for you to remember history when you drink a coffee.

Same goes on for any kind of stimulus.


If you want to be much better at writing, then always write with the same stimulus.

This stimulus can come from music, coffee… anything.

Music being simple to get. You need nothing except a computer – The one on which you are working – to produce the music.

Always play the same music when you write/work on a project/make money

This way your brain will learn that when this exact music plays, this exact work must be done.

Result: You’ll get in the flow much faster than usually.

This is a training that you can put on your brain.

Putting yourself in a situation in which stimuluses are repeated will teach you that these stimuluses lead to something.

What is this something?

The flow that you are searching!

It’s not hard to place this in your daily life.

If you want to be a writer, then always write with the same music in loop

If you want to work on a project, do the same.

Nothing fancy in there, yet a lesson that will bring you more work done from a simple variable.

Music to get started

Just as before.

When X happen, then Y happen.

When you hear this music, you start to write instinctively.

Because your learned that with this music you must work. This is anchored in your brain.

It’s simple to play your brain into this.

When you are willing to work on a project, before the big start launch a singular music.

Do it every time you come back to the project.

After a while launching the music will lead you to actions because your brain learned that when the music plays, you must be working on your project.

Power in beats

Music is composed of beats. If you aren’t a chimp you know this.

Those beats make the difference between uplifting music and calm music.

Come up with a lot of beats and you have a devil’s tempo. The kind of music which makes you pull an all-nighter on your big project.

Come up with slow beats, and you’ll sleep within minutes.

Manage your musics accordingly.

Do you want to sleep? Or do you want to hustle?

You choose.

Take advantage. Musics are super to get out of the bed, to do crap and to write.

They bring you from 0 to a 100km/h in seconds.

You become more than who you are. You become a beast.

Listen to the right kind of music and you’ll see the difference.

Lyrics to rule over them all

That’s why musics are super cool.

Lyrics give you a super power.

We tend to believe what we are repeatedly told

You literally choose who you are based on the lyrics you listen.

Sad music? You are a loser ! Go read our plan for losers!

Calm music? You want to sleep?

Rap? Are you a killer?

Lyrics play an important role in who you are and how your mind think.

If you listen to stupid musics which tells you that you are a loser, then you’ll be a loser.

Listen to winner’s music.

Music with uplifting lyrics. Lyrics which put you at your best. Your very best.

These lyrics change you.

From a loser to a winner.

From an average guy to a champion.

Lyrics get stuck in your head.

They get stuck on repeat. They sing in your head. Again and again, until they become the reality.

Strong lyrics will change your for the best.

Don’t stay behind, don’t let yourself be stuck on crappy mindsets because you listen to wrong musics.

Get a head. Listen to powerful speakers.

Best music of this kind are from The Hustle Standard.

They are listed in the list.

This point is crucial.

I want you to understand that listening to crap day long will never put you up.

If you want to be on a pedestal, if you want to be a Chad, then you must put yourself on this pedestal.

You must conquer the world.

From building a business to listening to awesome music, this is your job.

Profit, it’s enjoyable to be a ruler.


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