The 3 daily habits of entrepreneurs who built million dollars companies

Owner of Nerdow – The guy who write everything on this website

Do you think this guy is a millionaire ?

Fuck no. It’s me.

Hell, why are you making an article on entrepreneurs multi billions companies ? Why ?

I have an amazingly great interest in everything that touch entrepreneurship. Yeah, lifestyle is something related.

I learned about it. I read about it. I thought about it. And then, here are my conclusion on what most are doing to get the massive success they worked for.

#1 They hustle as much as normal guys watch tv – and more for hardcore players.

Hustle ?

“Obtain illicitly or by forceful action” thank’s google. We will make like you didn’t read first part of the definition. Hustling is working toward your goal.

What successful folk do is that they spend at least 3 hours per day working on their craft.

You know, that’s the time the average american spend watching tv daily. What a waste of time !

Most entrepreneurs devote all their free time to their business. It’s the more entertaining activity they can get. What’s more it enable them to get what they want at the end.

Nothing like video games, series and reading. All these *may* bring knowledge. But true knowledge come from doing and learning by oneself.

You don’t have to read to figure out some shit on how to do other crap. This is basically bullshit.

What you need to understand is that the more you do, the more you learn.

Even if you do complete crap such as :

  • Putting your desk on fire – Learn that fire hurts !
  • Using some automation process – Learn that people will take you for a weird guy on social network !
  • Network – Learn that it’s hard to break the ice with new humans !
  • Spam some website to get free traffic – Learn that some website search players like you and ban them. Yeah, not cool.

All these crap, and many craps beyond your imaginations will learn you lessons.

These lessons, you can only get them through experience which come when you act.

Action lead to experiences which lead to knowledge.

Learn how to play the game. Don’t sit down at your desk for hours browsing the same site again and again to learn how things work out.

No. Figure it out by yourself.

You’re a freaking entrepreneur. No one is going to give you a hand to catch on. No one. That’s what we do with kids.

Are you a kid ?

How do you put more time in your business ? You make it harder to do crappy activities. You remove the battery from the remote control of the tv. You use site blocker to make it easier to concentrate. You take some cold showers to toughen up yourself. You create strong – read at least 30 letters – password so you won’t have the motivation to type them. I use all of these, except for the tv hack. I still have no clue why people watch the picture box daily.

#2 They know that motivation is an industry. Their “motivation” comes from within.

Time play in their favor.

Do you remember when you once promised to work hard everyday because you were pumped up by some motivational videos ? I do !

Guess what ? I did nothing. I know you, you did the same.

That’s because motivation don’t work. That’s an industry which sell millions of content to pump up some guys like you and me. They show you an epic video with an epic music, with some epic emotions. At the end all fall down in the abyss. You don’t even remember what this video was about. It was just something to motivate you.

The motivational industry is just selling you some emotions, nothing more. You won’t do more after watching some videos of this kind.

Then what to do ?

I used to watch some of these videos daily. Yeah. Now I know that they are useless, for me as a client. The best way to use them is to sell them at random average guys. They love this uplift feeling that they can’t get by themselves. Show them how to get it daily and they’ll become junkies, consuming more and more motivational content. Wait isn’t it the process used to sell drugs ?

I know it. Those guys who watch motivational videos daily are going nowhere in life, except in the next bus to their job.

Rich entrepreneurs don’t value external motivation. You know, if you use a metrics to gauge everything, you won’t go anywhere. Having data is great. Hearing what it shouts is way better.

Most of your metrics are non-linear. You will never get a clear linear curve like this.

It ain’t the reality. Most people still think it is

Nop. You’ll get something like this.

It doesn’t even looks like a curve. That’s what you are more likely to get. High and lows, many of both

When you are the bottom, it doesn’t mean that you did crap today. No, it means that you are just before the next big bang.

Data don’t show this because they are unpredictable !

If you use your data for motivation, you are doing it wrong like the guy watching motivational content.

The only path to true motivation is to make it a goal for yourself.

When the motivation come from within, then you are sure to shoot the target.

How to avoid motivational traps ? Build your own motivation. Why are you growing your business ? Do you want to become rich ? Do you want to give your family what they deserve ? Do you work for fun – I’m here – ? Do you need to sustain yourself ? Find what you want, then when you won’t be tempted to look for junk content.

#3 Successful entrepreneurs play the consistency card, over and over.

The difference between an amazing entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one lies in little traps.

The first know them while the second keep falling in them again and again. Once he learn how to recognize them, he’ll meet the first one – become successful.

One trap is to have many goals. You know those guys with many things in mind. They want to build a business, get the perfect body, have a cute girlfriend, hike everyday day, build a facebook group, hang out with their friends, go to the club every friday, read two books per moth, get good grades, work in a side hustle, have a primary job, garden, work on themselves and build models.

Do you know what they end up doing ?

A boring job. They end up being cashier. You know why ? They didn’t choose something to chase. They chased everything. Then everything chased them.

Having a lot of crap to do is great. Only to put in your todo list. Don’t pursue more than 2 goals. One primary, one secondary.

In the perfect world, the first complete the second.

Currently : My first goal is to grow this blog, then I want to grow my facebook group. Both are related, it's congruent.

If you want to become a talented seller and also want to build your business online. Combine both and make one goal. It works for many different job and dreams, you can mix them up to build something unique.

You have your goals. Now the next step is to keep them. It’s very easy to lose them all the way to success.

  • New ideas
  • New business opportunities
  • New friends
  • New interest
  • Lose of your motivation. Need an explanation ? Read again #2
  • Some guys will tell you that your goals are crappy. Who do you value more ? The random guy ? Yourself ? Choose wisely.

Changing your goals is the worst crap you can end up doing.

When you shift your views, you start again from start. Do this enough times and you’ll never reach success.

You either play short games – mailing lists, facebook marketing, trends game – or long term – software business, blogger, social media star-.

If you switch your goals while playing short terms, it may be feasible if you’re fast enough to make these business work before you swap.

If you switch your goals while playing long terms, it’s freaking impossible to get what you want in the end. Whatever you do for those, it stacks up. You write a blog post, a tweet, you shoot a video or share some meaningful content, all of this will stay forever. Every action you make toward your business will stand for years, at the end it stacks and you end up at the top of google ranking for stupid terms with shitty content. True story.

How to avoid changing your goals ? Have a planner and write every action you do toward your goal on it. When you want to quit, rewind all you did. Remember that your efforts are stacking up, so it will be dumb to let it fall now.