The strongest people live in the mountains

I’m living in the Alps for a month.

I can ensure you that people here are very uncommon.

They don’t look like the weaklings I used to find at my place.

These mountain people are strong and healthy.

It couldn’t be otherwise.

Difficulty in the mountains

Everything is different when you live in the mountains.

The simple act of walking becomes tough, unlike in the plains.

There is less oxygen, making every move harder.

But that’s only a part of the puzzle.

The reality is that the terrain is super difficult.

Whatever you do in the mountains, it is 10 times more difficult and more energy demanding than what you do in the plains.

The terrain is rocky. There are lots of slopes, tricky paths.

Even going out to the supermarket in car is challenging.

The slopes, the curves are complex.

You must be 100% focused on the road if you don’t want to get severely injured in an accident.

That’s not a myth.

That’s reality.

Tough environment builds tough people.

Living in the mountain is much tougher than living in the plains.

Walking makes it to a trek level.

You cannot have a simple walk in the mountains.

Many slopes, gravels and rocky mountain make it hard to go out for a walk.

You need to have steel calves in order to move from point A to point B.

And even if you have enough strength to do so, the paths change every time due to the extreme climate.

Same goes on if you are mountain biking.

You cannot ride your bike the same way you ride it at low altitude.

There, gravels and rocks are many. You cannot escape them, you have to ride through them while downing some curves and slopes.

The rocks are slippery. You have no other choice than to maintain your trajectory while using your upper body strength in order to move in a straight line.

If you aren’t 100% in your task, you have no chance to survive a ride.

Everything is dangerous in the mountains. Everything.

The higher you are, the less oxygen you breath, the less effective you become.

Some places have a lot of slippery rocks, on which you can easily fall if you don’t pay attention.

Those areas are tough. They are everywhere in the mountains.

You cannot leave your house without preparation.

You always carry a backpack in the mountains.

  • Knife
  • Food
  • Water
  • Basic necessities

You cannot go out into the wild without those things. They are your life insurance.

You’d better have a strong back to carry all these equipment!

Everything is tougher in the mountains

You need more energy for anything.

First, you have less oxygen to perform. Second, the terrain is rocky, tumultuous and do not forgive any error.

Going to the supermarket becomes an expedition while hitting the gym is impossible as there are very few gyms in the mountains.

Driving for an hour to hit the gym isn’t acceptable.

That’s why you need to find alternatives to practice your body.

Are some activities you can practice in the mountains.

Of course, all those activities are tougher in the mountains than in the plains.

Being born in the mountain

Means that you endured those difficulties all your life.

You are stronger than the average Joe because you had much more difficulties to do anything than him.

While he had to drive through a straight line, you have to drive down the mountain to the grocery store.

While he had to walk 200 meters to the gym, you had to craft your own natural gym.

You cannot compare a city man with a mountain man, the mountain man is many, many steps ahead because he had a tough life.

The city man do not know the mountain nor the environment.

He doesn’t know how to survive in tough situations.

He doesn’t know how to gauge his own performance.

Let me tell you that if you overestimate your capacities, you are in serious trouble in mountain.

May you take longer to come back from a trek, you’ll get caught by the night.

Sleeping under the moon may be cool, but that’s definitely not the most comfortable way to pass the night.

Also, you have to know that if you need help, no one is coming for you.

You have to get by yourself.

If you aren’t tough enough, the mountain will easily eat you alive without a second thought.

Being born in the mountains make sure that those situations are common and normal for you while they are apocalyptic scenarios for the city man who doesn’t belong to a tough environment.

Living in the mountain in the surest way to be as healthy as possible while developing your body to its maximal.

Did I mention how pure the air is in the mountain?

I didn’t.

While you have less oxygen, the quality of the air you breath greatly increase as you move up to the highest summit.

Your body works with the air it breathes. Going to the mountain is the easiest way to purify your lungs.

Exploring the mountains

If you never had the chance/opportunity to come and see the mountains, you should definitely make it your next #1 travel.

Moving to the mountain will make sure that you have a lot of challenges to overcome.

If aren’t tough enough?

The mountain will eat you in a single bite!