The weakest dude at the gym

Subj: How to not be the weakest guy at the gym

I received a message on my Quora.

The guy is “demotivated” to hit the gym because he is the weakest dude in the room.

At least that’s what he feels. Chances are that’s wrong.

It makes 8 months that I train and I already saw a lot of things.

The weakest guy that I admired couldn’t bench press the bar.

That’s 20kg.

Good luck to be weaker than this.

When our commenter say that he is the weakest guy in the gym, I don’t believe him.

And even if that was the case, this can be changed fairly easily.

Let’s discuss how you get out of this embarrassing situation.

It doesn’t make you a loser

Being the weakest guy at the gym doesn’t make you a loser.

A loser don’t leave his room where he plays video games non-stop. A loser don’t exercise at all.

He doesn’t practice any sport and surely isn’t familiar with the gym and its members.

Being the weakest guy in the gym doesn’t make you a loser. At worst you look pathetic lifting but you aren’t a loser.

At the very least you are trying to improve your strength by going to the gym, which is already a good point.

Much better than a loser who wouldn’t consider going to the world given all the gold of the world

Fun fact: Hitting the gym doesn’t make you special. You are still a guy among many.

Looking at the problem with the worst angle possible

OK, you are the weakest guy in the gym.

It also means that you are the guy who can make the most progress over years in the gym.

Different perspective and you change the problem into a solution.

Sure, you won’t become a beast overnight, but you’ll do it.

Step by step, pound by pounds you’ll build your muscles.


This is how you get rid of this awful title.

Either you cry like a baby, make excuse and never come again or you take yourself by the horns and get to your craft.

If you are the first kind of person, leave this website immediately.

We don’t want babies in our community.

We only want winners!

If you are ready to do what it takes to not be the weakest guy in the gym, we can start right now.

The followings paragraphs are solutions, ranging from the worst to the best.

Find another another gym with weaker people

This is by far one of the worst solution you can find.

Going to another gym WILL NOT solve your problem. If you are weak, you’ll still be weak a thousands miles away.

You are not going to become super strong because you jumped from one gym to another.

Plus, you are moving away from the problem. You aren’t fighting, you are fleeing the problem.

That’s a solution that only losers would consider.

Not that you won’t get results. That’s for your self-esteem, your ego.

How can you believe that you are a killer, a threat if you have to move change your gym because you are the weakest guy out of there?

What would everyone else tell you?

Boooh go away loser!

Train at unconventional hours until you get strong enough

Better. Not the most optimal solution.

You are still fleeing the situation. Sure, you won’t be the weakest guy at the gym if you are alone. You’ll also be the strongest.

But… tell me, what’s the point of hitting the gym if you do it all alone?

If you have not a metrics to compare yourself with others?

If you are doing it just because you don’t want to be the weakest guy in the room?

I’m being honest with you, being the weakest guy in the gym isn’t a disease. It’s temporary.

If you are consistent enough, if you keep a schedule then you shouldn’t stay the weakest guy.


Because you are going to grow, to make gains. And other people will join the gym.

Chances are that some of them will be weaker than you.

Will it help you to know that you aren’t the weakest guy in the gym? Maybe.

Even if you find weaker people, you’ll still be as weak as you are right now.

So no, this is isn’t the best option.

Practice another sport before hitting the gym

Speaking of an authentique solution here.

If you are good at playing a sport, you aren’t weak. You cannot be weak and be good at a sport, those two are incompatibles.

We are speaking of sports which promote muscle gains here. No, chess, archery and other similar sports won’t turn you into a beast.

Swimming and climbing are you two best options out there.

I practice both occasionally. Swimming around once per week and indoor climbing 4/5 times per year.

So yeah, I know what I’m talking about.

Swimming is a good alternative to start putting some weight on your skeleton.

Just practice the crawl. It’s the easiest way to get stronger. You should improve at everything requiring your chest.

Fun fact: Swimming will help you recover at the gym. It will also make your chest look bigger.

Climbing is similar to swimming except that you build your agility.

Practicing climbing indoor or outdoor is the easiest way to master all the movements of your body and to improve your balance while building muscle.

If I had the choice, I would start with climbing.

Practicing another sport before hitting the gym is a fighting solution. You aren’t fleeing the problem anymore, you are taking care of it.

This is definitely a solution if you are the weakest guy at the gym at the moment.

Getting good at swimming, climbing or any other activity will add to your self-esteem, making it easier to hit the gym.

Even if you feel that you are the weakest guy in the room.

Hit the gym anyway

There is absolutely no reason to not hit the gym, even if you are weak.

The first objective of hitting the gym is to get stronger.

It’s all your head. No one gives a damn that you are the weakest guy at the gym.

And those who do? They aren’t worth talking to.

If someone is busy looking at the weakest guy in the gym, then he isn’t going to reap any gains.

No benefits come from looking at someone who is behind you. You’d better look at the guy ahead of you and learn from him rather than mocking the weakest guy in the gym.

Note that no one will look down at you. When I see a beginner, I help him. Often that’s because he is doing mistake that could harm him.

There is no reason not to hit the gym, EVEN if you believe that you are the weakest guy in the gym.

It makes no sense to refuse to get stronger because you are weak.

That’s like refusing to eat because you are hungry. Would you do this?

Would you keep at a low level simply because you are a low level and cannot improve?

Well, I’m telling you.

Hit the gym 4/5 days per week, eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and wait a solid 3 months.

You’ll get results, you’ll be stronger.

Do you lack motivation?

I got what you need.

Imagine that you are into a battle royale, something similar to hunger games.

Would you last long as the weakest player?

You wouldn’t. You would die within hours.

Upgrade your level, be ready to fight.

Be the beast.

Write again soon,