Third person character lifestyle

Life is a game.

The most complete of them all.

Life is an open world. You can do whatever you want.

There are thousands of quests everywhere. Some never done before.

You can move, jump and run everywhere in this world, you can do whatever you want.

Life is amazing in its possibilities.

One day you may be totally normal. The other day you can be the king of the world.

Things move. The world clearly wants to change, and that’s what we grasp.

A lot of change. Quick changes are surrounding us.

If you are willing to participate in these quests, you can.

Either you join a team already pursuing these goals or your build them alone.

We live in an amazing game.

Everything is possible at every instant.

Who are you in this game?

The first-person player? Or the third person planner?

The first-person player sees through his eyes.

He reacts to what his outside of his body. The player does.

He fights, he builds, he claims.

Survival of the fittest!

He is there to accomplish is mission, whatever it is.

The planner is another guy.

He is behind the scene. He doesn’t really exist. That’s just a person that I invented.

Check in.

When you play a game, you aren’t the main character. But you have full control over him. You can tell him to jump, to crawl or to kill. He will execute without any hesitation.

The planner is the one who gives order to the player.

If you aren’t the planner of your character, then your brain is the planner.

This come with some problems.

In some far ancient tribal societies, it was perfect.

Men needed personality and strength. The fight-fear reaction was perfectly adapted, it enabled any man to handle any situation.

Right now, it doesn’t work that much.

Did you recently meet a threat in the street?

Chances are that you didn’t. And that you never will.

We live in a society of peace. Everyone prefer to be “friend” rather than opponent. Even if we don’t know who are our neighbor, we don’t want to fight them to take over their territory.

Tell this to a caveman and he would kill you just for this kind of thoughts.

It doesn’t work like this anymore.

You can’t go out, fight someone, kill him and take his territory. Nop.

This worked a long time ago. If you try this right now you would go to the nearest prison without receiving any raise. Sorry.

Chances are that this idea never passed through your head.


We live in a civilized world where intelligence is more appreciated than violence.

This mean that your tribal brain has some problems to adjust.

  • The fight/fear system doesn’t help us in social interactions
  • It’s impossible to gain more territory by being the most violent guy
  • You must use your intelligence instead of your strength to win

That’s when playing as the third-person character becomes perfectly perfect.

When your mind becomes the planner and your body the executor, similar to what is when you play a video game, then everything becomes clearer.

The planner has some goal for his player.

He wants him to be the very best. He wants him to conquer the world, he wants him to rank high in the social hierarchy and he want him to destroy all his opponents.

Or maybe the planner wants to live in a fake world, full of unicorns, candies, drugs and social medias which distracts the planner from getting things done in the real world.

The planner is the guy who chooses everything. From what you wear to what you do in your days.

This planner can either be your brain if you are wired on automatic pilot or it can be your mind, meaning that you have control on your player.

Like the planner, you have a controller on which you can play and tap to make move or jump your character.

Sounds strange?

Picture yourself like a god who have full control over your body. Imagine that you are behind-above your body.

You become a god. A god which have full control over your body.

Meaning that the god tells, the body obey.

Without any hesitation.

This is very strange when you just start.

However, this is powerful. You don’t have any excuse!

Either you follow what your god – the planner – tells you or you don’t.

Your body is the main character while your planner gives him order.

How to maximize your new power

Use it permanently.

Drive your life with a god behind. This god is you.

You are powerful, yet just differentiate your body and your mind.

That’s what this method is all about.

A body to conquer.

A mind to play.

The mind is there to drive the body where the body wants to go.

Because the body is nothing in itself. Just a sack of meat. Everyone hates sack of meat because they are worthless.

But when you add a magical mind behind it, this sack of meat becomes smart enough to listen to it.

Your body instantly follows what’s above himself.

This is you. Your mind.

I understand that ti’s tough to grab this concept of being your mind and your body at the same time.

Think of it like being conscious of yourself.

You are your mind, and your body at the same time. The mind control the body. The body obey to the mind.

There are no other way around.

If the body doesn’t obey the mind, then the body will lose.

It’s impossible for a body alone to win.

Listen to your mind.

Make the distance.

Whenever you can, get conscious of this fact. Use your mind to control your body.

Another way to boost the power of this tactic is to be extremely objective wth your mind.

It’s easy to over-judged something. It’s easy to get emotional. Yet, this is the easiest way to fall behind.

Your body can be emotional.

Your mind shouldn’t get this idea.

Not even close to it.

Whatever happen, your head must stay cool.

Whatever is in front of you, the most beautiful girl, a cobra or death. You must react the same exact way.

Even if your life is endangered.

It’s not about being able to handle the situation.

It’s about being objective.

Nothing changes. You are still facing an opponent.

Guess what? You’ll crush this opponent because you are stronger than him. No matter who he is.

This is all in the mind, this is what it takes to keep your head cool at every second of your life.

Mastering this ability to objectivity is the strongest improvement you can make.

Don’t stay behind, become objective.

Whatever will happen today, you’ll be in your bed later today. Why do you even worry about what may happen?

Chances are that it will never happen.

What is sure is that you’ll sleep tonight, and that should be enough to keep you running the whole day.

Know what makes you feel emotional

Is that food?

Is that girls?

Is that fear of death?

Find a remedy. Don’t get stuck.

It’s easy to stay behind. It’s easy to live a simple life.

It’s hard to be the very best. It’s hard to compete every single day for the cup of the very best.

Don’t get stuck in your thoughts.

Your mind should only be there to rule over your body.

Nothing else.

Don’t let it spin endlessly. It’s not a hamster.

Your mind is the commander, your body is the executor.

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily” Napoleon Bonaparte

Don’t stay behind. Do what it takes to improve your game.

Do what it takes to get what you want.

Get a schedule, write your activities there if that’s necessary.

Wake up earlier if you don’t have enough time in a day.

Rest more if you are too tired. I shouldn’t be here to tell you all of this.

In a nutshell, separate your body from your mind.

The body is the weapon, the mind is the warrior.

With this you can conquer absolutely anything.

It’s like playing a game in real life.

Your mind tells, your body execute.

It cannot be simpler.