Most top gamers have it easy in life.


Didn’t I tell you that gaming isn’t great for you, that you should do something with a higher return of investment and that you should stay away from a TV, a PS4 and every other kind of gaming apparels?

Chances are that I told you this.

In fact, this is what I believed for a long time.

However, playing *some* games cannot be bad for you.

Take this simple example, most top gamers have it easy in life in general.

Don’t you spot the relationship?

Gaming requires:

  • Discipline
  • Work
  • Strategy
  • Consistency
  • Obsession
  • Skill
  • Patience

Well, what does succeeding in life requires? The exact same compounds.

If you are a pro gamer, chances are that you developed at least some of these compounds which translates directly to success.

In fact, to succeed in a game is the same exact shit as succeeding in real life.

The only difference? Your accomplishments are not real.

Beating the last level of a game will bring you nothing in real life.

No awards, no popularity, nothing.

While making money online will bring you a rush of adrenaline and dopamine boosted with testosterone. This is what I call my motivation.

Playing games is okay if you have nothing more meaningful to do in the moment. Hint: You can practically always have more interesting shit to do.

I could be playing right now, I could.

But writing this article is more important than playing, at least for me.

Playing won’t bring me anything except the 7 bigs.

Well, that’s not negligible.

But that’s not tangible.

I won’t get rich by playing games.

I could, but that’s not the way that I chose.

Writing my articles is more important for my long term goal.

And so, should you do what is more important for your goal before playing games.

I have nothing against games.

Games can teach you a lot of things, I even learned how to sell by playing games.

Plus, they have some insane soundtracks that I often listen too!

Don’t get me wrong, games are great.

You can even make money playing games or developing them.

However, most of us won’t pursue this road.

Making money playing game is a tough road.

  • You must have an amazing personality
  • You must be talented on a POPULAR game – top 1 percentile
  • You must be ready to give up your normal life and most of your hobbies to play

If that’s your big goal, then go for it.

Build a twitch channel, gather viewers and go in Youtube to monetize your fan base.

This is the best road. Also one of the toughest.

The video game industry is extremely competitive.

You must stand out in every point of view if you want to have a chance to pierce.

Now, it is possible to get whatever you want without playing a single game.

If you don’t plan to make money from video games, you have no reason to play them at all.

Why video games have a bad reputation

The problem comes from the players.

See, usually a top player will succeed in life because he developed his 7 bigs by playing.

Not everyone build these compounds by playing, some get them naturally over time, others work hard to master them and so on

However, most people will never acquire them.

They don’t  have a vision.

All they will do is play games to be “entertained”.

Seriously, this is why most people play games.

It’s no different than why people watch the TV.

If you have another purpose for when you play games than simply getting entertained then you are already winning.

All losers simply play games because they have no other activities to do.

They get their dopamine rush from games.

It’s crappy.

You can play games as long as you have a lot of healthy activities and that you don’t solely rely on games to get your rushes.

The big problems of most games isn’t the game in itself.

Most multiplayers game encourage competitiveness and ownership. If you make a mistake in a game like League of Legend you have to assume it for the rest of the party which is about 45 minutes long. An early mistake can cost you the game, meaning that you must recognize your errors to avoid making them again and again.

The problem of games is that most players are average people.

They have no goals, they don’t lift, they don’t study, they don’t have a business, they have nothing except these games.

No wonder that they get emotional when they play games because it is their sole source of status.

Remove games from their life and they are lost.

It is the main compound of their life, everything else becomes minor.

When you put something on a pedestal it is no surprise that you get broken down when the pedestal fall.

That is what happens when they realize that they can’t play games for the rest of their life.

It becomes impossible to suppress this feeling, that is why they get stuck in the fantasy of playing games.

When you have nothing to do, everything becomes of interest. This happens when you don’t have any other activity.

Either you choose to assume you mistake, that you lost X years of your life playing games without purpose. Or you persist by playing more and more.

The second is the choice of many gamers.

The problem comes from those who play games, not the game themselves.

Of course they can get addictive if you have nothing else to do in your life, as any other substance or item.

Lack of diversity bring this on the table!

Now, let’s discuss seriously.

The average player sucks at life because he is the average human.

Not because he plays games. Because he is basic.

He doesn’t have any physical activities, he doesn’t have a social life and doesn’t have any interest in business whatsoever.

With all these characteristics it becomes impossible to succeed at life.

Then, “society” blames games for destroying the youth while the youth is already destroyed before playing games.

See, an extraordinary player will do just fine in any circumstance in life.

He doesn’t suck. Even if he plays game day long.

Games don’t break people, people break people.

You cannot tell that playing games are bad for many people because many people sucked at life before even playing a game.

See where I’m going?


Now, why does life become simple if you are a top player?

We already discuss the many benefits that one can get by playing games at a top level.

I don’t see a lot of disadvantage except the use of their time.

But, if those are professional and are paid for playing at their highest level, I don’t see why it should be considered bad to practice what they are good at 10+ hours a day.

That’s what every businessman does every day. Nothing fancy nor eccentric.

Most top gamers even lift.

They aren’t your average man.

This is why they can get away, even if they play games for 10+ hours a day.

This isn’t a hobby anymore.

They don’t play to get entertained.

They play because that’s how they pay their bills

It becomes their job, their mission and their goal.

One can argue that it isn’t real at all.

But their money is real, they get money playing games while you don’t.

Why is that?

Because they are amazingly talented at doing what they do.

They play games like no one else.

It’s the same as being an extreme sportsman.

The sole difference is the skill practiced.

While a sportsman must workout daily to improve his strength, a top gamer must play games and do trainings in order to improve his mental capacity.

He doesn’t need to lift weights. He needs to be swifter than anyone with a mouse. If that’s what get’s you paid, why shouldn’t you be maximizing it?

In a nutshell, gaming at a top level is very similar to business.

You become more than a person, you become a brand and a symbol. Something and someone that inspires respect.

Okay, this activity isn’t as manly as lifting weights.

But playing a game more efficiently than 99% of the players is a sure sign of intelligence.

No matter what everyone says, playing games can be a job as you embody the role of a public figure by being a e-sportsman.

Games don’t ruin people, people ruin people.

Remember this!

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