Top sports every man must have practiced at least once

Men and sports, what a love story!

You cannot speak of men without speaking of sports.

I don’t speak about what you see on the big screen of death – TV – but the sports you actually practice.

There is a huge difference between practicing and looking at someone practicing a physical activity.

Guess what?

Those who watch only are losers. Those who practice are winners.

Here is the top sports every man should have practiced at least once.

If you haven’t practiced all of these sports, then write it down on your I’m-going-to-conquer-list

Weight lifting

The original discipline founded by Chad himself.

Men lift heavy weights in order to get stronger.

It’s the most efficient sport to build steel strong muscle while increasing your overall stamina.

Weight lifting comes with a lot of healthy benefits that you want to grab as soon as possible.

If there is one sport that every man should definitely practice, it’s weight lifting.

More than making you stronger, it changes the way other people perceive you and this is a must in any social situation.

Remember, the most intimidating guy has always an edge over his competitors.

If you aren’t already weight lifting practically everyday, this is the first habit I recommend you to build.

In 3 months, you’ll have superior muscles and will be able to perform moves you didn’t thought was possible.

Bonus point: You meet cool guys at the gym

Mountain biking

Probably the most dangerous sport on the list, but also the most thrilling.

Mountain biking is taking your bike with you in the mountains and riding there.

Slopes, curves and obstacles are on the path. You must overcome them all while riding your way to the finish line.

You can ride practically any mountain with a decent bike, which makes the discipline extremely fun.

The mountains you hike on, you can down them with your mountain bike.

As opposed as a common believe, mountain biking is tough.

You don’t have the right to make a mistake. The least error you make can kill yourself.

It also requires you to have self-control of your body and balance to pass each and every obstacle.

Bonus point: You learn how to adjust your plan on real time, priceless


The most energy demanding sport on this list.

Men enjoy fighting, that’s why boxing figures on this list.

Whether you believe me or you don’t, men are born to fight. If they can’t fight physically, then they have to find another way.

  • Video games
  • Sports
  • Business

Boxing is a noble sport in which the players take part in a 1v1 hand-fight.

If you never fought, you cannot imagine how much energy it requires to resist and give punches to your opponent.

The real value in this sport is the 1 versus 1 part.

You are playing against an opponent and only the best can win.

No mistakes allowed, or you’ll get hurt.

Bonus point: Boxing builds an insane stamina


Men’s sport by excellence.

Rugby is a mix of vigor, strength and determination.

Without a rock solid body and a bullet proof mind, you stand no chance against the opposing team.

As any competitive sports, there is something attractive in it.

Competitiveness rises the best in men. Rugby makes no exception to this rule.

Rugby can be played at very high levels where only the strongest have a chance to win.

You’d better not be a weakling if you are going to play rugby!

Bonus point: A tough mind is necessary


Moving as fast as possible on your two legs.

Sprinting is the ultimate core training. It trains your endurance and your strength.

You cannot be weak if you are good at sprinting. It’s the top sport to practice in order to have a lazy-proof body.

If you can move from A to B with a speed of 30 km/h, then you are faster than a car.

Imagine that your body becomes an engine to power your sprint!

Sprinting pushes you to your very best. Being good at sprinting, is being good at handling stress on your body.

Do not neglect sprinting because it looks like an exercise.

Sprinting is a real sport you can practice and get better at.

For more difficulty, try uphill sprinting.

Bonus point: Ideal to build a resilient body


Training your body to work in an oxygen-restricted environment.

Swimming is a simple sport. You move from point A to point B in the water using the technique you want.

No matter how you do it, the goal is to swim as fast as possible from A to B.

You can also play the stamina card by swimming for hours until you cannot swim anymore.

It won’t develop your muscles as weight lifting does, but it will make sure that you grow big pecs.

Swimming is fun to practice and  don’t require you to be extremely good at it. Also, you cannot hurt yourself while swimming.

It’s the safest sport on the list.

Bonus point: You become really good at breathing


Precision at its finest.

Archery is one of the calmest sport you can take part in.

It doesn’t require you to be strong nor to have an insane stamina.

Archery is a game of accuracy and judgement.

You must find the line to unleash your arrow which faces the distance and the wind.

It takes time to learn the different efforts applied on the arrow, making it a real challenge to hit the target right into the middle.

Archery is the sport you practice again and again everyday to progress a little bit.

You cannot be good at archery if you didn’t train for hours!

Bonus point: Archery improves your patience and add to your accuracy and judgement

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