How to walk more – even with a busy lifestyle

In a day, you should walk, walk, walk.

There is a quick quote based on what a physician experienced and it can’t be more true.

“A body at rest will tend to rest. A body in motion will stay in motion”

Thank’s Newton for this golden piece of advice.

What does it mean?

Not shaking your body is a form of disease. If you don’t do anything, then your body can’t function properly. Kind of like a car. Let her stay in the garage for several years without driving and the beast won’t kick off. And no, telling that “I’ll do it later” doesn’t count as a work out! That’s called procrastination and that’s a disease you must stay away from!

Actually, getting shit done is way easier than what you think.

Crawl, walk, run, fly

An achievable goal for everyone is to walk over 8000 steps per day. It seems like a lot, it isn’t. On a busy day, I’m up to 20 000 steps. That’s a lot harder than 8000. I believe that everyone can easily reach 8000 steps per day.

It doesn’t take much motivation to go out. You open the door, walk for 30 minutes and BAM! + 4000 steps on the counter. That’s as simple as walking. Literally.

Life is a game. It shouldn’t be a pain to achieve what you want. Take advantage!

What if I’m busy?

You may think that being busy is an excuse. I understand. The last 4 days in a row, I hadn’t more than 30 minutes to relax per day. And that’s completely fine with walking up to 10 000+ steps. There are no excuses. If you don’t walk that’s only your bad. Don’t look at me with those eyes.

It’s up to you to change your habits in order to get what you want. I’m cannot do it for you.

You have to take ownership and develop your methods to walk those steps.

So how do you walk on with a busy lifestyle?

  • When I’m ahead of time at the bus station, I walk to the next bus stop. This way I walk more than 500 meters every time I take the bus. I’m quite unlucky. I always wait for the bus. Now I always walk for the bus. It’s one of my best idea!
  • You usually have 2 hours for lunch. Else your boss isn’t nice with you. It doesn’t take 2 hours to eat. When I don’t know what to do with this time/don’t want to write then I go out for a walk. It’s always at least 30 minutes. If you repeat it everyday it will become an habit which is very easy to maintain. Don’t waste your lunch time, go out for a walk
  • Your total steps are made of a lot of small walks. When you are going somewhere, never take the shortcut. If you are ahead of time, then take a longer path so you don’t waste your time and keep walking. Remember that whatever you do – exception made for TV, and some jobs – you increase the counter. Rest the least possible!
  • Call someone. I can’t stand in place so when I have someone at the end of the wire I always walk around. It’s kind of innate
  • When I’m waiting but can’t do anything else, I perambulate around. It’s an easy tactic to improve your daily steps
  • Climb the stairs. They are like mini mountains
  • Include mountain running in your routine!
  • Make sure that when you can reach the destination by paws, you do it
  • If you hit the gym, use cardio machine to walk. Note: to make more of your time, listen to some podcasts/watch videos
  • Get a pedometer. It gives the number of steps that you walk everyday. That’s a huge boost, it’s like a challenge to beat your record!
  • Walk at night/early morning. I love this feeling of loneliness. When I’m alone on a Saturday morning, walking while looking at the sunrise I feel amazed. Same for the quiet of the night, it’s a priceless experience
  • It won’t count as steps, but that’s related. Go for a standing desk. When I’m on my flat I practically never sit, exception made when I eat
  • Walk to grab a coffee/glass of water. It’s super easy, yet no one think about it
  • Have a job that require you to walk a lot.

Random tips around walking

  • Walking promotes weight loss
  • Walking is like cardio. You don’t need to run to train your heart
  • Buy comfortable and adapted choose for your walks. Note: Don’t want to change your shoes? Get walk-soles and put them in your shoes.
  • If you are a great walker you should have at least two pairs of shoes. Swap daily. That’s for your foot’s health
  • Walk aggressively 

How often do you walk?