Launching a website building business

After the t-shirts, polo and the awesome Life is a Game ebook, I’m moving onto something else.

This time, it won’t be a simple addition to Nerdow. It’s something 100% different – here’s the complet project, in french:

As you know, I’m a french 19 years old who writes on Quora and on his website. That’s my main “hobby” if you want to call it like that. It’s something I do to earn a bit of money and also for fun. I really enjoy writing and can’t spend a day without writing. Once I’m in, I’m in and I can write for hours without problems.

The sole “hic” is that I must rewind articles, but that’s more for another time.

Let’s come back to the subject: Launching a website building business.

Through all the years that I’m building websites – 3 years – I acquired a lot of knowledge on this industry.

  • Show off website – every startup website
  • Blog website – this one
  • E-commerce website – a part of Nerdow
  • Custom website – more complex

I learned how to make all those types of the website while working for myself. In fact, it’s even super easy to do so. As long as you have an online presence, you must know how to handle a website. That’s not a bonus, that’s a requirement.

With these years I learned a lot on the internet and can easily craft a good looking website in under a few hours depending on the quality/industry the website requires. 

With this in mind, I can craft websites easily. Now… who needs website?


I live in a small-medium size town by France’s standards. It’s about 30,000 inhabitants. Nothing enormous.

I also live near Metz, which is much larger with 120,000 inhabitants.

In both cities, some people have brick and mortar businesses. Just by going out in the street you can find hundreds of them.

I checked them out on the Internet.


80% of them all don’t have a website at all.

10% have a bad looking website with major issues.

10% have good looking and functions website.

Worst. 60%+ of these businesses have very few information on them online. Their google card isn’t filled. Basically, they don’t exist on the internet.

Can you imagine a brick and mortar business without internet?

It’s losing clients day in and day out because competitors have a website and they don’t.

50% of people check the internet before buying things. If you aren’t on the internet if you don‘t have a website or one that sucks, what images do you display to your clients?

“I’m not serious. Websites aren’t mandatory”.

Yet you lose up to 50% of your potential clients because you neglect your internet image. That’s a mess. A bloodbath.

A website doesn’t need to be complex. A good-looking picture, a catchy title, some products, and some prices. That’s everything the average viewer wants to know about a business.

Now, Imagine all the money these businesses are losing money because they have zero internet presence. I can tell the story because I build things on the internet. You can also because you read/write things on the internet and know why/how it’s important to be there.

Most people are on the internet, if they can’t find your business there… very few will find it.

A major problem arises.

Local brick’n mortar website are simple to rank on Google

Just create a webpage with the same domain as the business you want to rank and you’ll already be on the first page of google for the business name query.

Add 2 pages and 1 month of existence and your website will rank #1.

It’s super easy to make SEO for brick’n mortar local businesses. They don’t ask for much, all they want is exposure or views, like anyone else.

You can give them a lot of exposure by bringing them on top of google for several queries.

Bonus point: Add the localization + type of business when you try to rank their page. I.E. San-Francisco butcher [ButcherName] will be super easy for Google to figure out. When you do a search on mobile, it “automatically” add the name of your city in the search bar, even if you can’t see it.

A simple website which uses SSL and show the best products/services of the brick’n mortar business would definitely do the job.

On top of that, I also figured at that 50% of the local business near my place don’t have any way to contact them online.

You must call or send them a letter  – seriously?! It would be much easier to have a contact page with a contact form on a website. Or just an email address.

The bare minimum would be to have their Google Card up to date. Unfortunately, the average brick’n mortar business owner isn’t good with internet things.

That’s where our opportunity lies.

Those services are easy to provide and can actually benefit the brick’n mortar business.

My new business idea is to create websites for these brick’n mortar local business.

Why create websites for brick’n mortar local business?

  • Solves the lack of exposure problem
  • Adds a lot of information on the web
  • Drives people to their website
  • Bring additional information to potential customers
  • Increase the perceived value of the business
  • Makes it more likely for other local business to get their own website

On top of all these benefits, you can bring a lot of additional services to these businesses – most of them can be outsourced through fiver or similar websites

Assuming that you manage their website, why don’t you manage their…

  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Brand image

Wouldn’t that make a great opportunity?

There are tons of brick and mortar business near your place, aren’t they?

Identify them. Call them. Market them.

Sell them a business website and make money on this.

You solve a problem for them – a huge problem. You bring them more clients and you make friends on top of that.

Wouldn’t it be great if every business of your town got a website from you?

Think about it.

How much money would that make?

A lot?

Get started. Build your own digital website agency and see how far you can go!

Points I forgot to mention in the article

  • It’s one time work, unlimited recurring income – you sell a subscription to the website for maintenance, updates, security…
  • You set up your prices. As high or as low as you want
  • It’s one of the easiest business you can start. It requires no funding. All you need is a website to showcase your work, accept payments with PayPal and drive trust in your brand
  • You need to contact a load of brick’n mortar business to convince them
  • You must handle your own marketing. You need exposure to clear sales
  • You must cold-call, cold-mail or cold-visit the business owner to convince them
  • You can offer a free prototype for there website
  • For the business who already have a website, ask for their admin login and edit directly on it – harder sales
  • You can’t make any grammar mistakes. Instantly kills your credibility

You want me to design your website? Send me a mail!

Pricing: 50$/month

Quality similar to