What I learned from playing multiple games

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What I learned from playing multiple games

6th December 2017 Old Nerdow 0

Games are part of my life. I love them. Games make me live different adventures every time. While most self-improvement writers would say: “Damn, you play video games. What an average guy”, I strongly disagree with this advice.

Games are huge. They come with various shapes and colors. Not a single one look like another one. Try them, play them. Games shouldn’t be vilified because they are “stultifying”. It depends:

  • What type of games you play
  • How much you play — 10 hours per day isn’t healthy, sorry

Some games look pretty stupid from an outsider point of view. Take the Call of Duty series. It’s full of violence. You have a gun, look at the enemy and push repetitively a single button to shoot bursts of deadly bullets. The fight lasted 1.115 second.

Games aren’t simple

Sounds dumb? Sounds simple? It isn’t, and I’m not even a fan of these games. First when you play a shooter, you must find an opponent in a huge map full of cool decorations. It takes time and strategy. The one who find the other one already have an edge over him. Fights are short, one second too late and it may be lethal. It requires full focus. This mean that top players know the maps by heart. From every spawn to every decoration in the map. Through which one is it possible to shoot? Can you create shortcuts? And many more questions come to the mind of a gamer when he plays these games. That’s only the start. I didn’t speak about the customization of your arsenal nor of the diversity of perks that you can gather to develop your own strategies.

Let’s come up to the main subject. You noticed it, I love games. I played a lot. I have a “rare” experience in gaming that helps me to see the environment around us as different from you and the other one.

That’s what I speak about in Life Is Game.

It’s not innate. I learned this skill. I learned it by playing games. Now it’s time to export this in real life and take advantages of the various advantages that I have over the common man.

I played Minecraft

It was back in the good old days, when I was younger. I wasn’t alone. We were 5 guys playing on a cubical world in a server. We were already very aggressive. Proof? We always played on Player versus Player servers.

Usually when you think about Minecraft, buildings and huge environments pop out in your head. That wasn’t my case. When I hear Minecraft, I still remember competitions, power and fights. I still remember my base. I remember this very precisely, up to the pixel.

That’s when I first learned about strategy. Strategy in Minecraft? More than you can imagine. From productivity to defenses, Minecraft is a game based on an important spectrum. Ignore one part of it and you are doomed. Some players will find a way to pierce your castle and steal all your items. Hopefully, you can become a master and steal from the others while learning all the mechanics of the game.

I played League of Legend

And I still play LoL. It’s one of my favorite game, even if the community isn’t great to interact with. Do you want to find haters? Do you want to test your self-esteem? Do you want to test how calm you can be? Then play LoL. League of legend a big test for your nerves. If you don’t “tilt” like a pinball machine after 50 games, then you are surely a pro at meditation. There is no other way.

I’m done with the bad feedback. Here come what’s interesting. Lol gives you more than 140 different characters to master in an infinity of battles. You can play a support, be the tank rushing in the middle of the battlefield or simply shot arrows from far away with your ranger.

It’s up to you to choose who you play and for what reason. Maybe you are a strategist so you prefer to organise the attacks. That’s fine. Take a tank-support and lead your team to victory. It’s up to you to define the way you play. Unfortunately, it’s a team game. Meaning that you can’t do anything if your mates don’t follow you.

That’s the black beast of LoL. You can have a lot of fun or hate the game depending on who is in your team. Unfortunately, many players are toxic and don’t do anything to give you a cool experience. If you still care of what random-strangers tell to you, this game isn’t for you. However, if you want to improve your self-control, play league of legend. You will see what I mean by “toxic-community”

I played 3D Mario games

Moving from platform to platform in New Donk City

From Mario Sunshine to Mario Galaxy 2. That’s my favorite style of game. The only goal is to reach the end of the level by traveling through it. Some levels are simple, others are harder. It depends on a lot of factors. What I enjoy is that you never run out of new gameplay ideas. It challenges your mind. You must keep up to date with all the power ups that you can collect and find a way to solve some puzzle.

Even if that’s not the main goal of this game, it gives you a lot of challenges. You can try various jump and see where it lands you. Or you can explore the world around you. The exploration is what Odyssey is based on. This game is an invitation to curiosity. I watched some videos on it and learned a lot. That’s not because it’s a game that it is useless for you as a person. For example, on Mario Odyssey there are a lot of bonus level/moon that you can only find if you are curious. If you aren’t, then it’s impossible to clear the game. That’s not all. On most of these secrets level there are also some secrets that you can discover if you search well. Mario Odyssey teaches you how to be curious. If you don’t, you won’t enjoy it at his full potential.

I played Dofus

Dofus is an online MMORPG where the goal is basically to do whatever you want. You can learn some jobs, fight a lot of monsters, craft items, interact, improve your character… It’s up to you to choose your goal – It’s the same as Wakfu. I already discussed about this game on money’s perspective.

It sounds like every other MMORPG. A huge waste of time. Fortunately, it’s not the case. This game taught a lot on how to sell, how to relate with others and the basics of economy. That’s where I learned most of my knowledge in sales.

You can either rely on yourself to make your character rich and never worry about money anymore or you can simply struggle during the whole game to find cheap items to put on your character. Trust me, the difference is epic. It’s impossible to be competitive in this game if you don’t have enough money to buy equipment. That’s why you must learn how to sell, what to produce, how to make people buy from you… It’s a lot.

Usually to learn sales, people go in real life and try to convince other people to buy from their stock. While it’s way better to interact with people face on face, it’s a non-negligible part of sales to sell online. It requires different skills that you surely can’t emulate if you are a beginner. That’s why using some games to learn how to sell isn’t a bad idea.

I played Chess

A monster of complexity. By playing Chess I learned that the one with the most knowledge always win. Always. No exceptions.

Chess isn’t all about logic as I thought for too long. Most top players are memory’s masters. They learn by heart a lot of openers and a lot of situation. The more they are exposed to them, the easier it becomes to take advantage of these situations. They know by heart the winning scheme.

That’s where it gets tricky. If both players know the winning scheme, who is going to win? The one who can use his memory and his logic at the same time.

I learned about it the hard way. Chess isn’t all about logic. Chess is about repetition. I played on website specialized on chess. They handle a lot of games with great players. On 100 games, I won 2 of them. And that was because they didn’t play…

I don’t believe that all those 100 players were smarter than me. The chance is very low. What I believe is that they all played way more games than I. They learned the combinations, cracked the rules and won by knowing a lot more than me. Chess isn’t all about logic. The more you play, the more scene you are exposed to. This mean that you know how to react to more positioning, translating an easier win.

I played multiple phone games

And they were all then same. Different texture, different characters. Same goal: make you spend a lot by frustration. You can’t play as much as you want, you can’t unlock as much character as you want, you can’t…

Those games taught me that frustration Is how you make people crack for your stuff. You show them how badly they need your items and then, it’s way simpler to sell them even the most mundane item.

That’s the same when you absolutely need something. It’s frustration. You need something but can’t get it. And next to you there is a trader with it.

Let’s say that you are lost in the desert. It makes 4 hours that you are out of water. Out of a sudden, you see a stand with some jars of bottle to sell. They are really overpriced. Let’s 10€ for a glass of water. Unfortunately, you need the water more than the money.

You will buy this water. Whatever the price. The reduction of the pain is worth more than your money, that’s why you buy. The same happen in these phone games. I won’t name them, you already know them…

I played the Binding of Isaac

One of the strangest game on earth. It’s a rogue-like. Let’s say that you are on a maze and want to go deeper in it. At each level you need to find the stairs to visit the next level. This is why you travel through the maze.

In Isaac it’s way stranger than this. Everything is made up with some kind of hazard. The perks that you can get? They are random. The items you find? They are random. The monster you fight? They are random. And so on, everything is made up by some cool-random algorithm.

Actually, it’s the most addictive game that I have ever played. Every time you lose, you want to launch again the machine and see what it has generated for you. The goal is always the same, the process is different each time. The hazardous part makes it so thrilling that you can’t keep your eyes off the screen. It’s like we are addicted to curiosity.

I uninstalled the game, it was better for my sleep and overall wellness. This game was literally made by an evil genius. He found out that people are thrilled by randomness. If you want to make something addictive, add randomness. People will come for more because the hazard is so addictive!

And you, what do you play?


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