What is downhill running ?

I find running boring

It’s jumping from one feet to another one, again and again to get the further possible.

It’s a nice exercise if you want to train your discipline.

In fact, when you run your whole body scream you to stop.

But you have to pursue the effort to bend near the goal.

That’s how you can surpass your own limit.

Running include pain. This is what makes you wanting to do more.

After all, I’m not a running fan. It’s always the same and I don’t like it. Even if I love walking which is kinda the same. Yes, I’m a strange guy after all.

This is a bike downhill path, it’s way easier by foot

What’s downhill running ?

  1. You find a “hill”, it can be a forest or a slope. It doesn’t need to be a mountain.
  2. You climb
  3. You look at the wonderful landscape
  4. Then you run downhill

Extra challenge :  Time your run and try to improve it

Why should you do this ?

  • It improve your stamina. Running downhill is way harder than what you think. It’s easier to climb than to go down.
  • It boost your muscle. Do you often feel that your legs are weak after a run ? Then try this to improve it !
  • It’s a fun alternative to a normal run.
  • You can also climb your way to the top of the “hill”. Of course, it depend of the hill. Not every path is practicable.

Requirements to run downhill :

  • Strong stamina
  • Running shoes or mountain shoes. I prefer mountain choose, your foot are better maintained.
  • Time, usually the hill isn’t near your place
  • Motivation. As for every sport
  • Water, you’ll thank me later.

How do you run downhill ?

Here you can see some slopes and turn
  • Keep in mind that you shoulder shouldn’t – pun intended – move too much. If they do, you are doing it wrong.
  • You must soften the blow you create when jumping using your knee in order to don’t hurt yourself.
  • Also, don’t do it everyday because it’s really intense.

My standard session

The hill isn’t to far from my place. I can reach the summit in 30 minutes by foot which let me run downhill whenever I want – Yes, when I’m bored I run downhill.

I go up the hill. Actually it’s a forest where there is a bunch of different paths. All were made for hardcore bikers. There is a bunch of jumps, strange slopes, hard turn and everything you can think of.

That’s why I love this place to run downhill, it’s a real challenge. It’s pretty hard because the forest is mostly made on sand… so everything slide from time to time.

When you are up, you can watch the course you’ll run. It always seem harder than what it really is.

When you are on the run, don’t forget to breathe. That was my first error. That’s why I had many trouble to end the run.

Breathing manually during exercises will increase your performances

Also some turn are very dangerous, you have to brake if you don’t want to fall.

It’s an hardcore sport if you do it at the right place.

What’s amazing about downhill running is that you don’t need anything special to do it.

Sometimes I don’t know what to do, then I run downhill for my greatest pleasure.

Give it a try to shred fat!

My path to the summit