What stops you from actually doing it? – Money, style, health and relationships

“Hey champion! It’s -2 outside. Today you will hit the gym and write some copywriting mails. Have an excellent day!”

You just read the exact same message that’s blasting in my hears when I wake up in the morning.

And to be frank with you, my official alarm clock blast “I’m sexy and I know it” + the first paragraph above.

Sounds like a cool way to start a day.

And that’s actually what it’s all about.

Without this routine,

*I could probably not hit the gym 6/7 days a week

*I wouldn’t write this much articles

*And I would certainly be boring and depressed


Unfortunately, it’s not today’s subject!

#1 way to get nothing done

First thing first.

I used to struggle with getting problems solved.

I would go on and on from forum to blogs to find a solution to my problems.

Read about it out loud.

And then find *why* the solution wouldn’t work for me.

Talk about the worst plan to tackle your objectives.

But it used to be me.

I would do this for hours EVERY single day.

Talk about a stupid way to handle troubles.

This was a cold harsh time.

I’m sure some of you, young men are reading articles here and there and implementing nothing in your life.

I’ve got nothing against you.

I actually played it safe for too long – just like you!

*And today I’m telling you exactly how to get your hands out of their pockets*

Because there’s something you can do that will change it all.

At first it sounds wacky crazy.

It’s so simple a child could apply it and get insane result.



It requires *you* to actually work. Do things. And worse, be uncomfortable most of the time.

That’s how…

*You’ll build a superb website visitors will come to see from all over the world

*Write mails to business owners convincing them to give you equities

*Develop phone application thousands people will use

*Get in shape without even thinking about it

The one and unique way to get shit done

Start right now.

Forget about this article.

Stop reading.

Start right now.

Whatever “doing it” means to you.

The actual secret is to get started.

You’ll find a way there. Believe me.

What’s about reaching obstacles you can’t surpass?


There’s nothing someone else is doing in this world you can’t replicate – maybe you can’t be the next Michael Jordan, but that’s another subject.

You can do.

Fucking everything.

If 1000+ people are doing it.

Well you can do it too.

And fairly easily.

1000+ people are generating a living on the web.

You can do it. And that’s exactly WHY I’m angry – and you too should be angry.

Anger is a fuel.

And it pushes you forward.

Problems you’ll encounter?

No big deal.

Before starting Nerdow, I had *zero* knowledge on how to manage a website.


Peace of cake – pun intended

My next challenge?

Figure out how to bring more people on Nerdow and how to turn it into a source of income.

Because that’s what matters to me.

And if I can help people on my way to the top? All the better.

Does it mean the quality of my articles is doubtful?

Absolutely not.

Proof being you read down to this point.

Take action

It’s the #1 way to get exactly what you want.

Want to make an income online?

*Study the best at this game.

*Replicate what they are doing.

Want to be jacked?

*Hit the gym 6/7 days a week

*Eat whole foods and more proteins

*Repeat long enough – 3-7 years

*Get jacked

Zero secret.

All the people who are “doing it”.

They have no secret.

They write blogposts after blogposts.

They lift weights religiously while planning their meals weeks ahead of time.

They send coldmails after coldmails.

They do so for years.

Sure, they adapt.

Because they can’t send the same mail twice.

When something stops improving, well they find a solution to it.

When I hit a plateau at the gym, what do I do?

1)Stop lifting weights, it’s going nowhere

2)Change the exercices

3)Talk to someone who experienced the problem

The first point isn’t a solution. It’s pure weakness.

2) and 3) are acceptable.


It’s taking action.

You have a problem. You find a solution. You become your own slave if you have to, but you find a solution to the problem. As hard as it can be.

No wall will stop you if you start thinking like this.

Whenever there’s an obstacle, I’ll find a solution.

It’s called taking ownership of your situation.

AKA: be in control.

Big villain in front of you? Great. You break it.

You have to learn coding to set up your website? Great, you do it.

You have to starve yourself to lose some fatty-fat? You stop eating for several hours.

It sounds crazy.

It sounds obsessive.

Because it’s the only solution if you ever want to become somebody with “skin in the game”.

It may sound impossible to you that people say “I’ll do XYZ”.

And they actually do it.

Just this morning I told myself:

“Yannick, you’ll do 500 push ups today”

That’s a bunch of push ups. And you have to be resilient if you want to do them all.

Well, it’s 7 PM and I did them all.

Of course, I added some pull ups because it wasn’t enough to tire me down.

Yeah, I felt tired.

But it wasn’t enough. I had to do more.

I’m sure it sounds crazy to you.

“How can you inflict yourself such a treatment?”

I do it because I respect my words.

Whenever I say that I’ll do something. I actually do it.

I’ve got my voice. The words I tell, I *mean* them.

That’s how it has always been.

And that’s how it should always be.

I know most people don’t live by their words – and forget them within hours.

See new years resolution.

I do live by my words.

When I tell you I’ll call you at 7AM. I do it.

And you can be sure your phone will ring at 7AM. Not a single second later.

It’s a deal with myself.

If a man can’t trust his own words.

How can he believe anyone else’s words?