What to do when you get bored

This week I hadn’t WIFI. I was all alone in my flat without internet. The only occupation that I got came from my studies. I have ~30 hours of courses per week. That’s not much. I only have two hours of courses Thursday and not much more Friday.

Knowing that I don’t have internet, I can’t distract myself the way I did before. Here the list of all the crap that I used to do and that I can’t do for this specific week.

  • I can’t listen to the music I want to listen to using YouTube: Hopefully I got a bit of music on my computer!
  • I can’t write answers on Quora: I must write on the computer before sharing it on the web. I’m writing on Word and I will post this article on the website at the end of the week. Then it will appear later on when the time will come – Read when I won’t have any other article on the move
  • I can’t play video games: No Lol, no Minecraft. Unfortunately, I decided to clean Minecraft from my computer not so long ago. Greatest idea ever! I can only play an old game, Chicken invaders. Trust me, you don’t want to play this game
  • I can’t hit the gym because I got an injury at my wrist. I can’t lift heavy weight nor do pushups for practically one month. Sad for me…
  • I can’t read a book. I already read all my collection so books don’t taste the same anymore
  • I can’t go further in my homework. I already did everything that I could. For the rest I need internet to search information or ask friends about their result. I can’t learn most courses as they are about online videos

No wonders that I’m bored so easily.

I discovered a little fact. It changed the way I see boredom. Now it’s an enemy to avoid more than to fight. Usually when you engage, you can’t win because being bored is already a fail. Let’s not fall behind. Learn how to recognize when you are bored and make the good choices. Don’t let boredom win!

What I learned is that without a planning and a plan, you are nothing. You cannot achieve anything if you let boredom dictate your life!

When you are bored, everything become a distraction

  • The smell of coffee
  • Eating
  • Drinking coffee/tea
  • Cooking
  • The noise in the street
  • Thinking
  • Listening to music in loop
  • Cleaning
  • Thinking about eating
  • Doing nothing

It adds up. These activities become interesting when you don’t have anything else to do. They are all basics but you will start to view them differently if you don’t have anything else to do.

When I’m bored, I’m always feeling hungry. No matter what. I can eat a panini, a pizza or eggs. Even the 3 in the same meal, I’ll still feel empty because I’m bored. That’s the same kind of hungry that you get after leaving the gym. You want to eat. EVERYTHING.

Like if you are a kind of giant with a giant hunger. The problem is that I want to eat while I shouldn’t. I mean, after two standards meals, how can I still be hungry? That’s when my weaknesses start to unveil.

I start to crave sugar. I want to eat crap. Bakeries, sweets and more are all of the game. I urge to eat them. Often, I crack and give it a shot. I learned that this weakness comes from my state: Bored. As I’m always hungry when I get there.

The best solution out there is not to get bored. So, I have to entertain myself. But remember of that I couldn’t do anything except going out. But whenever I go out, I’m practically obliged to look at the bakery. Knowing that I crave sugar, that’s how I crack. I give up. I fail. Shame on me.

I figured out that this came out of boredom. When you don’t have anything to do, you start to do nothing interesting. You start to work against yourself because that’s the only crap that you can do. I want to get my six pack, eating croissants at the bakery won’t help me crush my goal.

What’s your weakness?

When you get bored, what are you doing? Scrolling indefinitely on Facebook? Watching hours of serials? Eating like a giant? Or do you have another weakness?

At one point or another, we all fail against boredom. When you have nothing to do, you have no other choice than to fight directly against your own demons. That’s when they are the strongest. You clearly have nothing else left. You must fight. Sometimes you win. Sometimes your enemy take the win. Meaning that you are losing.

You fought so hard earlier. You worked on your craft, you eat healthy, you wrote on your blog. And then the fight comes in.

Boredom VS You.

I fought this the whole week. I had many constraint and I got easily bored even if I wrote 7000 words in 5 days…

I figured out one or two tricks that works. They look strange, but if you try them, I promise that they will do wonders

  • If you get hungry as I do, you can simply drink a glass of water. It contains 0 calories but will lure your brain that you aren’t empty anymore. It can work up to the next meal! Feel free to drink as much as you need to!
  • If you get lazy, simply go out for a walk. 30 minutes will make you fresher than ever! It’s more efficient than laying in your sofa while watching another season of the Simpson. Better, walking will improve your condition over time
  • If you feel other needs, make sure that you don’t met them. Some people smoke when they get bored, other want to drink alcohol. None of these are great for your health. Make sure that you stay away from these substances. And no. The fact that you paid for them doesn’t make it an obligation for you to use them. You can simply destroy them. No, you won’t waste money. You’ll get healthier.

That’s called ownership. You own the situation, you don’t let the situation own you.

When you get bored you tend to do different activities than when you are at your highest level of energy. When you are bored, everything become interesting because you feel like there is nothing interesting around you anymore. Am I right?

The goal is to stay away from boredom as you can’t fight it. That’s like an invulnerable boss for everyone. The only way to win is to run away. Cowardice will be useful for once!

The easiest way is to never watch annoy in the eyes. You should always be active and rarely take free time. Because when it’s free for you, it’s free for boredom.

You should have a planning where you always write what you are going to do. That’s like a diary. You can even get it on your phone. The greatest way to stay away from boredom is to have something to do. Make sure that you develop a to-do list and a planning so you will never be left with nothing to do.

During this boring week, I noted a bunch of activities on my list. Most are strategies to improve the website, other have to do with homework. I will have the time to do them all when I will come-back at home this week-end. Hopefully I will get internet back! So, everything will become easier.

And no, don’t think that with internet you can’t get bored. It’s even easier to do nothing with the web around you. It’s as simple as scrolling Facebook for hours because you can’t find anything interesting to read. If you ever get bored with a computer/smartphone and an internet access, make sure that you don’t keep busy for the feeling of doing something.

That’s not useful. You could even take a nap, that would be better than scrolling over Twitter. You’ll learn way more. Just yesterday I got an exercise of mathematics to solve. I couldn’t find the solution during the afternoon so I didn’t annoy myself and give up for the rest of the day. Then miraculously when I got to bed I got an illumination. The solution appeared in my mind, it was magic. More I even got 2 ideas for articles. I wrote the ideas and kept the exercise in mind. The next morning, I did the whole exercise in 5 minutes, everything was clearer than ever. Don’t forget to sleep my friend, it may help you! Yes, this paragraph is totally unrelated. Yes, I don’t care till it brings you useful ideas!

Make a simple list of activities to do. That can be everything, from riding a horse to crushing the last level of Mario Bros. Till you have different activities going on, you can’t get bored. That’s impossible. Make sure that you differentiate and don’t always do the same, because else you’ll get bored.

Getting bored is a tough subject, because it’s so easy to fall in the trap. Just do nothing two minutes and you have a chance to lose all your energy because you lost the flow. That’s tough. That’s the reality.

After all, life is a game. It would be meaningless to have a game without challenges to solve. The game would be boring without any quests… Still in the boredom section… Imagine a game that easy that you can get to the final boss in less than 2 hours. You won’t play it again. Even if it’s fun. That’s just too easy. What’s too easy becomes boring. You can do it without giving much of your attention. You are on autopilot and don’t have to think about what you are doing. That’s why it becomes so easy.

Applicable bullets: Get out of Boredom

  • Have a planning: Actualize daily
  • Get a to-do list: Have at least 10 elements on it at any time
  • If you get bored, do something immediately
    • Go out for a run
    • Walk
    • Take a cold shower
    • Drink water
    • Call a friend
    • But don’t act passively. Your state won’t improve by resting