What you should know before lifting weights at the gym

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What you should know before lifting weights at the gym

14th January 2019 Old Nerdow 0

I’m lifting weights for more than year now.

I learned a lot, by the hard way.

Now it’s my time to share with you *everything* I learned about weightlifting in some bullet points.

  • You will see your body change over time. Consider the following percent toward your maximum muscle mass. Note: the more muscle you have, the harder it will be to put on more muscle
    • Year 1: 50%
    • Year 2: 65%
    • Year 5: 80%
  • Nutrition is as important if not more important as the way you train. Sure, you need to train + to eat well in order to get a huge and strong body. But without proper eating habits you aren’t going to build anything
    • Your body need protein to fuel and build more muscles
    • Fat is used as the energy you burn
    • And carbohydrates, well they make a cheap substitute to fat
  • You must eat whole food.
    • Meat
    • Fishes
    • Eggs
    • Veggies
  • Everything that’s manufactured by a human will do no good to your body. Better go to the extreme. If you can’t find in the nature, don’t eat it
  • You shouldn’t use machines until you can bench press AND deadlift your own weight 12 times in a row
  • Good looking = low body fat + muscle definition
  • If you want to observe regular progress consider lifting 4-6 times a week
  • Rotate your exercises every month
  • Lifting weight, it’s a lifestyle you live. Not an activity you practice here and there
  • You can’t compare to anyone except yourself weeks/months ago
  • You don’t need to know everything about nutrition and science behind it. Follow the basics and it’ll do the job
  • Decide to lift without any interruption. You want your body to grow constantly
  • After 3 months “vacation” your muscles start to get smaller
  • You can’t out-train a crappy diet. Fact to the T
  • If you want to lose fat, skip a meal. It’s called intermittent fasting – IF
  • Weight lifting is to be treated as a business. You don’t skip it. You don’t find substitutes. You improve on what you know and see how it goes. If it’s better? Well go for it. If it doesn’t work, ditch it.
  • Again, for fat loss consider doing your cardio once/twice per week. Could be anything from running to biking
  • People will look at you. And some will be jealous because you look better than them. Take it as a compliment
  • Don’t forget your water bottle!
  • There’s a limit. You can only grow so much muscle before plateauing
  • Sugar will make you fat. Fat will give you energy and protein will make you feel full
  • Some shitty meals are to be planned. And it’s okay as long as you lift before/after them
  • Sleeping enough – 8+ hours per night – helps a lot whe it comes to recovery
  • Do not overload. I repeat. You probably are a young man. You don’t want your back and all your muscles to hurt for the rest of your life. Don’t do sets with less than 12 reps. Never. Ever.
  • How heavy you lift doesn’t matter. As long as you look buffed you are cool
  • When hurt yourself, you’ll know it because it feels different than working out a muscle
  • Cardio is part of your daily life. Walking somewhere? Cardio!
  • Avoid working out the same muscle two days in a row
  • Buy quality gloves. You’ll thank me later
  • Bodybuilders aren’t insecure people. People calling them insecure, they are insecure
  • You don’t just look like a bodybuilder because you lift some weights at the gyl
  • Not everyone will be able to tell that you lift during your first year. And it’s OK
  • Overtraining is nothing to be worried about if you are young and eat enough to maintain your body weight
  • The most effective movements are the simplest ones
  • If you need help. Ask for it. Meatheads are happy to help. Always
  • No one is judging you. Gym men are always ready to help
  • You will not build muscle while running/biking/cardio
  • You should only drink water, coffee and tea
  • Want to build a good-looking body? Weightlifting, climbing and calisthenics are the best sports to maximize your muscle definition
  • Every lifter holds a different opinion on a wide array of things. Don’t bother arguing with them it’s totally useless
  • There is always fatter to lose than you believe
  • To look like a gym freak you *must* lift for 5+ years
  • Weight lifting is how you learn consistency and develop the right body and mindset to make things happen in life – and not get things to happen
  • There 6 movements you *need* to perform. Train these 6 movements and you’ll never lack any strength
    • Bench
    • Press
    • Row
    • Deadlift
    • Squat
    • Pull-ups
  • The only question you should ask yourself every month: Am I progressing?
  • Endurance is different from strengtt

It’s pretty much everything I wanted to share for today.

If *you* have more to share, feel free to comment below your tips, it would help a lot of young men.

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