#1 Why you need to build a blog-business

#0 Starter kit for your blog

A business is the challenge you waited for so long

Building a business is one of the most challenging yet most entertaining achievement you’ll check. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to operate the right way – replace with “making money“. It requires tremendous amount of skills and knowledge to build your biz – of course you can outsource all of this, but we aren’t anywhere near this line. And yet, there’s still an original WHY you decide to build it anyway.

It’s the ultimate defy because it’s a never-ending challenge – see start blogging. Everyday you’ll have new opportunities, everyday you’ll have new problems to solve. The edge is that you are the one in command. You take responsibilities for actions – and inactions. For all your decision. Whether that partnership is an insanely great idea or the beginning of your fall. You solve – or create – problems for your business.

Building a popular blog which will turn into a biz later in the game is the easiest way to become an owner. Instead of just working for someone else… Doing exactly what they think is right. Following their order to the T… Being an owner gives you responsibilities. And forces you to think like an owner. You can’t blame anyone except yourself for your failure or success.

Owners decide what’s good for their biz

That’s how it should be anyway.

There are two ways to look at it.

  1. Crap, it’s all my bad if I fail. This is how losers handle responsibilities.
  2. Cool! I’m the only one on command. I’m 100% responsible of the business – it’s called ownership and that’s how you start to get your life fixed.

We prefer the second way. It’s more positive and tells that you are here for the challenge.

Building a business is tough

And you are reading these lines because you want to overcome this exact challenge. You chose me to teach you how to start your online business while building your audience on Quora. That’s what I’m going to do. A deal is a deal.

I’ll give you more than the big lines – yeah, really. In the next articles you’ll find step by step guides.

Hopefully we have a plan for you. If that’s not enough, simply write down a comment below and I’ll help you.

That’s how it all started.

For as long as I remember… I watched videos of famous YouTuber, millions followers popular. I loved their lifestyle. To be fair with you, I was just jealous. These young men made it their way. Filming their very own videos, just like filmmakers would do. Except these people are just like you and I. They are no different.

They eat, sleep, shoot videos and repeat.

Let’s shoot a video

Viewers are entertained. They want more videos. Watching more ads. Making more money for these young people turning their cameras into dollars printing machine.

It has everything in the world in common with the blog biz you’ll get at the end of this 10 chapters series.

Now I’m not telling you’ll become the next Jake Paul, it’s very unlikely. However, there’s no reason you can’t build a blog big enough to generate dollars writing words.

A blog-business is about providing value to others – just like YouTubers entertain their viewers. You can write/stream/take pictures or whatever. We call it content. Then you distribute the content you produced to an audience – people of the internet who like what you do. If your content is great enough AND hit the perfect audience, your piece of art makes views. On it’s way to infinity, some people will click the link below your content – you know, the one link selling your product. They will read your sale page. Some people will buy the offer.

Your goal is to improve that number by using different techniques we will see in this course.

What’s hard about a blog-business?

  • It’s impossible to succeed if you don’t stick to the task – that’s self-control
  • Polyvalence is key – you must take many different actions to get results
  • It takes time to generate decent money – no overnight success

That’s 3 principle you’ll develop during your journey. A blog business is about publishing content that people enjoy reading. On this content you will put links. Some will direct to a sale pages, others to more articles that you crafted. And so on, you know the story.

What’s the plan?

  • The more article you have on your website, the better google will rank your website.
  • Once that’s done, you can improve the quality of your posts with some SEO to rank higher.
  • When it’s done you can start to build an audience on social media because Google read social media to rank your website

The goal is to keep going. There are hundreds and hundreds of little things that you can improve during the process. It’s a never-ending quest to perfection. It takes a lot of time to approach your top level. Don’t worry, it’s attainable.

Because I’m lazy, I chose to find an alternative way to google to begin my website – and believe me, it’s 100% more efficient.

There is an 85% chance that you already heard about it. 85% of the people who read Nerdow come from Quora. That’s where I put links to my website. Many links. At least

one per answer to make sure that my Quoran readers notice that I’m doing more than answering questions on Quora.

Image result for quora logo

Why you can’t just use social media to develop your brand

A business is based on sales. If you don’t sell anything, you don’t make money. If you don’t make money, you don’t have a business. Sorry to disappoint you.

You need to place you own where you sell words. It’s your property and no one can take it away from you. That’s not the case when you sell on platforms you don’t own – Everywhere else.

The best solution – and probably the online – is to own your website. Then you can post whatever you want on it. Links to other websites, sales pages, articles… Whatever you want to show your readers.

The next problem is to get readers… Let’s tackle this one.

Building your audience – who are you writing for?

Everyone is using Google to grab answers to their questions on Google.

Smartphone? Google. Computer? Google. Everyone uses Google. That’s why you must be there, showing up in the search results of your future readers.

When you are looking for an answer, you ask Google to find solutions to your problems. Right?

Why don’t you leverage this fact on your biz. When someone search an answer to a specific question, your website shows up in the top results.


You write articles answering specific questions. Look at Nerdow. All my articles answer questions…

People with these questions, they ask Google and it redirects them to my website.

For this to happen, your website must rank high on Google.

“If it ranks great”

How do you make a page of your website rank well on google? That’s one of the toughest question in the world.

Fun fact: even engineers at Google don’t fully understand how their ranking system work.

Humans are wonderful, aren’t they?

Hopefully we have some clues on how to improve the rank of a website. 80% of the rank is based on the quality of your content.

  • Is it unique?
  • Do you direct to other INTERRING pages?
  • Are there pictures? Do they have tags?
  • Do you use bold/italic/titles?
  • Does people comment?
  • Do you write with many gap fillers?
  • Is your name active on social media?
  • And many more questions that we will see how to solve!

It’s not that hard to build your business on the internet. Everyone with above-average self-control can start one.

I’m french, I learned English by playing games and by writing answers not reading like hot-chocolate on Quora.

I shouldn’t brag about that. It’s not that hard to learn the basics of business – or just to land your first sales. Sure, it implies that you will use most of your free time dedicated to your business. Otherwise it won’t grow by itself. While you’ll write for your business, you will learn how to sell, how to create a website, how to manage a community and many new skills you aren’t aware of!

It’s super exciting to launch your business. It may seem weird for many people, but if you are here that’s because you are already into that thing. You want more out of your life. You want to take responsibility for your life.

Taking ownership of your life

That’s what building your biz is all about.

Working for yourself. Putting in the hours you want, defining your own rules and being totally independent.

That’s what I call freedom.

This is something you can achieve.

The best way to grow your biz is to work at a standard job while improving your business. You’ll get the money from your job + the benefits of your business. Don’t hope for much in the first months. Before a year of existence your business won’t generate more than pocket money.

When you’ll achieve the equivalent of a full-time income with your business, it will be time for you to leave your job. You’ll work for yourself. Meaning less constraints than ever for you. It’s when stuff gets interesting. When you own a business earning you enough money to live with zero worries, you get a lot of free time to grow it to new heights…

You may even get tired of having so much free time – high quality problem. From there you will have 2 major choices to pursue your career in businesses. Either you continue the current business and find how far you can go. Or you simply start another one for fun – that’s what the man at Wall street playboys did

How far can you go?

Internet businesses are very attractive because they don’t require much maintenance once they are established. You just come there once a month – or more often – and reap the money while writing some articles. Tough life!

Virtually you have no limitation. You can manage as many internet businesses as you want, the only limit is your time and motivation – why don’t you hire someone?

That’s where the competition starts. From there, everything can happen. You may have many competitors or zero depending on your niche. You’ll have to innovate. You’ll have to manage everything better than ever. It becomes interesting because it’s harder after this precise point. Once you make enough money you won’t have the motivation to make more. You’ll notice that with enough money you’ll feel “comfortable”. Why bother to make more?


The only answer is competition. Competition makes you happy when you have it. Competition makes you want more when you are losing. It’s a never-ending quest because you can grow your business up to infinity.

If you still want to grow more businesses, you will have to consider a new option. You can pay someone to maintain your websites alive. This will be like maintenance. Up to that point you’ll make enough money to pay someone to do this task. Now the last point is defined by you.

What will you do with your hard-earned freedom?

So why would you create business online?

  • For the challenge
  • To learn
  • Because they are bored
  • As a hobby – It works well with online websites
  • To earn some extra bucks
  • You want to be an entrepreneur, that’s where to start
  • Too much time
  • The need to help others
  • The thrill of the risk

Find your reasons. Why do you want to start a business? Because you want to help the other? Because you have a lot of free time? Because you have a big idea? Because you have a passion? When you’ll get trouble working on your business, you’ll come back at this exact reason why you started. If it isn’t your real reason, then chances are that your business won’t survive the stress…

So… You want to make money writing? Here’s our comprehensive guide helping you reach your goal.