Why I’m getting fat

Well, that’s not really me getting fat as you can judge by the picture. To be fair with you, several years I was not fat. I was quite the opposite: skinny.

When I was 18 years old, I weighed around 50kg, which is lighter than a feather for someone with my height.

Today I’m weighing 70kg, and I’m even leaner than when I was 18 years old – true story.

Not even my final form

What happened?

Two years of weight lifting and a complete 180 degrees on my diet.

In fact, I was never your typical “fat” young man, so most of your struggles I can’t even grasp them.

However, I’ve had many fat friends over the years, and some got leaner thanks to my – not so humble brag – experience and general knowledge of health – see Nerdow get good-looking

If I can get people leaner, I can also tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and why you are gaining some extra fat.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to help you weight more. Be fatter than ever. And more likely do die by a heart attack.

If you want to get leaner? Do the exact contrary of the below points. It’ll do wonders to your health, and you’ll understand why you aren’t getting leaner.

Food you eat will get you fat quickly – assuming you eat the worst type of food

Eat sugar. Eating sugar makes it physiologically impossible for you to lose weight – and you probably know it deep down. Sweets, pastry… And pretty much every processed food contain some sugar, if not way too much.

Poison land!

When eating sugar, you explicitly ask your body to retain all excess calories as fat. Basically, whatever you eat with sugar will sticks to your body and turn into fat.

And this awful process is triggered every time you eat sugar. Worst. Low quality carbohydrate make it happens too…

What’s left?

Eating more proteins and healthy fat while removing sugar and low quality carbohydrates – read our macro nutrients guide so you understand these weird words.

Fun fact: white bread, and everything made up of flours becomes sugar in your belly. Not all sugary stuff taste sweet.

It means your diet should mostly consist of high quality food – only real food. Not the cheapest items you can get at your typical below average super-shop.

  • High quality meat. I’ve got a farmer near my place who provides me all the meat I need. He raises his beast with real food, give them love. The difference? Meat is tastier. Gym progress are faster because of the high quality meat… And I’m 100% sure it won’t get me sick.
  • Fishes. You can eat plenty of fish without gaining a single gram of fat… Despite fish being 80% fat, it is some kind of fat you want to have in your body. Remember, without fat you die
  • Veggies. Including avocado. All the veggies are great for you and you can eat them in any quantity without impairing your fat loss. They are rich in micro nutrients, and will taste better than sweets once you reduce your sugar intake to zero.
  • Eggs. The golden food you can eat all you want. And no, eggs aren’t bad for you. They are one of most interesting protein source you can eat. Full of protein and fat your body can use. Not a single day pass without me eating at least 3 eggs. Best bang for your bucks, would recommend.
So called “real food”

This article is no grocery store list. Above you get the food you should eat if you really want to stop getting fatter. There are plenty more.

As a rule of thumb, only eat what you could find in the nature by yourself.

And yes, once you are eating high quality food which fuels your body instead of fighting him… You don’t even need to count your calories to lose weight.

The whole:

Eat less than what you burn – be in a caloric deficit.

Is only efficient if you are willing to go below the 10% body fat range.

As long as your food are high quality and you are training – read hitting the weight temple 5 times a week. There’s no reason to starve yourself. You’ll lose fat magically until you reach the 10% body fat plateau.

Anyway. From food, if you want to get fatter here’s everything you should eat.

Remember, eating this will get you as fat as humanly possible.

  • Stuff yourself with impossible to eat food quantity every 3 hours. Make sure you can’t walk after eating, otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity to grab some fat
  • Eat sugar at every meal. Especially in the morning. You should always have high glucose level on your blood. Making sure everything you eat will get stored as fat
  • Prefer cheap and over-processed food you can’t even recognize as something you should be eating. Never buy food to your local farmer. Buy the cheapest meat at your local grocery store and never question it
This is how you’ll end following the above tips

That’s it for the food part of the equation. Do what’s above and you’ll be the ultimate fat human…

Or maybe add some alcohol and cigarettes to the diet and you’re in for a ticking clock up to your death. Your choice.

Now let’s move to exercising – which is just about moving your body.

How to not exercise so you’ll get fat quick

There’s just one thing you must be sure to keep in check if you want to gain massive fat weight.

Do not move.

Preferably never leave your room. Make sure someone is bringing you food whole you are playing video games on your computer… And watching TV at the same time.

If you have to go outside, you can still click two buttons on your favorite website : Amazon to get everything you need to live the next day. Including unhealthy processed food.

Also, you should never walk anywhere as walking is how most people maintain their body weight. You want the number to rise, not to shrink. Stay at home doing nothing.

Do not walk to get fat

Or day dreaming about the life you could get while playing online games and yelling at some unlucky girls who join your party. Not a life.

Or you can decide that your life has some reason to be there and profit from it by…

Going out, walking and taking the sun?

Or maybe just try to exercise your body so you can get good looking and grab the life you day dreamed about.

Again, your choice.

Now, if I had to choose, I would get with the live my life to the fullest experience. Because hell, being fat puts you in an awkward situation where your life is just boring.

Have fun hiking, biking and exploring while being fat

Your body plays against you day in and out when you are fat.

You probably have trouble falling asleep. Rock bottom self-esteem… No girl is ever looking at you or complimenting you. And yes, that’s important for everyone to get validation from time to time. You feel tired most of the time and get no motivation to even start – this is due to your hormone being disrupted as a fat person. Also you probably feel like a slob to watch your life move away without you being able to take it back. Your friends can do stuff you can’t even imagine due to your weight problems…

List goes on. And it’s not even a list.

Being fat is probably the closest you can be to a slave these days.

Being fat doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you – maybe you like it rough, so be it.

But society will always label you as the fat person if you’re fat… And this alone will limit your actions.

Now, if you still want to remain fat – and maybe even get fatter?

You can refer to this list. And do everything in your possible to let it flows and keep going. Believing nothing is wrong with your lifestyle. Being fat is acceptable… Because “Insert your excuse”

Or take back your life by reading this article. And no, it’s not another link to a 47 dollars ebook telling you how to lose “weight”. What the hell is weight anyway? You want to lose fat. Not muscle. Be specific my friend!

This is my complete article on how to get lean and mean.

Choice is yours.