Why I’m getting fatter

“Why is it happening to me” may you scream.

I – Yannick – am not getting fatter.

I’m surely gaining some muscle weight because I lift a lot, but I’m definitely not getting fatter.

Who’s more qualified to answer this question than a aspiring meathead of 165 lbs?

I am.

Today you’ll learn why you are getting fatter. Today, you will learn how to get leaner.

Because your goal isn’t to get fat, or am I wrong?

If that’s your goal, you have nothing to do here, go find another website, go read websites which suggests you that everything is okay with you, that you can eat whatever you want and that you are gaining weight because you are unlucky. The right opposite of what I teach on this website.

Here we promote another approach.

It is 100% your fault if you are getting fatter. That’s not your sister’s fault because she gave you some cakes yesterday. That’s not the sugar’s fault because it’s so tasty.

No. That’s all bullshit.

If you are getting fatter, that’s because you eat more calories than what you consume. Period.

This is all there is to know about why you are getting fatter.

If you burned more calories than those you eat, then you would get leaner.

It’s not rocket science. Anyone can roughly count their calories and see if they are gaining/losing weight.

You just need to get good at judging how much grams your food is and how much calories this type of food contains.

For the grams, you can take a balance. For the calories? Ask google, he will kindly answer your questions without second thoughts.

That’s it for the most basic part.

Now that we know that getting leaner/fatter is based on the difference between what you eat and what you consume in terms of calories, we can elaborate strategies to get leaner or fatter.

In my opinion, you want to get leaner and I also want to get leaner, so we will follow this route!

Note: You may eat too much because you are bored. Find something to do!

Getting leaner instead of fatter

There are only 2 solutions to get leaner.

Either you eat less calories or you burn more calories.

The first solution is easier to implement and takes less time.

The second is adapted for those who have a lot of time and enjoy sports.

Burning more calories than what you eat requires you either to be super active or to eat less.

Choose which one is better for you!

Eating less means that you’ll surely get hungry, and sometimes you won’t feel at your best.

Burning more calories implies that you’ll dedicate a lot of your time toward sports.

It’s a lifestyle choice!

Eat less calories than what you consume

Count your calories

Google is your friend.

Simply search calorie “food” on your favorite search website and you’ll get instantly the result: How much calorie you’ll get by eating 100g of this food.

This strategy works.

Once you know how much you eat, you must also know how much calories your body consume through a standard day.

Click here, fill the information and get how much calories you should eat based on your activity level and your weight/height.

Once you know it, make sure to eat 500 calories less than your maintenance calories in order to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting – IF

A super easy strategy.

All you need to do is to restrict your eating time.

A day is 24h. You will be able to it for 8 hours and you will fast for another 16 hours.

Basically you skip a meal.

Let’s say that you skip breakfast.

You take your lunch at 12:00 AM and dinner at 7:00 PM. You just ate in a period of 8 hours.

No more food goes into your mouth for 16 hours.

You eat another lunch the next day.

You repeat this strategy until you are at your desired weight!

This strategy works superbly well because it is super hard to pour  your maintenance calories into your body within a 8 hours window.

Keto diet

You remove everything that contain sugar. And most of what contains carbohydrates from your diet.

This strategy does miracles!

By only eating fat and proteins, you’ll get filled much faster than with carbohydrates.

What happens when you feel filled?

Right, you stop eating.

So, with this strategy you’ll eat less while being as full as if you just ate more. Can you find a better strategy?

Of course! Combine intermittent fasting with the keto diet and you’ll lose weight faster than a mountain biker goes downhill.

Burn more calories than what you eat

This one depends on your lifestyle.

If you love sports and have a lot of time, it’s definitely possible to burn more calories than what you eat.

However, it’s not for everyone. You cannot do this and be the weakest guy at the gym. That’s not compatible.

You need to practice a lot of sports, definitely 1-3 hours per day to ensure that you’ll burn any calorie in excess.

Hit the gym

It’s obvious.

When you hit the gym, you do not only burn calories on the moment but on the short term too.

It takes up to 2 days to recover completely from your session, during this time your body re-builds your muscles and this process uses some calories.

So, you end up burning more calories after a gym session.

Without even counting the calories you’ll burn at the gym.

This is one of the best recipe to get lean, even if you eat a lot.

Hit the gym and you’ll expand a lot of energy. This energy, you can eat it back.

Bonus point: You will build muscle which translates to more weight. Your body will need more energy to sustain your muscle mass so you’ll burn an additional amount of energy to maintain your muscle mass.

Practice your hobbies daily

I enjoy sports, a lot. I practice mountain biking at least 3-4 times per week when I have the time.

When I do so, I ride for 2-4 hours into the wild, making sure that I use a maximum of energy.

This is the same for any sport you can practice.

If you train daily, you’ll get daily result as you’ll shred of the fat of your body by expanding a lot of energy.

Practice your favorite sport daily and you’ll see how easy it is to lose fat!

Walk a lot

Whenever you can, you walk.

Instead of using your car, you walk.

Instead of taking the bus, you walk.

Make sure that you walk as much as you can. It is the easiest way to expand a lot of energy through your day while doing nothing special.

You need to walk 8,000 steps per day. This is the minimal you should aim for.

Remember, the more you walk, the more calories you burn.

Bonus point: On an average day I walk 10,000-15,000 steps.

How to apply what you just read

Either you burn more calories or you eat less calories.

It is up to you to choose which strategy you opt for.

If you are really into this, try to apply a strategy of both columns and see what happens to your body. Hint: You’ll lose a lot of fat during the process.

The most efficient strategy is to practice a trick for weeks or months and see your results.

If you aren’t getting any result and are still getting fatter, then you have another problem and you will need to find it by yourself!

Try to apply at the very least one of the strategies explained above and you’ll stop gaining fat!

Don’t be the sucker. Own the game, take ownership and play aggressively.

No weak minded guy ever succeeded at getting a six pack!