Why I’m getting leaner

Did you notice?

Successful guys are ALWAYS lean. With some exceptions.

Do you know why?

Fat people = poor

Lean people = successful

I’m beginning to understand why it’s critical to get lean as soon as possible.

It offers a new world of possibility.

Let’s see why I’m getting lean.

Note that I’m not a specialist in this area. It makes 3-4 months that I hit the gym regularly – 4-6 times per week- and I’m getting significant results.

I’m getting leaner in the process. I’m getting stronger. I’m getting more dominant.

It’s amazing how doing something can change one’s life for the best:

Getting lean is not a goal. It’s a quest

It should be a major for everybody.

Guys, don’t you think that you can stand out from everybody else if you are lean, muscular, ripped or jacked?

1 guy out of 20,000-25,000 has visible abs.

In a mass of people, you are recognizable. Instantly.

So… if it’s more a quest than a goal, where you start?

Getting lean is about applying some principles:

  • Consuming less calories than what your body burns
  • Getting more muscle than fat
  • Applying discipline to your lifestyle

When you consume less calories than what your body burns, your body will start to react differently.

Your body can’t function without energy. If he can’t get his energy from your diet, then he must take it from somewhere else.

Don’t we store fat?

Yes! Exactly. Your body stocks fat in case of… Well, not being able to eat for several days in a row. Which will never happen. We live in a modernized society, if you can’t get at least some food for days, where do you live?

If you don’t have anything in your stomach, your body will begin to burn your fat instead of the food that you are putting in your stomach.

It’s a simple concept, yet the most rewarding to learn.

Your body will burn what he finds because you aren’t providing him food

This process takes a different kind of energy.

You feel “tired” some people may even get dizzy.

That’s because you are running on your own energy. You aren’t burning external fuel anymore.

When your body swap to this mode, then you instantly start to burn your own fat.

What’s complex in this? Nothing.

How to burn more calories than what you consume?

It’s pretty simple. To burn more calories than what you eat:

  • You eat less
  • OR/AND
  • You burn more calories

And… That’s all there is to know.

Getting leaner is simple, yet hard.

Simple in the fact that you only have to understand 2 principles. Hard in the sense that it requires a lot of discipline. Very few people can come up with this discipline.

When you are looking at a lean body, you are looking at:

  • Someone who fights to get their life on point.
  • Someone who did everything possible to build his own world
  • Someone who is a winner

Building an amazing body takes time.

It’s similar to business. With even more discipline. If you can build an outstanding body, you can build businesses.

Why don’t you have this kind of body?

Why aren’t you lean?

Tell me. What excuses do you come up with?

  • I have bad genes!
  • I don’t like healthy food
  • I enjoy kebab!
  • I don’t have time to exercise!
  • I can’t!
  • I’m afraid of the changes that this will imply!
  • Or… I’m not willing to look ripped/jacked
Stay away from burgers. They are the enemy

Here the deal.

It’s proven scientifically -I hate this word, even if it sells more than get rich quick schemes- that good-looking people live easier life.

Hey! When you are lean, you are good looking, no?


Lean people have it easier than you because they are good-looking. And everyone better looking than you have it easier than you, kind of a corollary.

Being good-looking implies a lot of advantages:

  • You get it easier in life in general
  • Girls stare at you
  • People are nicer to you
  • You get more money than someone who isn’t as good-looking as you
  • You have HIGH energy at every second of the day
  • You are stronger than many people
  • You can survive practically anything
  • You become a better negotiator -Most people are uncomfortable because they compare to you

That’s why I’m getting lean.

Here are the tactics that I use right now to reduce my body fat – I’m currently at ~12%

  • I hit the gym 4-6 times per week. Don’t make excuses. Some days I wake up at 5:00AM just to lift. You have the time to hit the gym. Make this time, hit the gym
  • When I don’t hit the gym early in the morning I practice intermittent fasting: I fast for 16 hours. Meaning that I don’t eat breakfast. I only eat twice a day
  • I used to be always hungry. Now that I practice intermittent fasting, I learned how to manage this hunger. It’s virtual, you aren’t hungry
  • I eat a lot of vegetables. Really. 2kg of carrots, 500 grams of a random-different vegetable every week. That’s only what I eat beside my standard meals
  • I walk a lot. Over 17.500 steps per day. I don’t take the bus, I walk to school. I don’t take the bus, I walk to practically everything
  • I eat more proteins. More meat and more eggs -Without yolks

And you? What are you doing to improve your body?

What are your plans?

You don’t have a plan? Too bad. Take what’s above and copy it in your life.

You will see results within a month.

Getting more muscle than fat

That’s what being lean mean: You have more muscle than fat.

Stronger, faster, better looking…

Muscles bring everything you need to level up your game.

All of this muscle come only from one place.

The sanctuary. The holy garden. The temple.

Literally the best place on earth to be.

I call it the gym.

The gym is where you grow big muscle. The gym is where you trade your fat in exchange of muscle. The gym is the best place in the world.

I must stop before I get emotional about it.

Guys. If you aren’t already hitting the gym regularly, what stops you from doing so?

I don’t get it. There are hundreds and hundreds of advantages to just go there. You come up, wear your best outfit, lift some weights and come back at home. It doesn’t take more than 1 hour, I promise.

You meet cool people with similar goals, you get stronger and better-looking.

What do you exchange against all these benefits and those listed previously?

Well. One hour per day at maximum.

It’s nothing. What are you doing currently with this hour?

  • Playing games?
  • Watching anime?
  • Complaining on the internet?
  • Scrolling on Facebook?

Grow up. You aren’t a kid anymore. Hitting the gym is what you need.

New social dynamics, new movements and more action in your life.

If I can only recommend you to get one thing. It’s surely a gym membership.

Don’t be a kid. Don’t make excuses.

Because you never hit the gym isn’t an excuse.

Because you aren’t motivated to hit the gym isn’t an excuse.

And because you don’t give a damn about your health isn’t an excuse.

Hitting the gym is the original level up your life.

Hit the gym daily, benefits ad vitam aeternam.

Let’s lift!

Applying discipline to your lifestyle

How many time did you thought it?

Ohw, if I were more disciplined, I would be a millionaire.

And then comeback on your computer playing some dumb games.

I must tell you that discipline is acquirable. It’s not something that you are born with but a talent that you improve over time.

You can learn how to get disciplined. This will be the subject of a future article!

  • Discipline is what stops you from binge eating crap
  • Discipline is what makes you hit the gym days after days
  • Discipline is what makes you pursue your goal
  • Discipline is the quest

A disciplined man, is a man ready to conquer.

It’s impossible to get lean if you aren’t disciplined.

To get lean you must follow some principles. With discipline you can apply them easily in your life.

Without discipline, you won’t follow the path. You will go in the wild, get lost and get fat.

What’s the subject of this article? Burning fat, yes. Totally unrelated.

Discipline is powerful because once you acquire it, you can build a business, get lean, pursue girls, hit the gym regularly, travel, manage your money.

Being discipline dis being rational in any circumstance.

It’s ignoring your feelings to pursue the cold harsh reality.

Getting lean is a way to improve your discipline, as being lean is a mark of self-discipline.

You can’t get lean if you binge eat. If you don’t hit the gym/exercise and if you don’t give a damn about your health.

Discipline is essential in the process. Because getting lean is the consequence of discipline applied to certain principles.

What are you waiting for?

I gave you a call.

Discipline is essential in the process. Get started right now and never look back. You can get lean, but only if you have enough discipline. Discipline which you will build on your way to the success.

It’s like driving on a bike while upgrading it to a car.

Do with what you have right now while building all you will need later.

Don’t give up.

Go for it.