Why you aren’t getting shit done

Young man, there’s a huge gap between needing and wanting something.

Fat people need to unfat themselves. True story. But do they want to get leaner? Most don’t. That’s why they never will.

Every man looks the best he can when reaching the mean and lean aesthetic. Meaning low body fat for maximum muscle mass. That’s when the veins spike out, the face shows your jawlines and your muscle brag for yourself.

Now, getting better looking is nothing you really need. In fact you can live a happy, fulfilling life without ever reaching your max athleticism. You must want it. Because you don’t need it.

Just like the cherry on top of the cake. It’s the small extra touch leaving the sweet taste… It’s no necessary, that’s a buffer.

Now, tell me. Don’t you want to know your limit? How far you can go? How many reps you can do? How can good looking you can get? For me it’s like leaving a puzzle nearly done. You aren’t getting the full experience.

Assuming you’d like to get better looking – all men perform better at low body fat high muscle! Less tired, more energy. There’s still another bridge to cross.

The transition from willing to actually doing. Which is the hardest one to take.

Willing is still quite simple. Fatty boys want to get lean. Small weakly boys want to get big. No sorcery.

Before doing, young man needs to develop a well thought plan to get down to his gold rush.

Here’s your quick blueprint so you don’t spend 2 minutes finding another article on Nerdow:

Building muscle :

– high protein intake
– exercising your body 4-6 times a week – weightlifting, calisthenics, climbing…
– consistent sleeping schedule
– intense exercise sessions

Burn fat:

– eat less energy than what you burn
– use cardio to burn more energy
– remove sugar and simple carbs from your diet
– only 3 meals a day – no snacks

Plan’s written down just for you. What are you waiting for? Is it any easier to wreck your objective with clear strategies?

Still as hard as before.

You missed the hardest step in the process. Real life actions applying the strategy.

That’s when you get results. Or fail to the abysse’s bottom.

Real troubles comes in.

You try to skip a meal? Hunger fills the void.

You want to train? Excuses trace their line.

You’d like to work out 6 times a week? Weakness shows up.

It becomes harder and harder the more you progress to the top. Each extra step carries the weight of its predecessors… And most people give up without climbing the first plateau.

Those who do? They are the only one who can make it.

Here’s what I’d like you to grasp. Whatever your goal is, it’ll be hard to achieve. Especially the three we are grinding for on Nerdow:

– lean and mean look
– taking money on the internet
– extreme social confidence

Understanding it’s no piece of cake and no given is the first way to go.

None of these happen in days nor weeks. Progress is measured in months or even years. It’ll be foolish to expect results within months. Because it’s hard to track down leveling up, these quests are the hardest to perform.

You could very well make your first 10 dollars online tomorrow. And then? Unless you built the machinery generating these 10 bucks every single day to your death, it has no value. And even if you did, what’s a low 300$ a month ?

These 3 master quests offer scalable projects you build on your terms.

There not a single type of biz you can come up with. There are no unique confidence style. And there’s plenty of muscle to get big. Just like anything worth having, those hustles have no limit.

Once you begin chasing, there’s no end.

Nobody will ever tell you they don’t want more money. No man will refuse higher muscle mass. And no conqueror will call down extreme confidence.

Those are Nerdow’s big 3 quests. My goal is to launch you. Help your way to find strategies. And develop your own talent so you can live the life which is based on these.

I’m no magician. I’m no guru. I’m a young man just like you seeking these 3. I’m progressing through my beliefs. Life’s a game.

You got three main quests. Now’s your time to achieve