First, I must tell you that you are brave. Very few will take the leap. Very few will admit that they don’t know enough about business or entrepreneurship. It’s hard to admit it. Unless you have a business running, you know nothing about business. That’s my definition. Right. Even if you have a degree in business, until you make money on the internet or in real life with your skills by working for yourself, I consider that your degree is useless.

What I’m going to teach you will never be told in colleges. In schools you just stand there, absorbing the knowledge given by a random guy/girl who tries to teach you something. Of course, you don’t listen and aren’t 100% focused because, well it’s boring and useless most of the time.

We all know it, school is boring. We all want to learn but getting into college to grasp the nuggets of knowledge we need to start a business is nonsense. There are dozens of alternatives, we are going to review them in these articles.

In school, you only study theory. What can you do with theory? Can you make money off it? Maybe if you sell your knowledge, that’s what I’m doing with this guide. Here you can read it for free on my website as soon as I release another chapter, or you can grab the PDF and get everything instantly. Agree with me or don’t. I don’t care.

Do you really believe that some people would pay someone to teach them the basics that you get into college without earning a degree at the end? No one would. People are just studying to get a degree. They aren’t at their college to “learn”. They just want the diploma so they can frame it on the living room, feel proud and then find a job. The end. Screw the standard lifestyle! Eat, work, sleep, repeat. That sucks and you know it!

Most people don’t go further, they won’t change anything else. They will get a job. And that’s it. They don’t progress anymore. Maybe they’ll get a raise here and there. Maybe – I pray for them to not get any. Why? They’ll get disappointed and search for something that suits them better.

But for now, they are stuck. The game is over. They don’t see any opportunity. They just believe that having a job is the greatest achievement they’ll ever get.


What I’m telling you in this guide will change your life. You will learn that you can reach higher levels than a standard job, even without a diploma.

Let’s say that life is a game. That’s how I picture it. A big game with endless possibilities. Everyone is born with some talent. Some are sellers, others know how to deal with problems and so on.

If life is a game, then there is a bunch of different levels.

The highest one is to get a business.

Once you have a business, you are set.

You only have to care about your business – and building other businesses.

  • You become your own boss. No need to worry from getting fired
  • You become free. You choose when you work and when you don’t
  • You are in control. You own your business so it’s your job to make it rise
  • You make the decisions. Good or bad, you choose what to do
  • You develop an aura. Noticed how a CEO looks powerful?

Having a business is the highest level you can get at in life. And guess what? It doesn’t even end there. Let’s say that your goal with your business is to make money.

Of course, it is. That’s the goal of every business: Make money – That’s also why you are reading this article

There are dozens of ways to build a business. What am I saying? There are billions of ways to do it.

In this series of articles, we will see how to build a business from your writings, or what will later become a blog.

There are so many ways too do it, to improve it, to conquer it, to have fun with it…

You will ALWAYS find a way to make more money, so there is no end to it. You can always find better processes, better ideas, more clients. It’s a never-ending quest which is so exciting. You can’t get tired of your business. And if you do, you still have many options.

  1. You can sell it
  2. You can start a new one

Seems simple? It isn’t. Try to define a price for a business. That’s the toughest task in the world. No one knows if your business will skyrocket or not in the next years. No one can predict it except the one in control of it.

That’s the rank we will push you at.

Or you can simply start another one if you ever get bored. Once you know how to make money writing on the internet, you don’t have to learn it ever again. Sure, there are hundreds of methods or guides to help you make money. But once you know, then you know. You won’t have to invent a square-wheel. It doesn’t make sense. When you know how to make money on the internet, the next problem to solve is to scale your business to grow it! We will also see this part later on the course!

Building a business is the highest level you can reach in the game of life.

Your business can have different layers.

Maybe you want to save the world from hunger. Then you can use the money you will earn to search for new foods. Or you want to save the seahorses. It’s all okay because with enough money you can do whatever you want!

It all depends on the goal of your business. You can make it for fun. Then it becomes a game. One of the toughest after the game of Life. It’s all about the decisions you make!

Compared to business everything becomes easy.

  • Getting a girlfriend
  • Finding a job
  • Learning a sport
  • Making your homework
  • Cleaning your room

Let’s not become defeatist. As for anything, there are some blueprints you can get. Those are shortcuts. You hold one of these shortcuts in your hands. . Whatever, this guide will help you avoid all the mistakes I made during the past 2,5 years.

That’s when I decided that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. Easy to say, harder to do. Or may we say that it depends on your definition of an entrepreneur? I’m still light years away from my goal. But I’m working on this goal day after day, so I don’t have to worry.

What these articles ask you to do

For each chapter, there will be a quick “tips” guide that will help you avoid the mistakes I did in the past. With this blueprint, I assure you that you will make your first sale within 3 months!

It won’t be easy. You will have to put at least 1 hour per day on your business. Sounds scary? Don’t worry. It becomes easier when you are in! The time passes way faster when you work on something bigger than yourself. Believe me or not, it’s even enjoyable to work on your business.

The fact that you are building a business is a huge boost to your confidence. You instantly become the guy who wants to make money on the internet. That’s another level, a level higher than the employee one!

Your new suit mister CEO

We want the best for you because you are reading our articles. Meaning that you’ll get all the tips possible and imaginable to start making money online in the least amount of time possible. All of this is, of course, packaged with practical steps so you will be able to set up your business in no time.

Once your audience is set, the next step will be building a product. It sounds boring. But guess what? I’m building a product right now. What you are reading is my product for you. You searched for a solution to start monetizing your writings, here it is. Your job will be to create a product to sell.

Another solution: affiliate marketing

You could simply use affiliate marketing to get someone else’s product and sell it. Guess what? That’s what all the average “business owner” do. They have a website and sell the product others on their website. They take the commission and are happy with it.

Note: We have an affiliate system on Nerdow. Discover it here!

Here we are going deeper in the process. We don’t want you to be a sheep. We want you to learn how to build value. We want you to stand out. Else you could just read a random course on the internet and become an “internet marketer”. That’s not the goal.

This guide isn’t a get rich quick scam.

We are here to create a brand which will later become a business.

So you want to be a creator?

You’ll need to build/create/develop something. Otherwise, you won’t be a creator.

The best is to build a guide, like this one to teach people who want to learn. Learn about what? Whatever you know about. We will check this deeper in the guide, you don’t need to focus on it right now. First, learn about the process. Then we will search for the best way to apply it.

Once you have a product, you will sell it. But to who? Who will buy something written by an unknown man? No one.

This why I will teach you how to become an authority on the subject of your choice. It will take you some hours. But that’s totally worth it. In the process, you will meet cool people and more. You’ll answer questions on Quora. Those questions will help you later to build your product. Everything is congruent, don’t worry. I could give you the whole step by step guide without the speech, it would work. Don’t you want to learn the process? If you know how it works to develop a business on the internet, then you will know how to replicate your success in other area of your life! Which will help you to grow other sources of income!

You will need to target people. If you create a guide on how to fish efficiently, you don’t want to redirect guys who are interested in high technology to your website. It doesn’t make sense. You will want to target the fishermen and the people interested in fishing.

When you will be an authority, you will get a superpower. You will attract views. That’s where it gets interesting. What do you do with these views? Of course, you redirect them to your product!

If enough people see your product, one or many of them will buy it. That’s the law of large numbers. If an event has a probability to occur, it will occur with enough tries.

That’s it. Let’s review the process.

  1. You find an idea
  2. You search for a market
  3. You become an authority to check the validity of the idea
  4. You set up a website where you share articles related to your idea
  5. You develop a product to go further
  6. You drive people to that product
  7. You repeat the last step and improve the sale page

That’s it. You learned how to make money on the internet.

I don’t claim that this is the best method available. It isn’t. There are surely a lot of better possibilities to make money on the internet. Why do I use this method then?

That’s what I learned “by myself”. I read some courses and none of them worked. I had to find my own way to get what I wanted. It took me more than 2 years until I got my first dollar on the internet. And now with all the knowledge I have, I could replicate my level of success by starting with NOTHING within 6 months. That’s less than a quarter of the time it took me to grab all this knowledge.

Now it’s time for me to share all my tips.

But why am I sharing this?

Won’t I get less money if everyone will get into business?

Won’t I have more competition if everyone gets this course?

The answer to the two latter is NO.

I won’t get less money. There is already a lot of people invested in my areas (Self-improvement and make money on the internet). If 200 people get into it or leave it, it won’t change anything for me. I won’t even notice it… The internet is so vast that you struggle to stand out. But once you know what you are doing, everything becomes easier and easier. It’s just a matter of time and investment. Even if you all get invested, I would still have a chunk of the market. And you too would profit from a chunk of the market.

I won’t get more competition, nor will you. There are hundreds and hundreds of niches (topics) that you can target on the internet. You can even create your own topic so I don’t fear the competition. What is hard is to rank your website on google. With the strategy offered on this guide, you won’t even have to rank on google to get views and to sell. Your website ranking up on google will be a consequence of the traffic that you will send on your website. That’s how you get around the problem!

Also, I already know that not all of you will get into the internet business. Many will just read the words and… do nothing.

Please, I’m telling you. Don’t do nothing with all this knowledge.

Build a business, build a source of money. Be smart.

Building a business takes time. A lot of time. If you aren’t invested in your project, you won’t succeed. I have no problem to tell it to you. Deep down you know it. If you don’t work on your business, it won’t succeed.

That’s a fact. I can’t do anything more than highlighting it. All the facts and steps that I’m bringing to you are there to make it the simplest possible guide to follow while letting you many choices so you can personalize your business.

Even with this guide, if you are unwilling to produce some efforts you won’t get anything out of it. It’s better to close it right now if you are just reading it out of curiosity.

Still here? Right. You take it seriously. You want to change for the best and develop your business! That’s one of the noblest decision you’ll take during your whole life. Believe me or not, it will change many things around you that you don’t even suspect.

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