How to workout like Chad Thundercock

Chad is the archetype of the successful college young man. He looks great, crazy great. Chad developed his own techniques and strategies to lift heavy weights – that’s why he’s progressing after every gym session.

Unofficial Chad Thundercock

While Chad is a fictional character we all aim to become – don’t lie to yourself! Chad just lack money… We fix this on Nerdow.

If you want to look like Chad, who has a dream body most young men can only wish to attain one day… I’m going to detail his workout routines, his nutrition patterns and mad tips he uses to get at peak level.

I’m always advocating pure action over just “thoughts” so this article will be action-oriented. Everything written below, you can act on it – and it’ll bring you measurable results.

Unfortunately, if you’re just here to read this article WITHOUT the will to implement some points in your daily life… I must be fair with you. You will not get your results anytime soon. Better read this article on why you need to take action first.

Without more dabbling, let’s see HOW Chad built his good-looking body.

Gym sessions, hard workout and lifting heavy

Chad lifts religiously. He never skips a day. He’s lifting 5-6 days a week. And when he isn’t at the weight room, he’s busy recovering.

By maximizing his schedule, Chad gets the most bang for his bucks. He lifts with intent for 1 hour nearly every day – with an intense style… No more than 2-3 min recovery between sets.

Now, this is for the general stuff. We all know this, do we?

Chad moves further by disciplining himself to practice progressive overload. Unlike most people, Chad tracks everything when it comes to the weight temple. He writes down weight, reps and sets for every exercise in the gym.

Progressive overload is about lifting increasingly heavier weights… using some milestone. Chad is into it.

He lifts heavy. He aims to get 12 reps 4 times in a row every set he does. When he crosses the 12 reps mark, he increases the weight to have higher difficulty – always lifting challenging weights. He can do so because he measures everything he does in the gym.

Today Chad went to the gym. It’s chest day. He goes to the bench press and lift the following with 90kg:

11 12 10 9.

Next time, Chad will try again with the same weights. The weight doesn’t increase until he beats the milestone of 12 12 12 12 for this exercise.

He then adds 5kg to the bar and starts over. Chad uses this strategy every exercise he practices. Making sure he’s getting increasingly stronger at each gym session.

When Chad gets stuck – yes, it happens even to the very best! He does a deload week. He lifts weights 10% lighter with 12 reps. This process helps him recover faster – and not get too sore. Deload weeks happen every 4-8 weeks depending on your physical condition.

Chad is constantly improving at everything. Stuff is always going his way.

This is still general stuff. Let’s dive deeper.

Chad perform compound exercises instead of isolation. He trains multiple muscles with a single exercise.

Young man performing a deadlift at the gym

Most people will try to max out a muscle by targeting it every way they find. Think of it as doing 3 different curl exercises during your arm day. More than letting you sore, unable to lift your water bottle… It also makes it hard for your other muscles to grow. Remember, isolation exercises focus on a single muscle.

Chad does compound exercises, training multiple muscle with every exercise he practices. Instead of focusing on curl which only engages biceps… He does some wide grip pull ups, training his arms, back and shoulders at the same time.

On the same note, Chad practice most compound exercises because they get him more results in less time – think of it as being efficient.

  • Deadlift
  • Bench-press
  • Squats
  • Pull ups
  • Rowing

Also, Chad goes all in. He lets his smartphone in the locker room so he doesn’t check it every two seconds. He doesn’t give a damn about other people training right next to him. If he feels like yelling, he does it.

And after EVERY exercise, Chad look in the mirror. Getting instant results.

Nutrition – what to eat and when to gain muscle and lose fat

On most of my articles I promote high fat, medium protein and low carbs diets. While those do a crazy work at helping you shred layers of fat, it’s quite inefficient at building muscle.

Chad eats 4 meals a day.

When lifting like Chad, it’s hard to overeat. You can easily have 4 meals a day WITHOUT gaining fat
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Post workout
  • Dinner

The two first meals are low in carbs. Contain fat and lots of protein so you’re ready to hit the gym later in the day.

The two last meals are full of high-quality carbs and protein with a minimum of fat, making sure you’ll get the best recovery ever.

Here’s what a concrete Chad meal plan looks like.

  • Breakfast: peanut butter pancakes
  • Lunch: Avocado and chicken
  • Post workout: protein shake
  • Dinner: Sausages, bacon and quinoa

All these meals contain at least some proteins – if not many. That’s the primary macro you should focus on when cooking. People say that abs are made in the kitchen. 99% of the time, your average man gives stupid advice. This one isn’t.

Abs are made in the kitchen.

Popular saying holding true

Focus on getting 0,7-1 gram of protein for each lbs of your body-weight. This ALONE will help you get crazy results – if you’re already lifting weights and aren’t doing it, you’ll notice a difference in the mirror.

More than this, Chad doesn’t starve himself. He knows that by hitting the gym and eating high quality food while meeting his macro, he ain’t getting fatter. He’ll build more muscle. Burning more energy. Getting him leaner in the long run!

Another critical error most beginners make is to think that because they are going to the weight temple everyday, they can eat whatever they want without consequences.


Eat low quality-food WHILE hitting the gym and you’ll notice the following quickly happening to you:

  • Lack of energy – feel lethargic all the time
  • Feeling sore day long when you shouldn’t
  • Have trouble finishing your 1 hour gym session
  • No more motivation to lift heavy weights
  • Everything feels like a chore – you become negative 24/7

If you haven’t cooked yourself a decent meal in the last few days or weeks, chances are that you aren’t even realizing how weak you are compared to your well-feed self. Have that steak. Eat some more quinoa. And get the gain.

While it sounds stupid that some people live to eat, that’s actually what Chad and most bodybuilders are doing day long.

To sum it up. When it comes to food, Chad do the following:

  • Eats 4-5 times a day
  • Total of 200 calories above maintenance level
  • High quality-food : meat from the farmer, whole flour bread…
  • 0,7-1 gram of protein per lbs of body weight

Note: I’m not taking any supplement, so I can’t give you advice on this. Here’s my take on these: supplements get you 1-10% more result – most of the time it’s closer to 0. I believe it’s not worth the trouble. Get some high-quality food diversified diet and you’ll have no problem making gains without supplements. As said, supplements are supplements.

Chad get good-looking tips – more than gym and nutrition

Gym and nutrition aren’t everything. While these 2 makes up for 70% of Chad’s look, there are still more tricks he uses to get better looking than your typical young man.

  • Chad have 8+ hours of CONTINUOUS sleep every single day. For way too long I had to figure out how to achieve this. Actually, most people can’t get high-quality sleep for this amount of time on a daily basis… Let along getting proper recovery. To make sure you hit those 8+ hours:
    • Stop screen 30 minutes before going to sleep. If you can’t skip it – working hard! You still can add a blue-light blocker.
    • Last meal at least 2 hours before bed time – so your belly won’t get caught off-guard
    • No coffee after lunch – despise having trouble following this rule because I love coffee, this can actually increase your sleep quality
    • Sleep in a dark and noiseless environment
  • Self-instruction. Chad tells himself how much of a winner he is at least 10 times a day. By doing so, he makes sure his unconscious – and himself – believe he’s really a winner. Everything in his life keeps constantly reminding him how much of a badass young man he is.
    • When he wakes up, “I’m sexy and I know it” slams in his hears
    • Eating his breakfast, he reads on the fridge “I’m a winner and I know it”
    • His smartphone wallpaper reminds him “Yesterday was the last easy day”
  • Getting good-looking is just a game. Yeah, really. Just like some people play League Of Legend to have fun – I was one of them! Some people actually have fun in the gym and enjoy going there. Why? Instead of thinking of hitting the gym as a time consuming habit, they see…
    • Progress bars are everywhere. Just like RPG characters have an xp bar, gym goers have their own progress bars: they get leaner and leaner. They build more and more muscle mass. By hitting the gym, they are maxing out their real life character
    • Chad makes friends at the gym. Every time he goes, new people shows up and have fun with him while he’s lifting
    • While he goes all-in at the weight-room, Chad is also training some other exercises getting him an edge over his competition. He trains calisthenics. That’s some hard as hell movement to master. Unlike weightlifting, when you start hitting calisthenics you are very limited with your move set and must get stronger to widen it. Those movements we are talking about? The infamous handstand, the planche, half-lever…

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