You are no one until you decide to become someone

There are billions of people in this world.

Not millions, billions. You brain cannot even imagine a billion is. Heck, it cannot imagine what a thousand people looks like. How could we keep up with these numbers?

We can’t.

In a human sea you’re not recognizable. You are no one, among other people who are no one.

Let’s post a picture of yourself online. How many people would be able to determine who you are?

  • Age
  • Hobbies
  • Name

How much people could determine these 3 basic characteristics which make who you are as a person?

A dozen people? A hundred?

It’s no one in the entirety of our world. 100 is not a big deal compared to the 7,000,000,000 people on earth.

You are not a big deal unless 10 millions people are able to recognize you.

Still, 10 millions is a drop in the ocean compared to how much people “could” know you in this world.

You are no one. I am no one. Most of us, human are no one.

Becoming someone

What you are doing doesn’t matter at earth scale. It matters in your surrounding. Maybe family, maybe friends. It rarely exceeds these people for a good reason.

You are no one, you believe this fact so deeply that you do not question it.

In the entirety of the world, your actions are worthless.

Whether you are playing video games or hitting the gym, not ten people give a damn, and I count you in these 10 people.

That’s no one. No one in the entirety of the world.

Since I started writing on Quora, I gathered 6+ millions views. That’s nothing. The same as if no one read what I wrote.

On these 6 millions of people, I bet that not a tenth of them remember who I am, because I am no one.

I have no achievements worth claiming to the world, I have no superpower nor do I am special.

That’s who I am right now. No one.

Are you someone? No, you aren’t.

Are you recognized in the street? You aren’t.

Becoming someone requires you to take part in events which are larger than your surrounding.

If you can hit 100 people with your words/voice, then you are already conquering a part of the world.

Can you go further? Can you resonate in 1,000 heads? If you can, you take another part of the world with you. On and so on, you get a lot of people listening to your voice.

This is how you become someone, by claiming people after people, readers after readers and listener after listener.

Each one of them are like you, no one. Until they add up to 10+ millions where you start to become someone thanks to a hell load of no one.

Does it sounds familiar do you?

Grow. A little bit each day and you’ll become someone.

The mission

Have a mission which rallies your followers. You cannot become someone if you aren’t well known all over the world.

Being known on the internet is the easiest way to get there. Imagine that each time you publish an internet you gather 1 extra view per day. After 100 articles you get 100 views per day. That’s huge as a starter! With this, you can conquer new heights as the readers will likely promote you for free.

You cannot become someone without an online presence. The web is the new TV. The web is the sole way to become someone. You cannot become someone if you aren’t popular on the web.

Donald Trump wouldn’t have been elected president if you he didn’t used Twitter and other social media to share who he is.

Because he is different than all its competitors, he stands out.

Being the difference

Makes all the difference.

Being sarcastic where everyone is weak. Being cocky where everyone is shy. Living the difference is the easiest way to stand out. You cannot become someone if you aren’t different.

There are 7 billions people out there who are all alike. Maybe they have a different look, but they all have the same ideas, they want the same things and they all feel the same. Unhappy.

How can you be different?

How can you profile yourself to stand out?

It’s your job to find it.

Whether that’s blogging, mountain biking or any other kind of activity you are doing, but you must be different. You cannot be complaining like the average Joe whenever something bad happens to you. Because bad things will happen. Joe won’t do anything about them, he’ll complain. You won’t. You aren’t average.

You are on this website, you found a community of dedicated winners who are going to take over the world.

What are you going to do?

Keep reading? Start doing? Become different?

The choice is yours and will always be yours.

If you aren’t becoming someone, then you are still no one.

Being no one isn’t cool at all

Being no one means that you are like all the other people living on earth. It means that you aren’t respected, you are average, you aren’t muscular, you live paycheck to paycheck, you are married, you have no freedom, you lack energy, you feel bad about yourself.

You aren’t competitive. You are no one.

Believe me, everyone wants you to stay average because you have no power this way.

How can you live this way. Aren’t you ashamed to be an average folk in a world where only extraordinary folks get the chance to taste what life actually is?

Don’t you feel jealous, hungry and competitive to these thoughts?

Don’t you believe that you deserve more than an average life?

Don’t you believe that it is possible for people like you and I to rank up in life?

It is.

The job is to become someone out of no one.

In a world full of nobody, being somebody is extraordinary.

Having an identity, being recognizable among all the normies is how you become somebody.

Standing out is easier than you believe

Craft your own archetype. Be someone who fits in no categories except yours. It’s easier than what you believe. Do the contrary of what mainstream tell you to do.

Eat 5 veggies → Eat full meat

Only exercise 2 hours per week → Hit the gym every single day

Get a job → Get a business

Being skinny/fat is okay → Be muscular

And then you tell me:

“But, but Yannick, how can I achieve this?”

Are you kidding me?

We are in 2018, you have a question? Ask google.

You have questions which are not’ answered? Post them in comment and I’ll craft articles if I find your thoughts interesting enough.

Information is super cheap these days. Execution is rare.

Look at your friends? Do they execute or do they daydream?

How much of them complained about their look/ aren’t good looking? Most of them?

Are they doing something about this issue? No? Well, you understand now.

No one is taking ownership for their life. People believe that “someone” will help them out.

No one will come. Either you take the leap by yourself and become someone or you stay a nobody for your whole life.

No one is going to help you out.

I’m not going to help you. I’m going to write my articles to make a profit. Nothing more, nothing else.

If my pieces of art help you, great.

If they don’t? I don’t care, I’ll still earn money with this website/my mailing list.

I write because I want to write, not because I have to write.

That’s why I’ll become a somebody.

I’m not doomed as a no one. I know what I’m doing, I have a plan and a schedule for it.

Do you have a plan?

Are you going to execute it? Or will you complain about XYZ and turn them into excuses.

Let’s face the plain blank white truth. No one care about your excuses. No one care you because you are nobody.

Either you turn this into your strength to become a somebody and start living your life on your own terms or you choose to keep down, low profile and remain nobody as you follow the “plan” laid out for you.

Write again soon,