You need to get punched in the face

Subj: Why you need to get hit to get ahead and how to get hit.

Everything starts with energy. Big bang, planets. All those things follow laws.

If they get hit, either they collapse or move further away.

You are no different as you follow the same rules.

When you get hit, either you choose to get destroyed or to move another way.

Getting hit, preferably in the face is a strong motivator.

It feels bad. As if you are going to do die on the instant. It feels like your head is thrown away from your body.

This feeling is so awful that you do not want to experience it another time.

It hurts.

Not that you are going to get hit on the head anytime soon.

It’s more comparable to realize that what you build yourself on for several decades is wrong.

That’s getting hit.

It’s more realizing a huge mistake you made, something that cannot be repaired.

Life changing events happen

  • Red pill unplugging
  • Weight lifting
  • Life threatening event
  • Business building
  • Bankrupt
  • Getting attacked in the street
  • Getting out of the rat race
  • Lethal disease
  • Ownership

Those events are big realizations. They may break average people.

They will break you if you are average.

At this exact point in time you have the choice.

  1. Go with the flow, embrace a new paradigm.
  2. Or keep doing what you have always did and get no result.

Changing the way you see the world is huge.

You always have the choice to do so.

If you don’t understand how the realizations that I stated above are life changing, then you didn’t pass any of those.

They aren’t internal crisis.

They are shifts in how you perceive the world.

From sugar candy crush to the colorless truth.

Paradigms are models by which your brain interpret what’s around him.

Wrong paradigm? Wrong perceptions. Wrong reactions.

  • Have wrong paradigms and you’ll see black in yellow.
  • Have wrong paradigms and you’ll consider unbearable events as normal.
  • Have wrong paradigms and you’ll believe that you deserve to be average.

All of this sucks. Paradigms and models are everything.

That’s the way you interpret the world around you.

Update your models and you’ll succeed

  • Read unconventional websites
  • Stay away from mainstream
  • Follow your instinct
  • Change as often as you can
  • Trust your body
  • Read nonfiction books
  • Assume ownership

You need up to date models. They must fit  reality, otherwise you are playing against yourself. Doing so doesn’t bring you any advantage.

Getting hit is a major event. Either you fight or you flight.

Fighting is only done by winners. Flight is done by losers.

They get a rare disease? They don’t break. They don’t give a damn and continue living as if nothing happened.

They go bankrupt? Unlikely for a winner. They make moves. Big moves. Businesses, freelance. They don’t stay down. They fight to get up and hit stronger.

Someone threaten them? They stay calm, they don’t get threatened. They become the threat.

It’s all about mental shifts. Once you get that point, you can move further.

Getting hit in the head forces you to shift. For good or bad.

These events that I described earlier… they push you to shift, to change your paradigms.

You can do it, grab better models. Or be reluctant about this idea and don’t change a while your world is changing.

This is how you get outranked by the concurrence.

Don’t do anything.

Don’t change your paradigms.

Keep believing that Santa is real, that the a small mouse brings you some piece of gold when you lose a tooth.

You realized that those are wrong?

That Santa isn’t real? That it’s only a lie told to you to make you believe in “Christmas magic” because it is “beautiful” to believe in something?

It’s not.

Plain, harsh, cold truth. None of these imaginary person exists.

You realized it by yourself. You changed your paradigms. You aren’t writing letters to Santa every year, right?

Why is that different with what you experience everyday?

It isn’t.

Some events trigger your truth seeker. You get an opportunity to uncover the truth of the world.

Those events hit.

Doesn’t it feels great that a random magical fat red Santa bring you gifts out of nowhere without conditions?

It does. However magic doesn’t exist.

It isn’t part of our reality.

Your already learned it, hopefully.

Now I want you to do something.

It’s a never ending quest, so be ready with it.

Your goal is eradicate lies in the world.

Every time you uncover a lie, you get more attached to the reality of our world.

You update your brain, gives him a better understanding of the world around him so he can push you further easily.

Why is this magic?

Because you learn the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

Most people’s brain cannot make the difference.

People’s brain: “Games, real life? Same shit”

You understand the difference. You uncovered the truth.

Video games are great to sell at average people so they can become even more average by playing them.

Does it feels good?

Maybe. That’s a truth, a truth that you can collect, add to your knowledge and use in the future.

You want to sell something? Great, you remember that average people buy video games. Well, many people are average. You produce a game once and can sell it ad vitam aeternam. You decide to hire a developer which makes a game, you set a up an automated shop. Congratulation, free income.

Truths come of many shapes and forms. You will never find two truths alike.

“Gotta collect them all!”

The more truth you understand about the world, the closer your perception of the world is to the world really is.

It’s not complicated at all.

You must gather truths to improve your models in order to have a better perception of the world.

Finding truths

Rarely are they told plain and blank.

You have to uncover them from situations.

You have to think deeply about what is real and what isn’t.

You have to read a lot of books.

You have to craft your wons truths.

Some may be wrong. But in the never ending quest for truth, you’ll move on and on, figuring out more truths.

Generalization helps!

Getting hit helps.

Failing helps a lot.

Whenever you fail, that’s because your model isn’t adequate.

If you can’t get stronger hitting the gym, it’s because your model isn’t right. Maybe you believe that doing cardio is great to grow your muscle, which is 100% wrong. Update your model to:

  • Lift heavy
  • Eat more proteins
  • Go to the gym 4-6 times per week
  • High intensity

Congratulation, you now have a functional model based on truth that give you the results you expected.

Whenever you fail, it’s because your model isn’t congruent with the reality.

So you fail, fail again and again until your brain updates its models.

Until then?

You’ll keep failing as what you believe is a good way to solve a problem isn’t, or isn’t as efficient as it could be.

How to learn new models?

Fail hard.

As much as possible you must fail in order to update your models, strengthen them up to the point they are near perfect.

Models are everywhere, they are crafted by the truth you understand by getting hit/failing.

When I’m out mountain biking and I fall, that’s because my models still sucks. Even if that makes 2 years+ that I’m riding a lot.

I’m far, far away from optimal models because I didn’t fall enough to upgrade them.

When I practice I get better at it. I fail a bit more, each day. So I learn a little more, each day.

Failing doesn’t mean that I’m bad at mountain biking.

It means that whenever I fail, I’m internalizing a new truth about how I ride.

Maybe I lacked speed, maybe I was scared, maybe I had a crappy balance… maybe a thousand reasons, I failed.

Those are not excuses. They are facts.

I’m not trained enough to not commit any mistake.

I’m always willing to make the next move in order to learn.

This is pure strength.

Are you willing to do it?

Are you willing to get hit to grasp a better understanding of this world?

Most are not.

That’s why most are average.

The next time you fail, remember that it’s because you are learning.

The next time someone is afraid of trying, remember that you are way ahead of him – Ego boost.

Talk again soon,


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