Your passions dictate your life

Whatever you are doing right now, stop it completely and read carefully this article.

I discovered after many thoughts and second thoughts that our lives are based on our passions.

Those passions are goals or activities you pursues intensively for some years/decades.

Until you let them run away and replace them with another passion.

With enough time, you’ll develop another passion which will lead you to another point in life.

We have a lot of time. We don’t choose how fast/slow the time passes by.

However, we have the choice on how to spend this time – and that include getting rid of procrastination

Here is how our passions come in action.

Passions follow you your whole life

Passions are the obsessions your pursue.

The craft you work on, everyday, every hour and every second for a period of time.

Passions become what you want them to be.

My first passion was gaming.

I used to play a lot of video games.

I dedicated 5-7 years to gaming.

All my free time was for gaming.

Whether you believe it or not, playing video games taught me a lot of things.

I learned how to sell and I even developed the beginning of a business without knowing what I really did.

With a friend, we developed a Minecraft server which had a strong community of 30+ players always connected on the server.

Those are part of my gaming passion.

Gaming was my identity for these year, and I don’t regret it.

I come from the gaming industry and it couldn’t be otherwise.

Now, I changed my passion.

My new goal is to make money online, which is exactly why I wrote “Make money writing”.

I’m into this new passion since 2016.

That makes 2+ years that I dedicate most of my time to online marketing, website building and business building.

Right now I’m far away from my goal: Make a living writing articles.

But I know that it is possible. And I know something that you don’t.

I will make it.


Because I’m writing.

Everyday I’m behind my computer, writing articles after articles, answers after answers.

There is no hazard in this game.

Some have it easier because they are lucky, but at the end all those who tried and stick with their craft long enough got result.

There is no hazard, no chance, no luck.

Either you dedicate your time obsessively to a task, a passion or you don’t.

Passions are must-have

Without a passion you are lost. You easily get bored and out of track.

Your passions can be everything, they can last from some months to some years, or even decades.

What is sure, is that once you follow a passion, your goals are crystal clear.

You know what you are doing based on your passion and won’t leave unless you meet your goal.

And there, you’ll realize that you can go further and will do it!

This is why passions exists.

They are parts of your life you dedicate to some activities.

These can be anything.

They range from sports, to business or social activities.

I’m being honest with you, even picking up girls can be a passion if you are interested in mastering it!

You can pass several years on a passion as long as you move toward your goal.

But the secret to a successful passion is that you dedicate a huge amount of your time toward a single goal.

This is what makes a huge difference in your success or failure.

The real difference between those who will win and those who will lose – we call them losers! – is that the winners are obsessed about their passions.

They go all in and practice the subject of their passion for hours everyday!

Someday, they’ll do nothing else than moving forward in their subject.


It’s their goal.

They have nothing else in mind.

They do so for months or years and then switch to another subject with the same vigor.

Sometimes they can stay for decades on the same subject, see Elon Musk.

His LIFE goal is to move to Mars. The difference? He had only few passions.

First he learned. And now he is doing all his possible to build a rocket to move humans to Mars.

Don’t get me wrong, his other projects are also based on the same idea

How can a car drive on Mars? The sun will power the Tesla cars on Mars.

Its all in his mind.

Every move he makes bend him closer to his goal.

And one day, due to all its attempts and hours invested in his BIG project, well he will get what he wants.

That’s how it happens.

Defining your passion

Chances are that you aren’t willing to build a rocket and move to Mars.

Don’t worry, there are others way to be a winner on this planet.

Elon is an exception after all!

You must have a passion.

If you don’t have a passion, your passion will be imposed by “society” or other people because you didn’t choose it yourself.

Do you want to choose your passion? Of course you do!

So now it’s your turn to play.

Choose your passion.

Choose your goal.

Let the game begin.

Do not stop hustling until you get what you want and what you deserve.

Do not stop until you stand proud where you want to be.

Do not stop until you rule over your part of the world!

It’s not going to be an easy game.

It’s going to be tough.

You’ll doubt.

You’ll scream.

But at the end, you’ll be happy and proud that you did it.

That you had the balls to show up and claim what you wanted!

How to choose your passion

It can be whatever you want.

A hobby becomes a passion when you decide to move faster.

I mean that you must incorporate your hobby in your daily life.

Whenever you have a bit of free time, you practice your passion or move closer to your goal.

Whenever you have a second, you think about your passion.

It’s more than a simple hobby. This passion represent what you strive for, what you aim for and who you want to become at the same time.

A passion could be to become a recognized writer.

If that’s your passion, then you should start writing right now.

Maybe start with a blog and see how it goes.

If you are comfortable writing on your blog, then move further and craft a e-book.

If that’s not enough for you?

Then go down the real world road: craft a book!

It may be your goal, or a sub-goal depending on your vigor.

What is sure is that you can choose your passion and make it whatever you want by choosing an appropriate goal.