Your smartphone is a networking killer

How most people look like when they sit somewhere.

When I go out with my friends, this situation happen again and again.

I’m there, trying to make the conversation with some automates. I only get some grunts for answer. Quiet discouraging to make them change.

It’s pretty annoying when you can contact random guys that you don’t know and speak with them with more enthusiastically than when you speak with your friends.

It’s just a pain in the ass to know that most guys won’t raise their head out of their phone. Too much guys are doing this and it must stop.

Learn how to create rules or games

When you meet up with your friends, create some rules. Not the exact word.

Create some games : The first to touch his smartphone :

  • Pay everyone a drink
  • Must send crappy pictures of himself

Those incite people to stay away from their cell phone which is our goal.

Use the word game to make it instantly more fun. Yes, we are human and it’s really easy to manipulate us with some words.

Never read anything without critical thinking.

Smartphones kill conversation

No one is a better shooter at the game. Bring out of your pocket the death weapon and everything will stop.

No one will speak to you. Making conversations useless. I still have no clue why people do this at social events.

You know, everything is great. Everyone is having fun. And then they all bring out those iron pieces to take photos. Doing this ensure that the mood will drop down.

If you are like me and love social contact, and even if you are an introvert. You want to speak to people to get to know them better or have interesting discussion about things you don’t specially know about. We are human, we are curious. The smartphone can replace another human because it knows everything. It fills our need for curiosity. Another human should do it. But machines already took over this feature.

How to not play against the smartphone junkies :

  • Don’t ask what they are doing on their phones. First because they have no need to tell you. Then because they are – perhaps – a bit ashamed of the situation. You want to talk to them and they are on their smartphone, doing some crap. Actually they are in activity and they don’t want to stop it. So making them change their opinion will be pretty hard by using the smartphone as a motive.
  • Don’t look at their smartphone to get this information. Even worst ! Some junkies becomes very irritable when you do this. They *think* that what they are doing is very valuable and confidential – actually they are watching an intagram feed with near naked woman – so it’s hard to make them raise their head if you attack them on their territory.
  • Don’t tell them to become part of the conversation. It says. Hey bro’, I’m here. What the fuck are you doing on your smartphone ?!” or that you don’t matter for them which is false. Yet, the smartphone is more valuable *in the moment* for them than you.
  • Don’t tell some crap to make them react. Depend on your friends mindset, they may take it very badly.

Those junkies are quiet annoying but they are our friends, our family. We know it, smartphones are great to connect with other people to an extent. Using them for everything and nothing at the same time is the pain point of this item. There is no other words ! Till the release, I see more and more people grunting with their friends while scrolling on facebook, they eyes on their smartphone. How should we make conversation, and how should we disconnect these junkies ?

How to play against the smartphone junkies :

  • Ask their opinion on a specific subject. Hopefully not all your friends are social media’s junkies. Some are pretty cool and know how to speak with ease. So you can talk to them and merge a subject. Once you have the subject; ask their opinion to the junky. He will answer with his thoughts and follow up the conversation. That’s the perfect scenario. If it doesn’t work the first time, try twice or thrice, then let him behind. No need to force things, if he don’t want to speak, let him alone with his smartphone.
  • Throw in some challenges. Dare to speak with us ? Dare to do 20 push ups right now ? Dare to run 200 meters ? If it sounds weird to you, that’s probably because you aren’t in your twenties.
  • Ask them the famous “What do you want to talk about ?”. Only if you have balls. It’s a strange opener, but if you do it. I’ll ensure you some result. It shows that you want to listen to the guy.
  • Ask them about their favorite… something. Big news here. People love to speak about what they are passionate about. Maybe that’s the reason behind this site ? Well, ask about their interest. Better tell stories about their interest. They are your friends so you know a lot about them. I have a friend who’s a fan of league of legend. When he is on his phone, I ask him if he get his to rank to master or some advice on the game. It helps to get a great conversation. Remember, the best conversationalists are listeners. Give them opportunities and they’ll speak for hours on end about their favorite subject !

It’s pretty hard to get them out of their phone. That’s why you have to be smarter than them – usually not hard – and play it as a game. You win if you can get them of their phone ! You lose in every other case. Heck, many things can happen when you use these pseudo-magical tricks.

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